My Cats Protect Us From The Werewolfs

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Going home


I do not know how to feel or how to think, everything is new to me now and I am trying to wrap my head around it all.

Cleo and I had a talk, I told her that I love her and that I know that she did all that she could for me.

I know it is going to take Cleo time to understand that no matter what I will always love her.

The nurses have been helping Jason and me with the babies and mom has been trying to come in every half hour or less.

I was scared that everyone was going to treat me different, but no one has.

Mullo has told me a lot of what I should do. I have a list so that way I hope that I do not forget them.

I must have an umbrella to go out during the day. The doctor gave mom and dad my “meals” to take home for me and that she will send me more every week.

The pack did get upset that I am a vampire Luna but, I hit a guy, Jason told them that I will still make the best Luna because I can help them train.

The pack understands… now. The doctor told Jason and I that everything is looking good with the babies and that we could go home tomorrow if everything is still going good in the morning.

Jason keeps trying to get me to bite him when we are alone. I know what he wants but, I am not ready for that right now.

Jason asked if I will when we get home. I told him I will think about it.

He did not like that answer. I will admit that I have been teasing him. But I think he can wait for a few days.

I keep looking at my babies and I can not believe that all the babies look like me and not much like Jason.

Jason fell asleep a little bit ago. I just cannot. Mullo told me that I do sleep, but it is up to me when.

That him and his family sleep during the day and eat at night.

I told Jason that I want to stay as normal as I can. I will try and sleep at night and do what I can during the day for the babies.

I do not want my babies to be night owls. Even though I want to. But Mullo told me that it can change and that it will become normal again.

I know that everything will be different to some degree.

I finally fell asleep after much time.

Jason woke me up asking if I could give him a quick roll in the hay.

I told him no. I should not have teased him that bad last night.

The doctor came in and looked me over and told me that the babies are doing just fine that we could go home.

I jumped out of bed and got clothes for the babies so, that when the nurse brings them back, I can change them.

I want to be in my own bed and in my own house.

After the nurses came in with my babies, Jason and I got them dressed and got them ready to go.

Jason gave me an umbrella, so I do not burn. Jason has our sons and I have our daughter.

Jason also has our bags. Jason put the boys in their car seats and got them in our new van.

I put our baby girl in and got in myself. Jason put the bags in and got in.

We pulled up to the house and there was mom and dad. They came running to the van and got the babies out and Jason hopped out and got the bags. Jason came to my door and took the umbrella and opened it for me.

I got out and we went in the house. Mom gave me some “food” and I ate.

Jason and I got the bags emptied and got the babies things in place.

Everyone has been a big help for me even Dexter.

I cannot tell you why, but I want to bite him and feed on him, no one else just him.

I picked up my cats and gave them all a big hug and kisses.

Cookie looks just miserable, Sugar is looking fatter, so does Cleo and Missy.

I think mom and dad have been giving them way too many treats.

After everyone has gone to bed and the babies are asleep, I crawled on Jason’s lap.

Jason is getting way to excited right now, maybe I should have clothes on.

I told Jason that I am ready to bite him. Jason took me off him and said to hold that thought.

Jason got out of bed and striped off his pajamas, Jason sat back down and put me on top of him.

I could see that he is trying to hold Dimond back.

I took Jason’s face in my hands and told him not to hold Dimond back this time.

Jason asked if I was sure, I told him yes.

I kissed Jason before Dimond came out.

I bite Dimond and Dimond Bite me.

Dimond took me in ways I could not imagine.

I told Dimond to not be afraid and not to hold back.

Dimond did not hesitate.

After we were done, I got up and took a shower.

When I got back to the room Jason was out. I think that is what he needed.

I laid next to Jason and told him that I love him.

Jason wrapped his arms around me and held me tight.

I feel asleep, It felt like seconds before the babies woke up.

Jason got up with me and he helped me feed and changed them.

I do not think I need to get married any more.

I have what I want, my babies and Jason. Jason is like my husband anyways.

The babies look so cute in Jason’s arms.

I turned to Jason and told him that I don’t want to marry him anymore.

That came out wrong. Jason looked panicked and started to talk so fast I could not understand him.

I told him to calm down that it did not come out right.

Jason looked at me with fear, I told him that we do not have to have a wedding.

I told Jason that I want to be with him for the rest of my life.

Jason was relived by that. Jason told me that I scared him.

I looked at Jason and told him that my life is complete now.

We have each other and our babies. Jason agreed.

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