My Cats Protect Us From The Werewolfs

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Jason and I are in our bedroom. I had to ask him what Ben meant when he said that he would just be a wolf.

Jason told me that Ben is willing to give up his human for Cookie.

Can you do that? Jason told me yes.

I asked if that is dangerous, Jason said it only is if Ben loses his mate. Or if his mate rejects him.

Jason told me that if Ben and Cookie have kittens, they will be werecats.

I asked him what that means and how is it different.

Jason said that werecats are part cat and part wolf.

They are stronger than a normal cat but, they will be smarter, more angelic on their feet, more than a wolf is.

Jason told me that every wolf pack in the world wants them in their pack.

I asked Jason why, he said that one werecat can protect one city.

Jason added that they can run faster than a wolf because they are smaller.

I asked what will happen if Cookie and Ben do have kittens what will happen to them, Jason said that the kittens will grow up and train like the wolf pups do and when they are ready, they will be sent to protect the cities and the people that live there.

Ok, I asked would Cookie run the same risk that I am in, Jason said no.

There was loud bangs and crashes coming from the living room.

Jason got out of bed and started to head for the bedroom door.

There was loud banging on the door, Cookie started to scream “OPEN THIS MOTHER LOVEIN DOOR”!

Jason opened the door and Cookie ran in and jumped in the bed and hid under the covers.

We see Ben/Pez chasing her. Jason asked what is going on.

Cookie popped her head out of the covers and said that Pez is trying to mate with her.

Cookie looked at me and said you where right mom I should have been fixed.

Pez was acting like a wild animal. Jason told Pez to come with him Pez did not want to.

After Jason and Pez left, Cookie came out of the covers.

I asked her if she is scared or is it something that she is not ready for or not want?

Cookie told me that she is a cat in heat so yes, she wants it but, she is who she is and thinking of letting Pez touch her makes her want to donkey kick him.

I asked Cookie if she does not want to mate with Pez because of the werecat stuff.

Cookie said no, I asked if she wants to be changed in to a human before she mates with Pez, Cookie said that she wants to stay a cat that she does not want to change who she is.

I told her that I understand that I asked her does she know what Pez is giving up if she stays a cat, she said no.

I told Cookie what Jason told me that Pez will no longer have Ben and that he is doing that for her.

Cookie said that is stupid and why would he do that, I told her love.

I told Cookie that he loves her and that he wants to prove his love for her by giving up his human.

Cookie asked if he does that would he hurt anyone, I told her that Jason said as long as she is with him, he will not hurt anyone.

Cookie looked at me and asked what she should do, I told her what feels right.

Cookie looked at me and said fine but hopefully grandma will give me more treats for this.

I looked at Cookie as she jumped off the bed, she yelled for Jason to open the door.

Jason opened it, I see Pez looking very intently at Cookie, is that how Jason looked at me?

Cookie told Pez that if he can catch her, he can mate with her and mark her. Cookie took off running and Pez did not waste one second, he was hot on her heals.

Jason Came in and shut the door.

I asked what him and Pez were talking about, Jason said that Pez was telling him that he is having a hard time controlling himself means Cookie is “ready” as Pez calls it.

I told Jason that Cookie wants to stay a cat. Jason said that he thinks that would be the best for her and Pez.

Jason got back in to bed, I asked Jason if he thought Pez would catch Cookie, Jason said that Pez would play dirty just to get his mate.

I asked Jason if the mate bond worked the same on cats as it does with humans, Jason said that he does not know that but, knowing Cookie it will not work.

I had to laugh at that.

I feel myself changing, I feel more like a girl then I have ever in my life.

I kissed Jason and told him that I hate this mate bond.

Jason kissed be back and told me that he loves me.

We heard a high pitch squeal followed by growling, it was Cookie.

I asked Jason if he could see what is wrong with Cookie.

Jason said that we do not want to know what is wrong with Cookie.

I asked what he means by that, Jason said let’s just say that Pez got Cookie.

My eyes got big, oh, I understand. I asked Jason if the marking is hurting Cookie, Jason said that it does it will only hurt for a little bit and that Cookie will be fine.

I asked Jason how many kittens they will have, Jason said most cats have a litter of four so, she might have four maybe more.

Poor Cookie.

I hope she can handle having four or more kittens.

I am hoping Pez will be a good dad.

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