My Cats Protect Us From The Werewolfs

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Schizophrenic Neighbors


Peach and I are running late, we must drive thirty minutes away from home.

I must register her at her new school, she going to ALC [ Alternative Learning Center].

I will have to drive her here every day.

We got there got out of there at one in the afternoon. So were going to go to a fast-food place and grab something to eat.

I got a Coke, large fries, and four double cheeseburgers. Peach got a water, Caesar salad, chicken nuggets, and a strawberry shake. Now we are on our way home.

Peach will not start school until Monday.

I am not starting work for another two weeks, which I am ecstatic about because I can get used to Peach’s schedule.

I put Roxettes Looking sharp C.D in.

We are listening to the songs and just enjoying the drive.

When we got home, I see two guys walking our way. I do not like how one of them is looking at Peach. The other dude is just staring at me like I am a piece of meat.

The guys walked up to us. The dude that is looking at Peach is Dexter and the other dude is Jason.

I swear there is something wrong with them.

We talked about nothing really, just exchanged names and they said were they lived; they said they seen my cats. They asked me about them.

I told them that I got them from a rescue center, they keep asking strange questions about them, like have I ever heard them talk and do they know how to unlock a door.

I told them no, to both questions.

I wonder if these two are on medication or something. I could see Cookie in the window, she loves windows. She is meowing at us; I think she misses us.

Peach and I said goodbye to them and unlocked the house and went in.

I see Sugar on her cat tree, Cleo is playing, and Missy is doing what she does best, she is sleeping.

I am helping Peach with her room; we are talking about everything that we need for the baby. Which is everything.

After everything is put away, we went to the living room for a little bit.

I went into the kitchen to make tater tot hotdish.

It is not a casserole!

I do not need a fancy schmancy pan either, I use a pie plate or a cake pan.

Everyone makes it different. I like mine the best.

[Just ask the Author how to make it]

After Peach and I got done eating we cleaned the kitchen and washed the dishes.

Peach went to take a shower, I am in the living room watching youtuber SIO ASMR, when I heard talking.

I looked out the window and I see Jason, no one is with him.

I mean yes, I talk to myself, but I do not have full blown conversations with myself. I wonder if he is schizophrenic or something like that. I should ask so I do not upset him.

There was a knock at the door. I opened it and there was Jason and Dexter.

I asked if everything is ok, they said yes that they wanted to know if we would like to play board games or cards with them. Before I could say NO, Peach just had to come in the room and open her big mouth and said yes, this is it I am going to die tonight.

I had to put my cats in my room. Let us just say they do not like Jason or Dexter.

I am not incredibly surprised by Cookie, she hates most people. But when Missy started to lunge, I knew that something is wrong.

Jason and Dexter jumped on the sofa, like Peach did when she seen a mouse once.

Two grown men afraid of four cats is beyond me.

We are playing UNO. The guys seem ok except when they hear the cats, then they ask if they can get out. It is not like my cats can kill them,

Peach seems to be having a good time. Dexter is asking a lot of questions, questions like where the father of the baby is, does she know the gender yet, and if she is having any food cravings yet.

I want to ask why he is asking, but Jason is asking me a bunch of questions too, like were do I work, how old am I. I get it they want to get to know us. But dang it is too much for one night.

Jason asked if I am obsessed with wolves, I told him just the Timberwolves. Dexter has been looking at Peach like he is in love with her.

If he tries anything, I am going to hit him with my baseball bat. After sixty games of UNO they finally went home.

I went and got my pajamas and went to the bathroom and took a shower. When I got out Peach and I talked for a few minutes, she told me that she likes Dexter. I just looked at her in disbelief.

I snuggled up to my Timberwolves wolf and laid in bed. Sugar and Missy came and laid on me I petted them until I fell asleep.

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