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Evening Goddess Karina's Story

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Karina’s favorite client Mr. J, was mysterious. Most clients were happy to tell her what they did to make their money but he never spoke of his work. He only wanted to pretend she was his girl. By the time Karina was in her early twenties she had already lost her mother to long term complications from a car accident. Two years later her brother was killed during street robbery. It was very difficult to move on with her life but she managed to finish her second year of college. After dropping out of college she became increasingly disappointed in her new career choice she opened herself up to new opportunities with the Circle. The Circle charged a monthly fee to connect wealthy men with young beautiful women willing to please. Karina reluctantly agreed to try the service and found the money too difficult to ignore. After two years in the business one of her clients creates a dangerous environment for her. The developments cause her life to turn upside down. Karina is thrown into a world of jeopardy and vulnerability. Her future becomes unclear as she goes on the run from life threatening events. Even the FBI has a difficult time insuring her safety when the heat turns up for Karina.

Fantasy / Romance
K A Mackey
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

It looked cold outside as Karina stood in front of the large window gazing out at the rain. Raindrops made long trails on the window making the lights beyond a blur. The wind howled around the corner of the suite she booked three times a month. The hotel was older but still had class. The main reason she liked to stay there was to see one of her regular clients.

Standing near the glass she wondered how much longer it would be before she would reach her financial goal. Six months she guessed if everything went well. If the nine or ten men she had been providing personal attention to continued to pay her prices, six months would be enough. Karina didn’t like the situation she had found herself in but the money was coming in and soon she would be going back to school full time. She would leave the big city behind and move somewhere that was warmer in the winter and build a normal life for herself. She hoped it wouldn’t be long, two years would have to be enough to stay in this business to meet her goals.

Before long there was a light knock on the door. She put her actress hat on and slowly walked to the door and looked out. It was Mr. S as she expected. He was standing at the door, a large grin on his face. Mr. S liked to see her at least three times a month, more often if he could get away. Of the men she saw he was one of the more tolerable. Fifty something still in decent shape for his age and the best part was what he liked to do with her.

Karina opened the door to invite him in with a smile, “Mr. S. so nice to see you please come in,” she stated.

“Eve, my dear you look ravishing tonight. I see you are wearing my gift. Please turn around and let me see,” he requested.

She slowly turned around to better display the thin red lace robe she was wearing. The matching bra, panties and stockings could be seen beneath the loosely woven red fabric. The black stiletto pumps she was wearing had silver tipped heels making them very difficult to walk in if she wasn’t careful.

“Thank you, please come in and make yourself comfortable. Are you in the mood for a bath tonight?” she asked.

“Yes, I think so, but no bubble bath,” he stated.

“Alright, can I get you a drink before I draw the bath?” she asked.

“No Eve I can get it. Go ahead start the water then come out to sit by me for a few minutes,” he said his eyes greedy with lust.

“I’ll be right back,” she said then went to the large bathroom.

Karina started the water. He liked the water to be hot so she ran it as hot as she could stand. She sat on the edge for a few minutes to be sure the temperature was right then returned to the living room.

Patting the cushion beside him he sat back and waiting for her to join him. “Eve I wanted to know if you have given my suggestion consideration. If it would make any difference, I will pay you more for your time. You can go shopping anytime you want, travel with me from time to time. It would be a good arrangement I promise,” Mr. S said looking at her for a reaction.

“I have given it some consideration but I haven’t made up my mind. You’re a very generous man and I don’t want to disappoint you but I need more time to consider the arrangement,” she was trying to stall him but couldn’t see being his paid fulltime mistress.

“I suppose I will give you more time I want this very badly Eve and I usually get what I want you know,” he said a serious look in his eye replaced the lustful gaze.

“I know that’s why I must be sure it will work for us,” she replied.

“Go check on the bath and I will be in. Don’t take anything off until I get there,” he said his tone changing again to a softer, kinder one.

“Of course, I’ll be waiting,” she said then walked carefully back to the bathroom.

