My Cats Protect Us From The Werewolfs

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Set The World On Fire


Everything is going wrong. We were going to take Jason down tonight.

But mom let him back in the bedroom.

Grandpa told us that we are sleeping with him so he can take Missy and me to the vet.

I get my cast off and the vet doctor wants to make sure Missy is healing.

Us cats must come up with another plan to take Jason down.

It is hard enough that mom is having two of him.

It was scarry thinking about two Peach’s around here but, now there will be two more Jason’s.

We must take him out so that they can turn out like mom and not him.

I just want to destroy the world.

Grampa is going to get Cleo the stuff she needs for the spell for mom.

How I wish we could get the stuff to make Jason leave or have mom leave him.

My hate for him has resurfaced, us cats have made agreement Dexter is not part of this… this time.

He has kept his word and has been protecting Peach. But Jason put mom in the worst danger.

Us cats can only try and protect her from the thing we can try and stop.

But Jason did what he did and put our mother’s life in danger.

I can never forgive him for that.

Grandpa calls us cats to come to bed, we did.

We fell asleep with grandpa and grandma petting us.

I miss my mom already; I know that it is Jason’s fault.

Grandpa woke us up and told us that we must get ready to go.

Missy and I got “ready” we just went to the bathroom and got some cuddles from mom.

Mom told us to be good for the doctor and mom told me to be “nice” to the nurses.

I told her I will try for her.

When no one was looking I flipped Jason off.

He just sighed; I hope he falls in a well with no way out.

Grandpa asked Missy and me to get in the carrier, we did.

Mom told us that she loves us and that she will be here when we get back.

Grandpa put us in a car, I am guessing it is his.

We got to the vet in five minutes, grandpa knows how to drive.

Grandpa picked up the carrier and brought us in to the vet and told the nurse who we are and why we are here.

The nurse told grandpa to follow her.

I see they remember me, good. The nurse asked grandpa to hold me so when the doctor comes, he can just take off my cast.

The doctor came in, umm, I wonder if they do not want me here, good, I do not want to be here either.

Grandpa held me and the doctor cut my cast off, the doctor asked if grandpa can put me back and get Missy out, grandpa did.

The doctor said that Missy is pretty much healed.

Grandpa thanked the doctor and left, grandpa paid the bill and we left.

We stopped at a coffee shop, grandpa got a coffee and two pup cups.

Grandpa gave Missy and me a pup cup each.

It is just whip topping, grandpa asked why we hate Jason so much, I told him.

Grandpa told us that Jason is a good boy and that he loves our mom and that he never wanted to put our mother in any danger.

I told grandpa that I just do not like his son. Grandpa sighed and asked if we could just try to be “nice” to him for him and for our mother.

I told him that I will stop trying to deathroll him, but I will not stop being mean to him.

Grandpa said that is all he is asking, is to try and understand that Jason did not know that this would happen.

Jason and his wolf only want what is best for their mate.

That Jason wolf only knows two things one is to protect his mate and the other is to have pups.

Grandpa said that Jason might have been thinking selfishly about wanting to keep his mate alive, but Jason has been waiting for his mate, dreaming of his mate ever since he was a child.

I told grandpa that I do not understand but, I will try.

When we got back to the house there was a new wolf there.

Jason told grandpa and us that he is joining the pack and that his name is Ben.

Grandpa let us out and when I got out, I felt something strange.

The wolf Ben said mate, I looked around can someone have two mates.

He picked me up and said mate. WHAT THE DUCK!!!!

Cats can not have a wolf for a mate.

How can this be. I need help!

Readers help me!

Take me out of this book, I do not want a wolf for my mate.

How could I have kittens with him!

This can not work. Jason that corn hole just started laughing.

Dexter is smiling, I knew I should not have trusted him.

Mom asked how, grandma is happy, grandpa is congratulating us.

Jason told mom that sometimes we cannot explain who our mates are, and they have no control over who they are mated with.

Ok but there is no way I can have kittens with him.

Ben just started to rub his face in my fur.

That’s it I death rolled him. He said I was fisty and that he loves that.

What in the goldfish crackers is going on?

I said that we cannot be mates because I can not have kittens with him.

He said, “want to bet”, I said the only way that could happen is if his Snake is the size of a tic-tac.

Ben told me not to worry my pretty little head about that.

Is this dude a fury or something? Once again HELP me readers, I do not want a wolf for my mate.

Ben picked me up again and told me that he wants to take a walk and talk to me.

I know what that means, grandpa told us to have fun.

I do not know if I like grandpa anymore.

I do not care that he looks like a young Jonny Depp!

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