My Cats Protect Us From The Werewolfs

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After Jason and I got the babies back to sleep, we went to bed.

Jason held me tight, and we feel asleep again. It was morning when I woke up.

I got out of bed, and I see Jason and mom with the babies. I asked why he did not get me up.

Jason told me that I needed the sleep.

Pez came running in the room and told us Cookie is having the kittens.

I ran to Cookie and yep she is.

Missy came in and turned right around and walked out of the room.

Sugar yelled for me to give them updates.

I take it they do not want to be in here.

Pez is trying to help Cookie, but Cookie keeps say touch me and die.

Jason came in and I looked at him. I see a lamp smash beside him, and Cookie told him that if he wants his man hood he will leave.

Jason backed out of the door, mom came in and she said that she called the pack doctor to come and help us.

When the doctor came Cookie already had two of the kittens.

Pez was the one cleaning the kittens for Cookie.

After all twelve were born the doctor looked over the kittens.

Cookie looked like she got hit by a train.

Pez has not left cookies side; Cookie is so tiered.

The doctor brought back the kittens and told us that they are all looking good.

I put the kittens up to Cookie so they can get heat and feed if they need to.

Cookie fell asleep with her babies.

Everything is feeling calm now, everything feels right.

I still want to eat Dexter but, I can control it, for Peach I can control it.

Mom and dad are very happy they have grandbabies and great grandbabies.

I went to Jason and asked how the kittens will be trained, Jason told me just like the werewolves.

Jason told me that Cookies babies will save many people.

That makes me happy, I asked what will happen to Peach’s baby means she will be human.

Jason said that she will know what they are and what I am and let her know that she is special just like her mother.

I like that answer, Dexter came in the room.

Dexter growled at me; I think he knows I want to eat him.

I keep telling him that I wouldn’t eat him because of Peach.

He said he knows but he must make sure that I won’t.

I think life is finally going to go slow from now on …. I hope.

Peach found “love”; Cookie has a mate that she did not really want.

Dexter is safe because of Peach.

I have my babies and Jason.

I still do not think I will make a good Luna but, I will do my best for my babies.

The cats are looking at the kittens from afar, Pez is being very protective of Cookie and their babies.

Pez is trying to be the best dad he can. Pez’s human is almost gone now.

Jason told me that in a few days Pez’s humans will be gone forever.

I asked Pez if he will miss Ben, Pez said that he would have missed Cookie more.

I asked Jason if he would have done the something for me, Jason said that he would have.

Jason said that he would do anything for me, I told Jason that I would do anything for him too.

That is when Jason ruined it by asking to go to the bedroom.

Peach is happy thinking about being with Dexter for the rest of her life.

I still do not like that but, I just must live with it.

Peach and I are still close, and I do not think anything can come in-between us.

I think now that everyone is doing well we can live in peace.

I just can not wait for my babies and Peach’s babies to run around and play together.

The babies will have all the love they can handle and then some.

Our babies will have a better life then what Peach and I had.

But now our lives have gotten better.


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