He joined her a few minutes after she turned the water off. He had taken all of his clothes off by the time he entered the room. He was in better shape then some of her other older clients. She was grateful for this. She didn’t have to worry about the facial expressions she made during her time with Mr. S.

“Oh, yes Eve the water is perfect,” said as he ran his hand through it.

“Good, what would you like to do next?” she asked knowing he had paid for three hours of her time.

“First, take off the robe then turn around slowly for me,” he said the greedy, horny look had returned.

She did as he requested the robe was tossed on the counter and she turned slowly for him. He had mentioned before the she had the best-looking ass he had ever seen. He had described it as an upside down heart. Her round cheeks curved in as they reached her small waist. Karina bent over for him before she turned all the way around just to give him a little thrill.

“Oh, you really know what I want, hold still,” he stated.

He walked up behind her and got on his knees and buried his face between her cheeks taking a whiff of her scent. Muffled groaning could be heard coming from behind her. Mr. S held her hips tightly as he moved his mouth along her panties digging in as he pleased. The feeling of his warm wet tongue always helped her get through the time she was hired to spend with him.

“Come on let’s see the front again,” he stated as he stood back up behind her.

She turned and waited for his next request. He walked up close to her and reached around to unfasten her bra. Karina could smell the scent of the whiskey he had been drinking. The bra slipped off of her arms revealing her ample perky breasts. At twenty-six she was in fantastic shape one of the reasons she charged a premium price for her services. Her dark hair was long and wavy covering her back halfway down with a gradual layering in the front. Long legs ran in her mother’s family and she was glad she too had inherited that characteristic.

“You’re worth every penny Eve, every last red cent,” he said then helped her slip out of her panties. “Oh good you didn’t shave it, thank you,” he mentioned.

He was back on his knees in front of her this time hands on her hips again but this time his face was applying pressure between her thighs. His nose was sniffing her again but his warm tongue tasted her with a moan.

“You haven’t been with anyone else today have you?” he asked.

“No not for a few days,” she agreed.

He pushed deeper making her quiver slightly under his rough touch. Pulling back, he stated, “I like it when you haven’t been with anyone else for awhile you taste different.”

She didn’t say a word just waiting for his next instruction. He stood up after a few minutes of rubbing his face on the light covering of hair between her thighs. Karina had to admit she didn’t dislike his attentions like she did with some of the others. Next the stockings came off and he sat down in the water first.

As he relaxed in the tub the next request was to turn around and bend over in front of him again. This time the panties were gone and he ran his fingers gently across his favorite places.

“Come on in for a few minutes Eve, the water has cooled off a bit,” he knew she didn’t like the water as hot as he did but liked the way her skin looked after a hot bath.

Later when she had dried off he told her to lie on the bed and wait for him. He would likely spend a few more minutes relaxing in the tub, as was his habit after a long week.

Mr. S always complained that his wife was spending too much money and he didn’t even get any sexual pleasure from her. Karina wondered how long it had been since he had tired to seduce his wife, years she guessed. From what she could tell they had been married over thirty years and his four children were either in college or had families of their own.

“Eve roll over for me and push up your ass,” he said as he walked into the room naked.

She did as she was told waiting for him to climb on the bed behind her. Warm breath on her inner thighs indicated he had made it. “Damn Eve, I want you. I want you so badly to be only mine,” he pleaded then ran his tongue around her backside.

“Do you think you would want me as badly if I only saw you?” she asked knowing he would tire of her more quickly.

“Yes, how much Eve?” he asked then dug his face in deeper.

“Do you have any idea how much I make a month?” she asked.

“Whatever it is I will double it and will pay the rent for a nice apartment, come on Eve,” he continued to plead.

She pushed back at him then said, “We can talk about it later right now we are here so you can have some fun.”

“You’re right,” he acknowledged then went back to his fun.

For whatever reason he always wanted to see the pleasure on her face after he worked her up. He was only one of a few that cared if she enjoyed herself too. Mr. S always finished his long sessions with oral release. By that point he was already so worked up it didn’t take long to hear his familiar long groan of satisfaction.

