My Cats Protect Us From The Werewolfs

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Why Me!


Ben took me outside. This can not be happening to me.

What did I do wrong in all my nine lives to deserve this? If this is about Jason, then… I still do not deserve this.

Ben asked if we could do the mate bond.

HOW! I yelled at him, for you are a wolf/man and I am a cat so, how.

Ben told me that he was kicked out of his old pack for being the runt.

Ok, I am still not following. Ben said that he is a small wolf and that is why he was mated with me.

For we will be perfect together, for no she wolf would want him as a mate.

So, I was given to him as a mate. I am going to need a big bag of catnip after this talk.

I want people to fear me, not mom of course nor my grandparents but, everyone else.

Ben told me to watch, he got naked and shifted, he looks…. He looks like a teacup Chihuahua.

He walked over to me and started to nuzzle me; I hate this. He licked me; I still hate this.

Now I know why he said not to worry.

Ben shifted back and begged me not to reject him, that I am his second chance mate.

I asked him what that means, he told me that his first mate rejected him.

Ben said that he is blessed to have another chance at love and happiness.

Ok, make that two bags of catnip. I do not want a mate.

Ben then told me that if I give him a chance that he will let his wolf take over fulltime.

That he will just be a wolf for me and not a man.

What am I to say to this? I asked how would this work, for he is a werewolf, and I am a cat.

Ben said that our kittens will be werecats. Is that really a thing?

Yep, it is Ben showed me pictures. What should I do?

I asked what would happen if I rejected him, he said that his wolf would go mad from two rejections and people may get hurt.

CRAP! That means I can not reject him, unless Jason is the only one to get hurt.

No, I cannot risk my mom nor Peach nor my grandparents.

I asked him how the mate bond would go, he told me that he would mark me while we are rolling around in the grass.

Ben told me that it would be better when I am cough... cough “ready”. So that way it is assured that I get his seed.

Oh joy, Ben asked if I am rejecting him. I want to so bad but for my family, I told him no that I am not rejecting him.

Ben shifted again and licked me all over my face.

I am bigger than him, should I be happy or was mom right that I need to go on a diet.

Mom came out and asked if everything is alright, I told her yes.

Jason and his stupid face came out and asked if I rejected him, I told stupid Jason and his stupid face no.

Hmm, I wonder if I could get Ben to help me kill Jason.

I know he wont because of pack rules. But maybe he could help me torture Jason, just a little.

Jason asked Ben if he could shift back, he did. Mom turned her face as Ben got dressed.

Ben picked me up and took me in the house.

Mom asked how is this going to work, Ben told her. Cleo came up to us and said that there is another way.

Ben asked how, Cleo said that she can change me into a human.

Come on, I like being a cat. Ben said that is my decision, that how ever I want it, it will be.

I want Jason dead, but I do not think that is going to happen now.

Cleo said that it would hurt but I would be a human permanently, I will not be a cat anymore.

I do not like the sound of that. Ben said that if I want to stay a cat. Then he will stay a wolf.

He told them means I accepted him that he will do what I want if I want to be a human then, he will be a human, if I want to be a cat then he will be his wolf.

I asked him what his wolfs name is he said his wolf’s name is Pez.

That’s weird. Mom asked if I am sure about this?

No, No I am not, I know he is a runt, but I know that he is still a wolf and I do not want my family to be in danger.

I told mom yes, I am sure that I do not want harm to come to my mom.

I still must hurt Jason later, mom told me that what ever I chose she will be with me all the way.

Grandma and grandpa said the same thing. Peach said she cannot wait until I have kittens.

Grandma asked Ben to get his stuff and that she will have someone bring a bed over for him and I.

Thanks grandma. Ben asked mom if that is ok, mom looked at me and said yes.

Great I will never sleep with my mom again.

Ben left to get his stuff, mom asked me to come to the bedroom.

I went, mom told Jason that we will be out in a few.

Mom asked me what is wrong, I told her nothing. Mom petted me and told me to tell her.

I told her that I won’t be able to sleep with her anymore. Mom said that I could sleep with her anytime that I want, that Ben could shift, and he could come with me.

That is why I love my mom; she makes me feel better.

Mom asked when Ben is going to mark me, I told her that I do not know when.

I told her about him saying when I am “ready”.

Mom asked me if I want to have Cleo turn me in to a human, I told her I do not know.

I have been a cat my whole life I do not know how to be a human.

Plus, I could get in real trouble for trying to hurt Jason.

I told mom that I just do not know right now.

Mom told me to take my time and think it through.

Ben came back with his stuff and a bed. Grandpa told him which room will be ours.

Grandma said that she is going to make dinner.

Missy, Sugar, and Cleo are teasing me about Ben. I hate my sisters.

I went into Ben’s bedroom. The bed was already put together and made.

Ben Picked me up and put me on the bed and then he put bed stairs next to it so we can get up and down.

Ben got naked and shifted, he used the stairs and got on the bed.

Pez was all ruby and kept liking me.

Fine if this must be my life, I lick him back, just once.

Well, that got Pez excited, he tried to mount me. I told him not yet.

He whined, how does mom put up with this.

I told him that him and I need to talk first.

Pez told me that he can smell my heat coming.

Crap on a towel! Not now.

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