My Cats Protect Us From The Werewolfs

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Devon will not stop telling me to take our mate. I keep telling him that we cannot do that.

I keep trying to get Peach alone. I think the mate bond is starting to take effect. I can feel her more.

Devon just wants her with us, he cannot mark her until she has the baby.

I do not like that another man touched my Peach, but the baby is mine, because Peach is mine. I am delighted that Jason and I do not share a mate.

I am fearful to tell and show Peach what I am, because I do not want to hurt our baby. I know that I am older than her, but I will wait until she turns eighteen. But I want her to move in with me so I can take care of her and the baby.

But if she does not want to leave her sister then I am willing to move in with them.

Devon keeps taking me to their house. He just wants to be close to our mate and so do I.

I have been trying to find out information about cats and Peach’s sisters cats act the way they do.

The cats should be scared, but they are not. I could not find much, just some cats do not like certain people.

But I feel like there is more to it.

I can smell Peach she smells like strawberries and Hot Cheetos. I see her, she is so angelic.

I walked to her, she sees me and grins at me. My stomach is feeling like I have gas. I better not fart right now.

Peach and I are talking, I think she would not reject me… well I hope she would not. She is looking at me, I swear I can see love in her eyes. Her sister just had to come and tell Peach to go in for dinner. Peach kissed my cheek, it is better then nothing.

Her sister is giving me death glares, but I can not be bothered to care. I do not need her approval. I waited for night.

I walked up to their house. I am looking throw the windows. I know how this looks, but I need to see my Peach. I found her. I think she is in her room. I am watching her lovingly.

I felt pain on my back, I fell to the ground. I looked behind me, I see Emily with a baseball bat, she whacked me!

Emily “I knew you were a pervert!”

Me “I am not a pervert.”

Emily “Yeah right then why are you creeping around a teens bedroom window?”

Me “You do not understand.”

Emily “Is that not what all perverts say!”

Me “She is my mate.”

Emily “That is it!”

She is walking to the door of the house and opened it.

Emily “Cookie, Sugar, Cleo, Missy, ATTACK!

I got up and I see four cats running out the door.

Nope not going to deal with them today. I ran when I could not see Emily anymore, I shifted, and Devon took us home.

I opened the door and ran in; I slammed the door shut and locked it.

I heard one of the cats say, “here puppy, puppy, puppy.” I ran to the window, I see them, the possessed cats. I wonder which one said that to me. I can hear Emily calling for her demon cats.

I am enthusiastic when I see them leaving.

All right, I now know what happened to the cats, they got possessed by demons. I must tell Jason and his pack.

I need to tell them what happened. We need to come up with a plan, not just how to exorcise the demons out of the cats, but how to get our mates to understand that they are our mate and we are werewolves.

I think I need some Ibuprofen. Jason is going to have a hard time taming his mate.

I just hope Peach is not going to be that bad. But I will be patient with her and hope for the best.

Devon “We might have to make sure those demon cats do not hurt our Peach.”

He is right, maybe Emily is a witch.

If that is true, then Jason is in for a ride of his life.

I looked out the window to make sure the cats are gone. I slowly unlocked the door; I poked my head out and looked around. I did not see anything.

I flung the door open and ran to Jason’s pack house.

When I got there, I shifted back to my human form. I banged on the door. Then it hit me, I am utterly naked. I was hoping that Jason or one of the guys would open the door, but no it had to be Jason’s mom.

Just my luck.

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