My Cats Protect Us From The Werewolfs

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Give Us A Chance


The rouge came to the pack house. He forgot to bring clothes with him.

He gave my mom a show. He told me what happened.

I am with him on the cats, but not about Emily being a witch. I told him that we asked about her cats, you can tell she was not hiding anything from us, she looked at us like we were nuts.

The rouge is going to tamper with Emily’s car. That way we can offer them rides. I gave the rouge some clothes.

We fell asleep in the living room. Calla told me that she was trying to get a look at their new Luna and what the cats did.

That is why I am agreeing with the rouge.

We woke up at seven in the morning. The rouge looked out the window and told me that Emily’s car was gone.

We ran over there and looked through the windows. They were gone. We see the cats are coming close to the window so, we ran like scared little bunnies.

The rouge went home and is watching for when Emily gets home. I am going to take her out on a date.

While were gone the rouge is going to mess up her car. I was thinking of ways to get her to come with me.

I will offer her for me to buy her a new car. I will buy her anything and everything that she could want or need.

I hear her car coming. She is about ten minutes away, that is how bad her car is. I am sitting on her stairs. I see her pull in. She gets out.

I asked her to let me buy her a new car, she said no.

She said I should buy her cheeseburgers.

I told her to wait there. I ran and got my Jeep. Dimond and I are excited to be with our mate. I pulled up, she got in.

We are driving, I just want to touch her. We pulled up at Burger Queen.

I told her to wait in the Jeep. She gave me a look; I do not think she likes being told what to do. I went to her side of the Jeep; I opened her door and held out my hand. I could tell she was thinking about it.

Dimond almost took control when she took my hand.

I helped her out of the Jeep. I was leading her in, she kept trying to get my hand off hers, but I was not going to let go yet. I took her to a booth and asked what she wanted to drink.

I put the order in, I know she cannot eat thirty burgers by herself, but I ordered that many just in case. I could eat all that by myself.

I got the food and drinks and went to her. Her eyes lightened up. It made me happy that I made her happy.

I cannot help but try and touch her. After we ate, I threw away the trash. I took Emily’s hand helped her up. She tried to shake my hand off hers, again. But that will not work. I opened her door and helped her in and closed the door. I went to the driver’s side and got in.

We are driving, I put Kane Brown on. I keep side glancing at her. I want her to know that what he is singing is how I feel about her.

When we got to her house, I got out of the Jeep fast, but she has already opened the door. I took her hand and led her to the door.

I told her for our next date we should do something fun or go some were nicer. I lost myself and kissed her cheek, I went to my Jeep and left.

I went to the rouges house to see if he took care of Emily’s car, he did. He got in the Jeep and now we are waiting for her to go to her car.

After a few hours she left the house and went to her car. It did not start. The rouge and I just smiled at each other and went to her.

The rouge went to the backset and my love got in next to me again.

We are on our way to get the rogue’s mate. All I can think about is to try and hold her hand. We got to the ALC.

Emily was about to get out when the rogue jumps out and told us that he will go and get her. Emily did not look amused.

I took her hand, she tried to shake my hand off. She asked why I keep trying to hold her hand.

Dimond wanted to say because we are mates and she belongs to us, but I told her that I really like her.

She just looked at me like she did not believe me.

I asked her to give me a chance and to give Dexter a chance, I told her that we are not bad people.

She said fine but if Dexter hurts her sister, she will hit him with a bat.

I am overjoyed that she is willing to give me a chance.

But I am trying to figure out why the mate bond is not working as fast as it should be.

I see the rouge coming with Peach. He opens the door for her and helped her in, then he closes the door and runs to the other side of the Jeep and gets in.

I pulled out and started driving us home. I am still holding Emily’s hand; she is not fighting me with it this time.

I looked at the rear-view mirror and see the rouge scooting closer to Peach, he put his arm around her, Peach giggled.

Emily turned her head and looked at them, then I see her lifted her hand and pointed to her eyes and then pointed to the rogue. Then she slowly turned her head at me, she had a scowl on her face. She is so cute.

I lifted her hand and kissed it and I put our hands on my lap. She looked at me, then turned our hands and wiped the back of her hand on my leg. Then turned her head back to the window.

I chuckled at her. I looked back at the mirror and see the rogue and Peach holding hands and smiling like fools at each other.

I can not wait for Emily to look at me that way.

Dimond is content right now. I am just feeling relaxed and happy.

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