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The world between

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Chapter one

How would you feel if everytime you feel like some part of you was missing

Just to make it clear it's awful....it's awful to always feel something in the back of your head telling you that something is missing but you can't get to know what it is.
It's like your locked at the other side so far away you can only feel that it's there but never can reach it, at one point I thought I was crazy like come on who wouldn't think that they're not crazy am hearing voice and all, sometimes I even dream stuff but it's always a foggy I can't hear or see what's happening but it always have the same muffled sound of shouting and something like a baby is crying and just like that the dream ends and I woke up in a river of my own sweat.

On Saturday is my birthday and my parents are my planning my party thinking that I don't know what they are doing it actually funny sometimes.

" Hey ally stuck in your mind again what is it this time"

Yeah my best friend Theo is the only thing that makes sense sometimes he's just always been there no matter what.

" Just thinking about my birthday,mom's planning a birthday surprise and thinks that font know about it"

" Oh....yeah that again huh"

" What do you mean by that again....come on its going to be my birthday and we are going to have fun and soon we will be adults just some years to go"

" Yeah I know someday we will be but not anytime soon"

" Yeah just more years and then we are there"

" You know ally.....I will always be there no matter what....and I will always protect you"

" Ok.....I know that but where is all of that coming from shouldn't we be happy we will have more freedom when we age and you know I always consider you more of an older brother than a best friend right"

" Yeah cause am the only one that can handle you...plus your crazy as hell"

" Yeah yeah make fun of me"

" Come on we should get to school we are going to be late"

" If only someone didn't crash the car we would be there already"

" Hey that's not my fault I didn't want to hurt the poor animal it was took damn cute"

" Sometimes I think that you are way older than you seem"

" You of all people know I act older than my age-

" Sometimes.... sometimes you act older than your age"

" Whatever...what do you know Allyson"

" Really theo your going there....the first thing am doing when am older is changing my name like why would mom name me like that am not a girl"

" But you sure look and act like one most of the time ally"

"No I don't.....I don't act like a girl"

" Sure you don't...like right now your on your way to throwing a tantrum"

" Whatever just come on"

I made my way towards the big double doors that belong to our school the thing is even though am pretty short like almost every one is taller than me some even have the need to protect me and because I shape like a girl most of the guys try to get with me but no one seem to mind me not even bully me for some reason not that am complaining, but normally that would be the case if your short and mostly look like a girl when your a boy.

Most of them don't even believe me when I told the whole school that I wasn't a female but a male, to be fair I would be shock too if someone that mostly look like a girl claims to be a male.

" Soo... what you giving me for my birthday this time hope it's not something feminine... although I don't mind it but sometimes you guys are too much"

" Naa not giving you anything at all maybe when you turn sixteen I will, not this year"

" Why not this year......why sister you always have me something"

" And now your getting upset maybe..... we can go out before your birthday and do something fun how about that"

"Can't we like go on my birthday"

" No we won't have time for that.... before your birthday and we can take pictures and all enjoy the day"

" Ok...no problem Friday then"

" Yeah Friday..we will do it on Friday for now let's enjoy the week"

" Alright I will see you at lunch am gonna get to class"

" Yeah ally see you at lunch"

I Turned and head to my class before the bell rings it's kinda werid that we don't have morning class anymore we have and do everything together but that's cool I will see him at lunch and we do have the same classes after lunch.

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