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Evening Goddess Karina's Story

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Chapter 2

The next night she checked into a small suite to meet with Mr. J. He would be the last one she would see for the rest of the week. No appointments for the weekend were necessary because she would make enough Friday night with him to take Saturday and Sunday off. It would be a long night but he would leave by nine leaving her time to meet Hannah for lunch Saturday afternoon.

At eight thirty there was a knock on the door. Mr. J was standing at the door big grin on his face and a bouquet of red roses when she opened the door to let him in.

“Hello Mr. J are those for me?” she asked excitement in her voice.

“Yes, for my gorgeous date. You look delicious Eve thank you for seeing me on such short notice,” he handed her the roses.

“I’m glad I had an opening for you. Please come in and make yourself comfortable. Thank you for the flowers,” she said then set the vase down on the small table near the window.

“Sure, are you hungry?” he asked.

“I could eat; did you want to order room service?” she asked.

“Yea, I’d like to buy you dinner. I’m hungry not much time to eat today,” he said taking his suit jacket off.

He sat down and asked her to sit on his lap. “I know it might sound silly to you but I miss seeing you,” he said then nuzzled her neck.

“It’s not silly we have fun together,” she said feeling a little uncomfortable.

“See that’s what I like about you. I need more fun in my life,” he said. He patted his shirt pocket then said, “Take it out Eve it’s for you.”

She pulled a thick envelope out of his pocket and opened it. From what she could tell there was a little over ten thousand dollars inside. “Thank you, would you like to look at the menu so we can get some food into you?” she asked.

“Yea but sit here with me for a few minutes,” he requested. He put his arms around her and squeezed. Burying his face in her cleavage he took a big whiff of her scent then released a long deep breath. “Will you kiss me Eve?” he asked.

She leaned in and kissed him gently on the lips. Not many of her clients were interested in kissing her lips but she knew it was part of the girlfriend experience for him and for the money he paid, it was fine to pretend with him.

“Oh yea, that was sweet how about another?” he asked.

She leaned down and allowed him to kiss her passionately. Mouth slightly open to receive his warm wet tongue. He moaned softly during the kiss as she felt his pants growing beneath her.

“Damn Eve I like that,” he said when she pulled away.

She smiled, “do you want to do it again?”

He didn’t answer but pulled her close to him again but this time the kiss was hungry and full of lust. They kissed for several more minutes causing him to grow to full size restricting the front of his slacks.

“Shit Eve, I can’t decide if I want to eat food or you first,” he laughed.

“Do you want the menu?” she asked quietly.

“Yea, I had better build up my strength first, I’m not getting any younger,” he said then released her.

She ordered dinner for them then asked if he wanted to shower. He might have taken one before he arrived because she could tell he had brushed his teeth a short time before arriving the mint on his breath was clean and fresh.

After he had his fill he did go in and take a short shower then came out of the bathroom only a towel wrapped around his waist. “Let’s have a drink then I want to start by rubbing your back, okay?” he asked as if he needed her permission.

“Sure, relax I’ll make you a drink,” she said.

After ten minutes she removed her robe and lie down in the middle of the bed to wait for him. He started with her shoulders his warm breath could be felt as he kissed her neck and shoulders tenderly. His touch was gentle as he massaged her back and upper thighs. Mr. J was steadily becoming one of her favorite clients. In his way he made love to her. Not just sex as the other clients she saw would expect. The first time they met for an appointment he was very nervous but was respectful with his intentions. He was quick about his business but wanted to stay with her for hours talking, eating or watching television together on the couch.

The second time they met he was more attentive to Karina’s pleasure and explained more about what he wanted for his money. He wanted to feel safe and cared for even if it was only for twelve hours with a woman he barely knew and paid to be intimate with. During his time, he had either held her hand or put his arm around her just to feel her near. She thought it was strange but wasn’t too worried about it. Loneliness seemed to be his biggest problem perhaps he didn’t have anyone else in the world and she just happened to become his sanctuary. The money was good and the time was easy so Karina accepted it for the benefits, a business transaction.

“How old do you think I am Eve?” Mr. J asked.

“I don’t know thirty-five?” she asked coyly.

He laughed, “You are too kind Eve, it was my forty fifth birthday yesterday. That’s why I came here on a special trip to have some fun. It’s been fun so far Eve and I look forward to having more with you tonight. I feel so much better after I have had some time with you.”

“Well that is the arrangement we have isn’t it? It’s nice to hear I am helping you have the fun you want for your birthday,” she stated with a smile.

