My Cats Protect Us From The Werewolfs

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The Party


Emily said that I must treat my boys the same way I treat my daughter, I told her no.

I told Emily that my baby girl is not going to be treated as my boys.

Emily rolled her eyes at me, and I told Emily that my baby girl will have no boyfriends.

Emily asked about when our daughter finds her mate.

CRAP! I told her that he is not allowed to come near her.

Dimond is getting agitated. We do not want our little girl to find her mate.

Emily told me that she will be my little girl for a while before she finds her mate.

I told her that I do not care how old she is she will always be my baby girl.

Emily told me to calm down and let’s go get the stupid cakes.

We are on our way to get the cakes. I went in to get the cakes that I ordered and told them that I need it in a few hours.

They were not happy but, I gave them two hundred dollars to get it done.

I told the baker that I will be back in two hours.

I went out to the Jeep and got in.

Emily said that we must get something for Peach.

After an hour and a half, Emily and I are on our way to get the cakes.

We got the cakes and just like I asked the baker put A, B, and C on the cakes.

I just hope that he got it right.

Emily told me that if he didn’t it still means the same.

I told her that I want everything to be perfect.

Emily had to stop wearing our rings for her fingers are swollen.

We are pulling up the driveway and I see the whole pack,

Dad is grilling and there are two huge piles of presents.

Mom is running to us. I got out and ran to help Emily out.

Mom took a cake, and I grabbed the other two.

I think mom is a little over excided.

We walked up and put the cakes on the table.

Mom said that she wants us to cut the cakes now.

Everyone came up and Emily said that she wants mom and dad to cut them.

I do not think she realized what she said.

Mom and dad hugged her and kissed her cheek.

Dad and mom took the cakes out and they started to cut the first one.

Mom screamed boy, I heard the cats groan, they cut the second one, mom screamed another boy.

The whole pack is cheering. The cats groan again, mom and dad cut the last one and mom screamed girl.

Mom came running to Emily and hugged her and thanked her for giving her grandbabies.

Dad congratulated me, and hugged Emily.

Peach said that she is happy that her baby girl will have another girl to play with.

The cats are looking at me like my swimmers are broken.

I hope Emily will let me sleep with her tonight because I think the cats will try and kill me again.

Dad said let’s eat before the girls open their gifts.

Emily and Peach went first then all the women and children then the men.

That is how my pack is run, the pregnant women eat first then the women and children.

Us men eat last because the women and children need food more than us.

There is always enough for everyone to have six to seven plates but, that is how my dad did it and that is how I do it.

Dexter and I wanted to sit with our mates, but the women are hogging them.

So, we just sat with the men. Dad gave a plate to each of the cats.

Cookie gets her cast off tomorrow and dad said that he will take her.

Emily wanted to go with, but she is having a hard time getting in and out of the Jeep.

Emily does not know it yet but, I bought us a blue van.

Now Dexter and I have vans. I have never thought I would get the chance to get a van nor a family to fill it.

I am the happiest man alive.

After everyone has eaten, Peach and Emily started to open the gifts.

I heard Peach scream, I looked she has opened the gift that Emily and I got her.

She is trying to jump up and down, she told Dexter to look.

We got her the bouncy house. Dexter looked at me and Emily.

Emily just laughed at him. Emily opened the gift from Peach and Dexter, and it was Minnesota Timberwolves onesies.

That made Emily happy. After all the gifts were opened Dexter and I and the rest of the pack men took all the gifts and brought them in to the house.

We all will put them away later. Finally, I can be with my mate.

Emily leaned her head on me and said that she is sleepy, I asked if she wants to go in and take a nap, she said no.

I put my hands on her belly, man how I miss this. I miss feeling my babies move and kick me.

I ask Emily if I could please come back to the bedroom tonight.

Emily said yes that I can, I kissed her then her belly and told the babies that mom is not mad at me anymore.

I heard Cookie say the plan is ruined yep, they were going to try and kill me tonight.

Emily is trying hard to stay awake. I picked her up, this is getting hard, and I took her in to the house and put her to bed.

Dad came up to me and asked if I am finally out of the doghouse and I told him yes.

Mom said that tomorrow I should tell her about the van, crap!

I was going to, but she fell asleep. Mom and dad told me how proud they are of me.

I told them that I love them and that I was going to bed with Emily.

They told me goodnight and that they will have the pack help clean everything up.

I cannot believe this is my life now.

Dad told me not to worry about the cats, that they will sleep with them tonight.

Good! I want a night alone with my mate before the babies come.

I shut the door and got undressed and crawled in to bed.

I put my arms around my mate and told her that I love her.

She turned to me and said that she loves me too.

I told her that I have a surprise for her.

She asked what it is, I told her that I will show her tomorrow.

She said OK and she rolled over and is holding me, that’s new.

But I will let her hold me for the rest of my life.

I placed soft kisses on her face.

We both fell asleep in each other’s arms.

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