My Cats Protect Us From The Werewolfs

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The Cat Army


Meow, meow, meow…. I am just messing with you.

I am Cookie leader of the cat army, fine there are only four of us, but we protect our humans.

Those dirty mongrels that you call wolfs are barking up the wrong tree, get it, dogs bark and cats go up trees, never mind.

All animals can talk, we just do not talk to humans because we like to annoy them.

Have you ever told an animal to shut up and then they get louder? Yeah, we do that on purpose.

I know what your thinking cats `can not talk, well I could say werewolves are not real, but here we are.

Us cats know that those beasts are our human’s mates, but we will fight them, then puke on there carpets. Yes, we do that on purpose, we are cats after all.

Emily has feed us our dinner.

We watch the house. We know those vile mutts are around the house we can smell them and hear them, but mainly smell them.

Dexter said that Peach smells like strawberries and Hot Cheetos.

Jason said Emily smells like Skittles and lemon pledge. I do not smell that.

Us cats are guarding the house and sleeping next to our humans. We will not stand for the wolfs.

Do not go shipping them either. That is not fair to us cats.

Animals normally do not go against the wolves, but us cats are not normal, now are we?

I put Sugar as my second in command to watch our mom and Missy, Missy will try to do her best.

Cleo and myself watches over Peach, she is the frailest right now so, she needs me the most.

I do miss sleeping with my mom, but I have a job to do and that is do not let the wolves touch Peach, we know that is what mom would want.

I just wish she would stop putting us in the bathroom or her room when those things are here. I am proud of Missy; she did good tonight. We all did good, until mom put us in her room. We know she does not like to do it, especially when she gives us more treats then normal.

Cleo is the youngest out of us all, so she must learn the ropes.

Sugar is just like me, maybe a little less crazy.

Missy… well we love Missy; she is not good at anything. But I know she will do her best for the humans.


It is four in the morning. The three cats are racing and chasing each other. Missy is watching out for the humans. They are practicing their meows.

They are crashing into stuff. They want to be ready for the wolves.

Sugar is deadlifting a jar of catnip, Cleo is practicing running under people’s feet, Cookie is doing pushups.

Missy is sprawled out on the floor. Missy said that their mom is coming. We hurried up and hid everything.


Missy is distracting mom so we can get in to place. I hopped on the windowsill, Sugar is drinking water, Cleo is cleaning herself. Good, good mom will not know a thing.

Missy is getting cuddles from mom.

I can smell a wolf; I looked and see mom is playing with Cleo and Missy is on her lap.

I slowly turned my head; I see the wolf I think it is a girl wolf. I lifted my white paw and pointed to my eyes, then pointed to the wolf. I am telling her that I am watching her.

She looked shocked and surprised. I then started to lick my paw, like I did not do anything. Wolves are so easily fooled.

I can hear her say that what she seen is not possible and she must need sleep.

The cat army will be ready for them when the time comes. We will not let them take our humans.

They will feel the wrath of the cat army.

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