Heart of Storm and Fire

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A promise was made and so the fear of war remained. Twenty years ago the two hundred year long war was finally won, but their victory was not meant to last long. Now, the threat in the west has returned and war is yet again upon them. At least that’s what the Royals tell them when they ordered her and the other orphans of the kingdoms to come to the Four Tower Keep and compete against each other. Cinnia is a human orphan, hated and resented by everyone, because of the promise that was made by an enemy. Now she had to prove herself to the Royals, while the real danger is closing in on her. Nothing is what it seems. The truth of the two hundred year war is not what they have been told and it’s up to her to find out what the Royals are trying to hide. Lies and schemes are made and Cinnia finds out that she is right in the middle of it all, living a life that has been a lie from the very beginning.

Fantasy / Action
A. Makkelie
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A scream filled the room. It was taking too long, the child will not survive the birth if it wasn’t born in the next few seconds. If it was still alive at all... The midwives did everything to make sure that the child would, but there was only so much they could do.

Another boulder crashed into the wall and the fortress crumbled some more. Even if the child did survive the birth, she might not survive the attack.

The Kingdoms had turned on them so fast they had no time to even prepare as war came from all sides. Their numbers held strong for a little more than two hundered years, but so had their enemies. The enemies that had been friends and allies, until the true evil poisenend them all against their kind. Now their final days have come. The war that had been waged against their kind had taken too much from them and none of them would survive the night. None, except the child, should it be born with life instead of death.

The female screamed again and with one last push the child came into the world, dead silent. The midwives immediately started to try and rivive the child. The mother held her breath as she looked at her child. No one spoke. No one even breathed as they looked at the, with blood covered, baby girl. When a faint beat of the heart was heard and as her chest started to rise and fall from breathing, the mother started to cry again, but her happiness was not to be lasted.

The doors burst open and a group of five males immediately fell silent as they beheld what happened in the room. The males walked forward. The midwives immediately scurried away as the leader grabbed a large cloth from them and walked to the bed. The female started to scream again and tried to grab her child. The male looked at two of his group and they grabbed the arms of the female to keep her from reaching her daughter. The leader gently wrapped the child in the cloth and picked her up. Her heart was beating faintly and weakly, but there came no sound from the child.

The female kept screaming at them, begging not to take her child away as her skin started to heat. The leader gave the males who held the female another nod and they released her instantly. They all made their way to the door. There was a thud on the floor behind them and the leader looked back to see the female lying on the ground and looking right at him. Her eyes turned bright orange.

He gave her a small bow with his head before he also walked out of the room.

One last scream came from the female before the entire room was filled with fire that burned everything in its wake.

The males walked through the corridors of the fortress. Some were filled with bodies, others were collapsed, but they gave none of it any attention.

Outside there were four riders ready to carry the child, last of its kind, the last hope, to the four Royals. The token of their victory.

The leader gave the child to the the human and the four riders immediately rode off. Behind them the last of the catapults were fired and the fortress and the last of all who lived in it was destroyed.

Or so they believed.

Along the road, the resistance lay waiting for the riders to reach them.

Horse hooves pounded on the ground and they knew it was time. Two phoenixes flew up out of the canopy along the road and the riders screamed as sudden mist appeared around them. The resistance took their shot. Four knifes for four riders, found their marks and the silence fell over them again. The mist cleared as soon as it came and, with it, the resistance disappeared with the child in tow.

With haste they reached the last of their encampment which would be found out soon enough now that they had revealed themselves. They had to be even faster.

They reached the tent and entered. An old female walked forward to them. She hovered her hand over the body of the child and searched for a lifeforce. Those who might be silent, might not always be lost. The grey phoenix tattoo on her arm and hand glowed dimly. "She is weak, she will not survive on her own." A gurgling sound came from the other end of the tent and it was then the group realized that they weren’t alone. A father and mother sat with a baby boy in their arms. "He won’t make it either, as we are speaking his lungs are filling with blood." The mother cried as she looked at the baby boy, barely older than one year, in her arms.