“Another successful experience with you at the helm Eve. I need to know how much you are making a month and what we can arrange for more time together. I am serious about the money you know. I will double it if that is what it will take for you to see me exclusively,” he said. He was fully clothed and sitting on the living room couch.

“I average between sixty and seventy thousand a month,” she said while she fixed him a drink. He still had forty-five minutes of her time left.

“Wholly shit Eve, no wonder you don’t want to commit to me full time,” he mentioned then sipped he drink she handed him.

“I was thinking fifty but I did say I would double it didn’t I?” he said slight smile on his face.

“Yes, but don’t worry I understand,” she said then sat down beside him.

“We should think about what I am going to get for my hundred and twenty grand a month Eve. I realize that I will not be able to stop by unannounced but I would like to spend the entire night with you a few nights a month,” he said pondering her attention for twelve hours or more per visit.

“On your next visit we can discuss the other perks of that sort of business arrangement. You may want to consider how long you are going to require the arrangement if it comes to that,” she said.

“How long, yes that is a good question as well. You are a smart woman Eve, I didn’t think about the details as much as having you to myself,” he said. His hand worked up under her robe for several minutes before he pulled out his wallet.

The thirty-five hundred dollars he gave her was the one thing that kept her going through these sessions. Most clients paid up front but Mr. S was different. He liked to make sure he got what he came for before handing her the money. They set a date and time for the next visit then he got up to leave.

“A hundred and twenty grand a month, I know you are worth it Eve but the details will have to be worked out before we can move on with the plan,” he said at the door.

As soon as he left she went to the shower and washed her entire body as well as her hair. While she soaped up every inch of her body she thought about how much more quickly her financial goals could be met. Something inside her was sending up a red flag though just as it had the first time he had asked her two months before. He seemed to be the kind of man that would be possessive and require more then what he was indicating. If she did agree to stop seeing other clients would he hold her for ransom on a smaller amount? How could she insure that he wouldn’t break the agreement with time and leave her with no other source of income no matter how short of a time frame.

Karina had built quite a cliental over the prior two years. She received referrals from the Circle, it had been in business several years. It seemed safer to go the referral route then try to go your own way finding rich men that didn’t mind paying large amounts of money to have sexual relationships with young good-looking women. She worked forty-five to sixty hours a month varying from time to time. One week a month she didn’t work at all due to mother natures gift. The rest of the month she made appointments as far apart as possible trying not to spend time with two men on the same day.

After her hair had dried she went to bed. Lying there thinking about what would come next for her. She always had a dream about finishing her degree and settling down out west somewhere. No one would know her and she could start fresh.

It had been difficult when her mother died of alcohol poisoning six months after she started her freshman year of college. Her Dad had a nervous breakdown the following year becoming institutionalized for over a year. She still spoke to him once or twice a year but he was just never the same man after her mother’s death. Since her brother had been killed the year before during a mugging, Karina had given up on family and knew she had to make her own way.

Karina grew up in an upper middleclass neighborhood with an alcoholic mother. From the time she could remember her father was gone most of the time on the road selling something to make a good living. Always moving around to different sales jobs to make more money to take care of his family. She knew he should have seen her mother’s decline but he ignored it.

When the money ran out after high school and she couldn’t make it on student loans she quit college and reluctantly agreed to start stripping. A friend from high school worked at a classy place outside of their hometown. A gentlemen’s club they called it. It was a strip club with higher tips than the other joints in town. You just had to have a great body some rhythm and you were hired.

In the beginning, Karina didn’t like it preparing to quit several weeks into it when she did a lap dance for a great looking young man. He asked her if she would join him after her shift and she agreed knowing it was against company policy. That was the first night she was paid for sex. Karina didn’t intend it that way she just wanted to be with him, when he left the cheap motel in the morning he left five hundred dollars on the nightstand and she hadn’t ever seen him again.

Although she didn’t agree to have sex with anyone else in the few months she worked at the club. It wasn’t difficult for Chris and Jamie to talk her into joining their little club. The money was incredible and was still the one thing she focused on while taking care of strange men’s pleasure.