“Yes, it’s a fine arrangement Eve, a fine arrangement indeed,” he said. He leaned over to kiss her head as they sat on the couch watching a detective show.

“Can I get you anything?” she asked.

“Yea, I’ll take a few of those kisses you were doling out a few hours ago I think I’m ready now,” he said smiling down at her.

He took another shower but this time she joined him. He didn’t ask her too she just wanted to make it a special time for his birthday. She didn’t know what it was about this guy that made her feel sad. The loneliness in his eyes told a tale about Mr. J that she thought might be better untold.

When they went back into the bedroom he pulled the towel from her and held her in his arms tightly. Their damp skin touching as they stood closely kissing warmly, gently. He picked her up and carried her to the bed to gently lay her down on the pillows.

For forty-five he was in good shape but had a little too much body hair for her liking. Otherwise, she thought he was a decent looking guy one it wasn’t difficult to share time with. Some of her other clients were a struggle to deal with at times.

He kissed her breasts and stomach working his way down between her thighs kissing her inner thighs. Working his fingers around her hot zone she worked up quickly. Before long he was donning the raincoat for a pleasurable ride of satisfaction. He stroked her slowly at first telling her how beautiful she was and that she felt incredible. Then he didn’t speak again until he had stroked his way to release.

He howled quietly like a wolf for a few seconds throwing his head back with a grin. “Oh, Eve that was good, thank you.”

“You’re welcome, it looked like you enjoyed yourself,” she smiled.

“It’s gets better every time Eve,” he said then got up to hit the bathroom.

She took a deep breath then got up to put on her robe. It was after two and she hoped he would be ready to sleep soon. Karina knew she had to be willing to stay up until his time was over at nine but hoped it wouldn’t come to that.

After a few more drinks he finally wanted to lie down and cuddle in the bed with her. She asked if it was all right for her to sleep it was his time after all.

“Oh, yea please don’t worry if you fall asleep I’ll try to take a nap but I just want to hold you for a while,” he whispered from behind her.

“Okay, be sure to wake me if you need anything we have until nine,” she added to confirm the time he was supposed to leave.

“Nine sharp Eve I promise,” he said. Then he asked, “Do you think there could ever be anything for us beyond this relationship? I mean if I took you away from this and took care of you would you consider it?” he asked his voice barely above a whisper.

“I appreciate your offer and I hope it doesn’t hurt your feelings but I can’t accept. I have to separate my work life from my home life. I have plans for myself and right now they don’t include a serious relationship with anyone,” she didn’t know what else to respond.

“Don’t worry I knew it was a long shot, your what twenty-five? Hell I’m old enough to be your father. I couldn’t resist asking that’s all,” he said then snuggled up to her neck rubbing his face in her hair.

“Never hurts to try, you’re not angry with me are you?” she asked.

“Oh hell no, I should be glad you’re not mad at me for asking you. It’s a job and you do it very well,” he replied.

“Thank you for your understanding. I actually get the offer more then you might think,” she said then settled in with a deep breath.

“Can you see me again in the next three days?” he asked,

“I have an opening Sunday night I was going to take the night off but if you want I will make myself available for another appointment as long as you promise to remember it’s business?” she said.

“Yep, I understand business,” he said then kissed her cheek.

Several hours later he woke her, it was eight thirty and he was preparing to leave. As he was dressing he asked, “so how much for seven Sunday night to noon on Monday?”

“The usual ten plus whatever you want to tip. Does that work for you?” she asked.

“Of course, speaking of tips. This is for you,” he handed her another envelope this one thinner than the one before.

She looked inside then thanked him. He kissed her several more times before confirming their appointment time and location. She would need to arrange for other accommodations and would contact him as soon as possible with the location.

When he left she put the contents of the two envelopes together and counted the hundred dollar bills. Sixteen thousand in hundreds lay before her waiting to be scooped up and hidden in the secret place. One of the most secure locations she could think of, her bra. It was quite a bulge and didn’t fit comfortably but if someone got her purse they would not get more then a few hundred in cash and her cosmetics.

Karina didn’t wait to work out and shower she got dressed gathered her things and checked out so she could go home to sleep in her own bed for a few hours before she met Hannah for lunch.

The morning had been over cast but the afternoon sun burned through creating a beautiful day to eat lunch at a café style restaurant on the patio. Hannah was late as usual joining Karina ten minutes later then planned.

“So, how are you doing little miss?” Hannah asked her bright red hair sticking out from under a stylish hat.

“I’m all right and you?” she asked politely.

