My Cats Protect Us From The Werewolfs

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The babies are coming.


The months have flown by, Mullo has come back.

The doctor is going to deliver the babies in two days, but Jason wants Mullo to be here just in case I go into labor before then.

Poor Cookie is big as a house, she is going to have twelve kittens.

Pez is being a good husband to Cookie, he has even tripped Jason for her a few times and dug a hole so Jason would fall in it just to make Cookie happy.

Cleo is over at the pack house getting everything ready.

I told Jason that I am scared, Jason keeps telling me that everything will be fine.

That Mullo is here, and Cleo will do her best to make sure everything will go smooth.

Jason and I had to put the wedding off because I can hardly move.

So, we are going to do it after the babies are born.

That is ok with me right now.

Mom and dad help get the babies rooms ready.

We have a blue room for one of the boys, and a light green for the other boy, and for our girl her room is purple.

Peach has her little girls room pink, Peach is naming her little girl Poppy.

Jason and dad got the cribs ready and put everything where I wanted.

I never thought dad could curse like that but, trying to put things together I guess brought it out of him.

Jason and I have picked out the names for the babies.

The boy’s names are Alex and Silas. Jason wanted his baby girl to be called Summer.

I got to name the boys, so I let him name our little girl.

Cookie is laying next to me I can see the kittens moving.

Pez had not shifted since getting Cookie pregnant.

Cookie told me after the mate bond she death rolled Pez, and Cookie said that Pez liked it.

I guess when you are in love.

Missy is back to normal; Sugar has been on double duty means Cookie is pregnant.

Cleo has been reading her spell book, so she knows what to do.

Dexter keeps telling Peach that she must wait to use the bouncy house.

Peach had a good laugh at me I guess she was listing to music; I heard someone ask, “have you seen my bag”?

I said that it might be in the closet. Peach told me that I answered V from BTS, then I heard a different voice asking the same thing, I told Peach that he should ask where his shoes are I might know where they are too.

How was I to know, with a house with this many people.

Mom keeps trying to make me eat a lot, I mean a lot.

She wants me to eat six burgers and other thing in one meal.

I just can not do it, I do try but, I end up sneaking it to dad.

I had to go to the bathroom, when I stood up I felt water coming down my legs.

I looked down I know I did not just pee myself.

Mom called for Jason and told him that he must get me to the pack house.

Jason and dad ran in and saw what had happened.

Mom got Peach and dexter. Dad told Pez to guard the house. Pez said that he will.

Dexter ran out and got his van started and put my bag in and the babies. Peach and Dexter drove over to the pack house because peach could not run. Jason already had me in his arms and is running.

Mom and dad shifted, and mom is running ahead of us, and dad is behind us.

I asked Jason why they are doing that, Jason said that it is for our safety.

When we got there the doctor had a table out ready for me.

The doctor hocked me up to so many things I do not know what they are called.

The doctor gave me something to numb me.

After that she got everything ready for the babies.

The nurse is helping with getting everything ready.

After the drugs kicked in the doctor told us that it is time.

I see Cleo in a corner chanting.

I looked and I see Dexter and Peach, Jason is on my left and Mullo is on my right.

The doctor said that she is going to start. I started to feel cold.

I told Jason that I am felling cold.

I closed my eyes and I heard one of my babies crying.

That is the last thing I know that had happened.

I fell into complete darkness.

I do not know what is happening.

I felt a sting, I tried to look around.

I see a light I ran to it; I ran through a door.

There was… my dad he was hurting Peach, I could see myself and the cats trying to get him off her.

That was the day he throws me and the cats out, that was the day that I would not rest until I got Peach.

Did I die, am I in hell?

What is going on?

Everything from my childhood came rushing back to me.

I never got to say goodbye to my loved ones.

I never got to see my babies.

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