My Cats Protect Us From The Werewolfs

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My Mate


Emily told me that she is cold. I heard one of her babies cry, I looked, and I see one of our boys.

I turn to tell Emily, but her eyes are closed, her heart monitor started to beep.

The doctor said that they need to get the babies out now.

I asked what is going on, the doctor told me that Emily is dying.

Cleo is chanting louder and crying she is trying to save her mom.

I turned to Mullo and asked to change her, he told me that he must wait until the babies are out.

My mom came over and helped the nurse, the doctor got my other boy out, he was crying.

I started to panic; Cleo is doing all she can.

The doctor told Mullo to do it now.

Mullo bit Emily. The heart monitor is flat lining.

I asked what is going on, no one is answering me.

I looked at Mullo and asked why Emily is not waking up?

Mullo told me to be calm, how? How can I be calm?

Mullo told me that Emily is fine, that she is resting.

I asked him how he knows, he told me that he can sense her presence.

I looked at my mate. I started to cry for her.

Dimond is crying, he wants to hurt ourselves for hurting our mate.

The doctor is sewing Emily back up. The nurse is cleaning out babies.

I am holding Emily’s hand, I am lost.

I want my mate to wake up. Mullo told the doctor that they should get the blood ready for when Emily wakes up, that she is going to be hungry.

I told Cleo to stop, Cleo told me that she failed her mom.

I picked Cleo up and told her that her mom and I still love her for trying.

Cleo clung on to me and just cried, I just healed her and told her that her mom will wake up.

Cleo is feeling guilty, I keep telling her that it is not her fault. Cleo said that if she was not so weak, she could have protected her mom.

I just let Cleo cry on me, I just kept telling her that no one blames her, that we all still love her for trying and doing all she could.

My dad came in and took Cleo out to get her some water.

The doctor told me that they are going to take the babies to do test to make sure they are heathy.

I told her OK, the doctor told me Emily is already to go to her room.

I followed the doctor and helped push Emily into her room.

Mullo told me that he will be right outside, to call him when Emily wakes up so he can help her feed.

I said thank you and that I will.

I took my mates hand and kissed it, I asked Emily to wake up.

I held her had for an hour, the doctor came in with my babies. I looked at them, they look just like Emily.

I picked up Alex and held him next to Emily and told Emily that our babies look just like her.

Mom and dad came in with Peach and Dexter following.

I can tell Peach has been crying for her sister. I asked Mullo to come in.

Mullo asked if she is up yet, I told him no. Mullo came over to Emily and touched her face.

He told us that she is very tired, that having the babies and being changed just wiped her out.

Mullo reassured us that she is fine and that she should wake up in the next few hours.

After two hours, the doctor took the babies so they can be fed.

Mom and the others went back to the house to feed the cats and Pez.

I laid on the bed next to Emily, I was stroking her hair and told her that I loved her.

I fell asleep.

I was awoken by a jump from the bed. I opened my eyes; I see Emily siting up looking around.

I called her name she looked at me, she asked where she is? I told her. She asked if she is dead.

I told her that she is undead. I told her that Mullo changed her.

Emily asked if the babies are ok, I told her that they are heathy.

I could tell Emily was relieved, I told her that I will call Mullo in.

Emily asked why, I told her so he can show her how to feed.

I called Mullo in and the doctor.

Mullo came in and congratulated Emily on her babies.

Mullo had two blood bags, he gave one to Emily and told her that she would fell more satisfied if she bit the bag.

Mullo showed her how. Emily copied him. She ate it.

Emily finished and told me that she is still hungry, Mullo said that he will get more blood.

I told Mullo no, he looked at me, I told him to teach her how to feed off me.

Mullo asked if I am sure, I told him yes but, to help her know when to stop.

Emily told me that she does not want to hurt me, I told her that she will not hurt me as long as she lessens to Mullo when he tells her to stop.

I went to Emily, I looked into her eyes, they are not the same ones I fell in love with, but I will love them just the same.

I sat next to her, Mullo is telling her what to do.

Emily sank her teeth into me. Why am I so turned on right now?

Mullo told her to stop, and she did. For me I have a semi going on down there.

Mullo could tell that I am fighting Dimond right now. Mullo told me that when Emily bit me it was like marking.

Oh, so that is why I want to jump Emily right now.

The doctor came in with the babies.

I could tell Emily is scared that she is going to hurt them.

The doctor took Silas and handed him to Emily, she looked at our baby and took him in her arms.

She is just staring at him. I Picked up Summer and brought her over to Emily, I put her in Emily’s other arm.

Emily is looking at me like I am trying to hurt them for giving her both of them.

I turned around and picked up Alex, I sat next to Emily, Emily is looking at all our babies.

Emily looked at me and said that she is glad that they look like her, I asked why?

She said because if they looked like me, they might not get mates when they grow up.

Wait, what, did she just say I was ugly?

I looked at her and see that she is laughing, I looked at Mullo.

Mullo said that when some people change so does their humor and personality.

I see, I just kissed Emily. The door to Emily’s room flew open and there is mom and the others.

I see they brought the cats. Cookie looked at me and mouthed “your dead”.

I just rolled my eyes at this fat cat that cannot move.

Sugar jumped on the bed and was looking at the babies. She yelled to Missy saying that they got lucky that they look like their mom.

What is with all of them saying that I am ugly.

I am not ugly, I am hot!

Mom came over and took Silas out of Emily’s arms.

Dad asked Emily how she is doing, Emily told him that she is doing fine.

Mullo told her that them that Emily’s eyesight, hearing, and strength has improved.

Dad said that is a good thing then.

Peach ran up to Emily and hugged her, Peach said that she missed her big sister.

Dexter had to come over and get her off Emily.

After everyone meet the babies and talked to Emily for a few, I asked everyone to give Emily and Cleo a moment alone.

After we left, I could hear Emily and Cleo talking. Emily was telling Cleo that it is not her fault.

After everyone left Emily and I talked to Mullo, and he told Emily what not to do and what to do.

But for me all I can think about is having Emily to myself.

The doctor and nurses have been coming in and out checking on the babies and Emily.

After the babies where asleep, I asked Emily how she is doing, she told me that she is fine.

She is annoyed at me for keep wanting her to bit me and for us to do stuff.

I am trying I know that everything has happened so fast.

I know that I must give her time.

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