My Cats Protect Us From The Werewolfs

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We Should Move


I just dropped Peach off at school. She started to cry last night when I told her what I did to Dexter.

She defended him; can you believe it? She told me that he could have been looking for something. I said yeah, he was looking for a naked teen named Peach.

She defended him again and said that he is not a creep nor a pervert and that maybe he likes her, because he said something about her being his mate.

She also said that they could be “soulmates” and how I should give him a chance and how I should not have hit him.

I swear this kid is going to give me mental deficiency.

I almost lost my breakfast when she said, “He is hot.” I so desperately want to say it is because of the pregnancy hormones. I must remind myself to ask the doctor about that. But so, help me if she wants to date that old man; I will tell her straight out that he must merry her first and adopt her baby.

We will see how she would like that.

I pulled up to the house. I see Jason sitting on the stairs.

Oh, great not another stalker. I think we should move. But we can not do that, I just can not afford to buy another place. I got out of my car.

Jason is telling me my car is trash and I should go and get a new one. Hello, I just bought a house.

I need to get Peach a car first, that way she can drive herself to school.

He said he could get me a new car. I do not think so. I said no thank you. But he is not getting it. He said he would get anything for me.

I joked about him getting me thirty cheeseburgers.

He told me to wait here. I did out of curiosity. He came back with his Jeep and got out and ran to the passenger said and opened the door and asked me to get in. I asked why, he said to get me food.

I might die but I got in.

We are driving to the next town. He stopped at Burger Queen. He told me to stay, he got out.

What am I a dog? He opened my door and offered me his hand. I was hesitant, but I took his hand.

We walked in and he still has my hand. I shook my hand to get him to let go of mine, it did not work.

He took me to a booth and asked me to sit while he gets the food. He asked me what I would like to drink, I told him I would like a coke.

Fifteen minutes later he came back with thirty cheeseburgers, two large fries and two Cokes.

He better helps me eat all this.

I ate eight burgers, and one fry, he ate twenty-two burgers, and one fry.

We are sitting here. He keeps trying to touch me.

I do not know if I should mace him or kick him in the jewels.

Before I could choose, he took my hand and helped me up.

We walked to his Jeep; he is still holding my hand.

He opened the door for me. I got in, he closed the door and walked to the driver’s door and got in.

He is playing Kane Brown’s Heaven. He keeps looking at me from the corner of his eye. He has a stupid grin on his face.

Why is he so happy? He asked me what I like to watch, I told him that I like basketball and Mukbangs.

He looked at me funny before looking back at the road. He asked why I like Mukbangs, I told him, I like to see what other people eat and I love food so, it is a no briner.

He laughed. We got to my house and he hurried out of the Jeep, I opened the door and he took my hand and helped me out.

He still has my hand! He walked me up to my door. He said maybe for our second date we could go some were nicer or do something fun.

What! This was not a date! Before I could tell him that, he kissed my cheek and ran to his Jeep and got in and drove away.

I should have mace him. I unlocked the door and went in.

The cats are smelling me and are acting like I cheated on them with another cat.

They would not let me pet them until I washed my hands.

I am cleaning the house and washing clothes. I need to put some chicken in the crockpot with gravy. I am going to shred the chicken when it is cooked and put it bake in the gravy, then add green beans, salt and pepper, after that I will make mash potatoes and put the chicken gravy over the mashed potatoes.

It is time for me to get Peach from school. I walked out of the house and locked the door.

I walked to my car and got in; it is not starting! Not now.

I see Jason and the perv, there in Jason’s Jeep. They drove over and asked is everting is alright, I told them that my car will not start, and I need to get my sister from school.

The perv got out of the Jeep and went to the back seat.

Jason told me to get in and he will drive us to go get Peach.

I cannot protest right now. I got in and told him were to go.

This is going to be along drive.

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