The night Chris approached Karina she had just about had it with the club. Men were pigs and she didn’t want to have them drooling or pawing over her anymore. Chris bought her a drink at the bar after her shift. The compliments and several drinks were enough to agree to meet with Chris and her partner Jamie the following night for dinner.

Chris was impressed by Karina, her body, her intelligence and desired to add her to the line up available from the Circle.

The Circle was a group of extremely high paid ladies of the evening. One thousand dollars or more an hour with a minimum of two hours; the men paying that kind of a price where looking for the best looking women willing to do what they desired for a short time. Then go back to their hum drum lives.

Mr. S had been seeing her from the beginning. He was the first one Chris referred to Karina and the clients slowly started to build. She had already referred some of her own clients to other ladies to keep their interest in the Circle. It was a good temporary arrangement and with the money she already had stashed there would be plenty of money left after she finished school. Her goal was to have seven hundred fifty thousand dollars at her deposal. She already had six hundred thousand in a safety deposit box in cash with a small bank account to pay her expenses. Jamie’s brother owned a restaurant so he kept the ladies of the Circle on payroll working part time so they could at least claim a job if they needed it. The girls filed taxes on a meager salary from part-time jobs each year to appear legitimate.

Karina was startled from a deep sleep by her cell phone. Looking at the clock she found it was after three. Wondering who would be calling at such an hour she checked the caller id. She recognized the number then answered.

“Hello?” she said.

“Hey, did I wake you?” the man’s voice asked.

“Yes, but I always take your call. Everything all right?” she inquired.

“Yea, I just wanted to let you know I was in town so you can make some time for me. Is tonight open?” the male caller inquired.

“Unfortunately I have a prior appointment but I can see you tomorrow night. Are you available?” she asked hoping he would wait one night.

“I would wait a week for you Eve, so yes I will plan to spend the evening with you tomorrow night. I want to spend the night if you will tolerate me that long,” he stated.

“Twelve hours?” she asked.

“That will work, same place?” he asked.

“Yes, I will call you with the room number but the location will be the same. You’re sure you’re all right?” she asked.

“I will be. I look forward to seeing you tomorrow night,” he said. Karina could hear sorrow in his voice.

“Okay, I’ll see you soon,” she replied.

“Eve,” he said.

“Yes,” she replied.

“Thank you for taking my call. Get some sleep, I’ll see you,” he said then hung up.

Mr. J was a new client that she had only seen twice before. He was a secretive man never mentioning how he made his money or why he was in town. Most of her clients were happy to say what they did to impress upon her how important they were. The respect he paid her was unlike the others as well. His consideration for her dignity was evident not treating her like paid help. It was like he made a date with her then paid her to like him. Mr. J gave her flowers both times he visited. In his forties she guessed he was tall, balding and had a good size member. He liked straight sex and mostly just to cuddle with her.

The money was always good with him as well. For a twelve-hour session she charged him ten thousand dollars and he made sure she received another five thousand as a bonus if he could release twice during their time together. It wasn’t difficult she just had to wait long enough to allow him to relax and recharge.

Lying awake after the call she dreaded seeing Mr. K that night. He was a fat smelly man who was rude at times. He liked to watch her masturbate with battery operated toys while he serviced himself. He didn’t like to be touched. It was all about what he saw her do that turned him on. Karina was grateful that she didn’t have to touch him and that he didn’t want to touch her.

Every one of the nine clients she worked with had different preferences. Light S and M, toe suckers, one liked to sniff her dirty panties. He would smell them for a differing time frame each visit then he would slip them on. If the panties didn’t smell enough Mr. E would be disappointed but only mentioned she should wear them longer next time. All of them commented on her perfect ass. It was the most common compliment she had received since she started showing her naked body to strange men. The odd thing was, she had always considered that body-part her least favorite thinking it was too large for her small waist.