This was not how it was supposed to go. The girl was supposed to be alive, she was supposed to be their hope. "There must be something we can do." He said as he looked at the girl in his arms.

"Sir!" The flaps of the tent flew open and a warrior stood in their midst. "The kingdoms are here. They found us."

He looked at the girl in his arms again, before he looked at the boy who was choking on his own life essence. The old female already knew what was in his head. She met his eyes. "Binding them will put them at risk."

"But they will both live another day." He argued. The father looked at him and gave him a small nod in agreement.

The old female gave him an observing look before she threw her tattooed arm to the side. With the swing, the tattoo came free from her arm and within a blink of an eye the ink became a living and breathing phoenix, with bright white feathers and sun like eyes.

A light phoenix.

"Lay them together." The old female ordered. The father took the boy from his wife and walked to the male holding the girl. They both placed the children on the ground in front of the female.

The phoenix started to slowly fly circles above the two children.

"Know this." The old female started. "They will be bound for eternity. They will not feel each others pain, but should one fall, the other will too. No matter where they go, they both will find each other again, no matter if they had been looking for the other. Their fates will be entwined. The bond between them will be determined by them. One ounce of hate could send them spiraling down to become enemies, but one ounce of trust can make them become like brother and sister. It is up to them." When no one said anything, the old female began to chant something and the phoenix became pure light that was immediately directed to the two children who were filled with it. When the light faded the phoenix flew back to the old female. She held out her arm and as soon as the phoenix touched her arm she morphed back into her tattoo. "It is done." All of them waited without breathing as they looked at the two children. It didn’t take long or both the boy and the girl started to cry and color came back to their skin. The mother cried of happiness as she grabbed her baby boy and hugged him. The male picked up the girl who he started to shush and rock to make sure she calms down.

The screams inside the camp started as the kingdoms attacked.

"As long as the royals have not seen her dead body they will always hunt her. Her life will always be in danger." The male looked back at the old female. "Take her away from here and hide her."

"Where? She is a Phoenixis, she is one of us. We can never hide her as her phoenix will grow and live with her. As soon as her tattoo starts to form, they will know." The male looked at the squirming girl in his arms again. He closed his eyes and prayed to the great Phoenix to forgive him. "She can only survive if she appears human." He opened his eyes and looked at the old female. "You need to suppress her phoenix. Make her lay dormant until it's time for her to know everything. It's the only way for her to survive." The old female nodded. "It is, but know this. I can only suppress her phoenix, not her nature. When she comes across another Phoenixis she will feel it and she will still be able to see the phoenix. She will know she is not normal."

"I know." The male said as he looked at the girl once more. 'But it's the only option."

"Then I shall do it." The old female walked forward and placed her hand on the girl's head. A light filled the girl once more before it disappeared. The female laid her hand against the girls cheek next. "You are the heir to the throne, little one and our last hope. I can tell that you will not be like the queens before you and I can only hope that you will safe us one day like we have saved you. The dangers of this world are only starting to grow and I fear for what you might have to go through, but you are already strong. Trust your phoenix heart and you will rise as powerful as the ancient queen. Live, princess, so we might once again rise as well."

The male threw his own arm to the side and a black feathered with midnight blue eyes appeared.

A storm phoenix.

"Take her to the human lands. No one can know where exactly, not even me." He ordered. The phoenix screeched and took the cloth, which the girl was still wrapped in, in his talons as tightly as he could.

"Are you sure about this?" A male voice asked. The male looked at he father. "This is how it must be."

The phoenix screeched again, before he flew out of the tent. The male drew his sword and so did the others. "Get your mate and son to safety. This is our last stand. The rest will be determined by the princess once she is ready." The father gulped and gave him a small nod.

The male and old female looked at each other one last time, before they entered their final battle.

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