My Cats Protect Us From The Werewolfs

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Houston, We Have A Problem


Peach and I went in the house. I seen what she did, she kissed the perv and not on the cheek.

I must talk to her about this. I need to know if this is something that she really wants.

If it is then I need to talk to the perv.

I do not like this. I believe he is to old for her. But I will try not to kill him until I talk to him.

Peach and I are eating, and I am asking her about the perv.

She keeps telling me to stop calling him that. She told me that she has “feelings” for him and she never felt like this, not even with the baby’s father, I told her I am going to get a gun tomorrow to keep him away from her.

She asked me to let them get to know each other. I told her I would think about it.

Then she said Jason and I could double date with them.

Kill me know people!

I told her that I want to talk to the perv first, I want to know why he is after my sister and not someone his own age. She asked me to give her and him a chance to see if they might work.

I told her that I will ask the perv over for dinner so I can interrogate him. She said I should invite Jason over too. She told me to be nicer to them both.

I informed her that I told Jason I would give him a chance.

She is happy because I do not date much. Guys keep telling me that I am more of a guy then a girl.

I tell them to suck my nonexistent balls.

I went to the freezer to get two packages of family size pork chops; I am going to put them in the crockpot with cream of mushroom soup.

I opened the freezer and one of the packages fell out and hit my foot, I yelped in pain. I bent down and picked it up and grabbed the other one and put them on the counter.

I heard the door burst open. I looked and there are two big wolves. I see Peach coming out of her room, I ran and told her to stay in her room until I tell her to come out.

She went back in her room. I ran to my room and grabbed my bat. I came out and I see my cats fighting the wolves.

Cookie was at the throat of one and Missy was biting his balls.

Sugar was on the other wolfs back and Cleo was trying to trip it. I did not want to hurt the wolves, but I hit them both on the head. They went down.

I grabbed my cats and put them in Peach’s room. I told her to make sure they are ok.

Then I ran over to Jason’s house, I knocked on the door some dude answered, I asked if Jason was home and he said Jason was not there.

I asked if he could help me move two wolves and he got another guy to come with us to my house.

They told me that they will take toe wolves some were safe.

One of the guys said he will have someone come over and fix my shattered door.

They picked up the wolves and left. I went to Peach’s room to make sure everyone is ok.

They all are ok; I am glad that the cats have all their shots.

I do feel bad that I had to hurt the wolves, but I had to protect Peach and the cats. I know they must have been hungry and that is why they came here.

A guy named Blake came with a new door. I asked hoe much did it cost and were did he get one this time of night? He told me not to worry about the cost and he has a few laying around.

He fixed the door frame and put the door on for me. He told me not to worry about the wolves, that the guys will take good care of them and when Jason gets back, he will tell him to stop by and check on us.

I told him he does not have to do that. But he said he will anyways.

Blake left saying that he is going to help the other guys.

After he left, Peach and the cats came out of her room. I asked her to give the cats treats while I clean up.

I gave the cats the good kind of wet food for dinner, I gave them Fancy Feast.

We are in the living room; Peach is watching some K-pop dance practice.

There was a knock on the door. I got up from the sofa and looked out the window, I see Jason and the perv. I told Peach that the perv and Jason is here. She slapped my shoulder and told me to stop calling her soon to be boyfriend that.

I glared at her. I wanted to say so much to her, but she opened the door and let them in.

The cats started to growl and are running for Jason and the perv.

Peach and I picked them up and took the cats to my room with their dinner.

I think they are shaken up with the wolves.

We came back to the living room and sat next to Jason and the perv.

Peach is all touchy felly with the perv. I would have tried and stop her, but Jason grabbed me and pulled me on his lap and is holding me in place.

Jason asked if I could go for a walk with him. I told him that I do not like the idea of leaving the perv with Peach.

Dexter and Peach both told me to stop calling him that.

Before I could say anything more Jason picked me up and carried me out of the house.

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