The Circle used letters of first or last names depending on availability for new clients. Each man had to provide some personal information to be considered part of the club so to speak. Only a little over forty men had been admitted at one time most understood the reason for the checking, violence, law enforcement and credit. New business was on a referral basis only. No one was allowed an appointment with an escort unless they had a legitimate referral and some sort of identification was provided and verified.

The girls paid five thousand dollars a month to the Circle no matter how many appointments they made. The flat rate was established because often it wasn’t the escort that chose the client it was the other way around. The client was given several descriptions and phone numbers for a price and they could move on to a new girl whenever they decided it was time. The process wasn’t flawless but for the most part it worked well. A meeting once a month helped the girls become familiar with each other and share stories about successes and issues that needed resolved. It was a support network for women that wouldn’t otherwise have someone to trust. Karina didn’t really trust any of them, but it was nice to know someone would be looking out for her and would care if she was hurt or needed help.

Chris or Jamie would meet with each escort privately once a month as well to touch base. Make sure they had what they needed or to fill them in on new clients that had been given their business numbers. They were older and didn’t see as many clients themselves as they once did. The Circle was their way of staying in the game making it easier for the newer girls while making money. It was a winning combination for them.

Karina only found out Chris and Jamie were lovers when one of the more experienced girls befriended her and they began hanging out together. At first she thought Hannah was a lesbian too but her suspicion was quickly dashed when Karina met her boyfriend Trey. He was a loser, only sucking whatever resources Hannah had available to sustain his life style. When Hannah admitted the only reason she kept Trey around, was to have someone to come home to. He was the type of man that would still make love to her even if he knew she had just been paid for having sex with someone else just hours before.

Having a man to come home to wasn’t a priority for Karina. She preferred to be alone for the time being with the knowledge she couldn’t handle lying to someone about what she did for a living. Any man that would tolerate it in her mind wouldn’t be worth having in her life.

The girls of the Circle were diverse, a few white girls, two Asian women and an African American girl that Karina had only met once. She was new to the group and very young.

The next morning Karina worked out in the fitness facility available at the hotel, showered then went home. She lived in a small but well furnished apartment on the third floor. Her cat, Cesar was waiting for her by the door when she walked in. He was hungry she guessed so Karina went straight to the kitchen to get him something to eat and check his water bowl.

Cesar was a large blue point Himalayan. His long hair made him look regal just like the king of the apartment he was. He was a gift from her brother the year before he died. Neal said she shouldn’t be alone and that Cesar would protect her from loneliness. He was right, Karina always had a man waiting for her at home he just didn’t talk back.

Karina made some lunch and read her mail. Bills, bills and more bills but it didn’t bother her much. She had enough money to cover her expenses and was glad she could still save most of what she made. Her apartment was her sanctuary no one knew where she lived even Hannah hadn’t ever been invited over. It was her place and no one would bother her there. If she did accept the invitation Mr. S offered, it would be a good idea to keep her current apartment. The money looked good but feeling tied down didn’t appeal to her at all. She wouldn’t have to see Mr. S for another week so it would give her time to think about it some more before making a decision.

Late that afternoon Karina packed an over night bag and went to check into the third hotel in a week. She didn’t spend as much on a room to meet with Mr. K. He never stayed more then two hours often paying only two thousand dollars without an additional tip and leaving early. He would bring new sex toys with him for her to use.

Mr. K was a round little bald headed man in his late sixties. His skin was dry and wrinkly releasing an odor that was offensive at times even from across the room.

Chris mentioned that Mr. K was one of her first clients and had made many profitable referrals. This was the only reason Karina was encouraged to accommodate his requests. He was still bringing in business and it might be difficult to ask him to go away. As soon as he had seen Karina’s profile pictures he told Claire he wanted to see her. He had seen her exclusively for eight months and at times would add a five-hundred-dollar tip. She wasn’t sure what the difference was only that his demeanor was better then usual each time.

The knock on the door alerted her to his presence. She secured her actress hat more then usual and looked out to confirm her visitor’s identity. It was Mr. K he was staring at the door handle waiting for her to open the door.

“Hello, please come in,” she said then opened the door wide to make room for him to come in.

“Hey Eve how are you tonight?” he asked walked in then took off his shoes.

“I am good and you?” she asked.

“I’m okay, I found some new things for you,” he smirked a large plain white plastic sack in his hand.

“Thank you, please show me what we will be working with tonight,” she inquired.

He walked to the small table in the corner of the room and dumped the contents on top. “I found a few things I want to see you try. Go ahead clean um up and I’ll be waiting for you right here,” he pointed to the chair nearest the bed.

When she returned with the new toys two thousand dollars in hundreds was lying on the bed. She opened her robe with one hand then scooped up the cash before moving around the bed and settling in. He knew the routine better then most but was at times difficult to work with.

He was sitting in the chair, his shirt unbuttoned no pants or underwear. His small limp penis was almost hidden by his stomach as he watched her on the bed. She opened her robe to reveal her lovely breasts and flat stomach.

“Eve turn a little my way and open your legs so I can see you,” he requested.

She did as he asked then waited for the next step. “Can you see everything all right?”

“Yea, go ahead use the small pink one first. Pinch your nipples too don’t forget, I like to watch that,” he said lust in his eyes.

She slowly ran her hands up and down her body stopping to pinch and tug on her nipples as she rubbed the small pink vibrator around between her thighs. It had to progress slowly because he would not get hard right away and if she came too quickly she would have to start all over again. A mistake she only made once before. He only wanted her to release when he was on the edge of satisfaction, which could be difficult but it was getting easier each time to anticipate the signs he displayed when he was close.

“Oh yea Eve that looks nice. Work the bigger one in now,” he requested.

She took the largest of the three he had brought for her and spread her legs open farther and pushed the tip inside. It felt good vibrating strongly inside her as she slowly stroked the green device in and out. Her breath became deeper and more labored as she worked her hands around her body trying to enjoy the action.

“Yea, yea now roll over and enter from the back but come closer I want to see that beautiful ass,” he was pulling and tugging on his penis now hard in his hand.

She moved around and pushed the green device inside from a different angle. Less comfortable and not as pleasurable but a request she had to accommodate.

“Yea, faster Eve. Slam it, I have to hear it too,” he said out of breath sweat dripping down his plump cheeks and upper lip.

She did as she was told adjusting for maximum comfort. It took another twenty minutes of moving around in different positions to stimulate him enough to squirt all over his lap after watching her quiver with pleasure finally close to the explosion he wanted to observe.

“Was it good for you Eve?” he asked.

“Oh yes, it was good. I had fun, thank you,” she said having learned from experience that he wanted to be recognized for her orgasm.

“It was good for me too, I really like your moves Eve. So does he,” he said pointing at his once again limp penis.

“I’m glad I could help you both along tonight. Is there anything I can get you before I excuse myself for a few minutes?” she asked standing up.

“Yea, come over closer so I can smell your hands before you wash up,” he said.

She walked over closer and held out her right hand. He didn’t touch her he just sniffed her fingers. He asked her to touch herself again to make her fingers moist. He sniffed her fingers for several minutes before allowing her to go into the bathroom.

“Can I watch you Eve? I have more money if you want,” he stated.

“I suppose if you want to,” she said then went in to sit on the stool seat.

He stood at the door and watched her urinate then observed while she freshened up. She wouldn’t shower until he was gone.

For part of the remaining forty minutes she sat with her robe open per his request while he dressed and made a phone call to his wife. He spoke to his wife while he motioned for her to stand up and walk close to him. While she stood near he dragged his wallet out and pulled out five one hundred dollar bills then handed them over to her.

“Yes, I can pick up some milk on my way home I just wanted to let you know I am almost finished here at the office and will be home shortly,” he said then spoke to her for another few minutes before hanging up.

“Eve, I have to go but I want to make an appointment for next week. What do you have open?” he asked.

She worked with him to find an open evening six days away. Thanking her for the time he left ten minutes early. He was nicer that night then she had ever experienced with him the extra five hundred was also a surprise to see her pee. That was a new one on her but she had certainly done stranger things for money.

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