“I’m good I guess. I kicked Trey out last week. Gave him some money and told him to find somewhere else to live. He took the money and was gone the next day. He calls once a day to see if he can come back but that’s just because he’ll be broke soon if he isn’t already,” she said then sighed heavily.

“What happened?” Karina asked.

“He has been trying to get into Carman’s life. She called me to say he was hanging around acting the fool offering to take her out. I told her to go out with him because he would need a new place to live anyway,” she laughed.

“How are you doing?” Karina asked.

“Actually, not as bad as I thought I would. I think it’s been over for us for a while. I just have gotten tired of always carrying the house you know what I mean. Even if he had to get a job at a burger joint to contribute something financially instead of asking me for every little thing, it would be okay. The man can’t even pay for his own razors. It’s pathetic that a grown man can’t even buy himself personal hygiene products because he is too lazy to earn his own money,” she said with a snit.

“I understand that’s why I prefer to be alone for now. I am getting closer to my goal though. Mr. J has been quite generous and wants to meet with me again tomorrow night. He asked me to run away with him so he can take care of me,” she said in a very quiet voice.

“Oh, you better watch it. I’ve heard of the ones that fall in love with you and don’t want to live with out your company,” Hannah said her eyebrow rising.

“I thought about that too but I had a conversation with him about it so I hope it doesn’t become an issue,” Karina said.

“What did you say?” Hannah asked leaning in to hear.

“I said it is just business and he had to promise to remember that. I was honest and explained that I am not interested in a serious relationship with anyone and that he shouldn’t let his feelings get hurt. Well, something like that anyway,” Karina, stated.

“He was okay with that?”

“Yea, he seemed to be. I see him again tomorrow night but for a longer period of time before he leaves town again. Maybe I’m greedy but the money is just too good to pass up,” she responded.

“I can see that, be safe girl. Why don’t you call me after he leaves and chat for a few minutes so I can check up on you? If you don’t call me by twelve ten, I’ll call you. Even as much as Chris and Jamie check these guys out it doesn’t mean much if they can’t let go,” Hannah said then sipped the coffee the waiter set before her.

“Thanks that’s a good idea. Hey, want to go shopping after lunch?” Karina wanted to change the subject. She didn’t want to dwell on the negative when it came to her work.

They did shop the rest of the afternoon sharing ideas and girl talk. It was nice to just be herself and have some fun with a friend. Karina didn’t have to do anything for anyone except herself and she liked it that way.

Hannah invited Karina to dinner and thought it would be nice to go out for a few drinks after. It had been a while since they had gone out on the town both single women not looking for a date just a few well-blended drinks. They split up for a few hours then met at Hannah’s favorite place. It would be crowded but she was a regular and would receive special treatment. The restaurant was hip with a twenty to thirty something crowd. The long bar was one of the draws of the location but the food was the real attraction. The selection of burgers to lobster menu was diverse in meal options and the drinks were served strong.

They drank, ate and laughed for over an hour before catching a cab to a club of Hannah’s choosing. It was a large dimly lit club with a very busy dance floor almost drifting at times into the seating areas surrounding it. Both ladies had to turn down a number of requests to dance before they had even had a sip of their first drinks. It was crowded and smoky but the atmosphere had a life of it’s own. There was some kind of energy running through the dozens of bodies in motion causing the room to breath.

Karina felt the energy of the crowd as she waited for the drinks. Hannah was standing very close to her at the bar the bodies in line pushing together. Drinks in hand they moved to the wall to get some space. There wasn’t any reason to try to talk because it was useless over the loud bump, bump of the music.

Karina watched the men and women dancing together, some closely others farther apart not as familiar. It made her wonder if she could ever have a normal relationship with a man one that would accept her for who she was, not an illusion. Someone she would marry and perhaps have children with. That was a long time from the present and for now she just wanted to have some fun.

Hannah pulled her out on the floor to dance. Karina didn’t mind much when Hannah started dirty dancing behind her rubbing her body against her back in a seductive way. The eyes on the floor focused on the two ladies moving on the floor but she didn’t care it was a way of releasing some pent up frustration she needed to release. The drinks finally kicking in, she went with the music for three minutes until the beat changed and the moment was lost. She stepped away from the floor not looking at Hannah only pausing when she was clear of the crowd to look for her dance partner.

Catching Hannah’s eyes as she followed Karina pointed at the restroom light in the far corner. With a nod Hannah followed her through the fringes of the crowd making their way to the destination. It was quieter in the bathroom but everything echoed a little when you spoke in the large room filled with metal stalls on one side and several sinks on the other. Karina took care of her personal business then washed her hands while looking at herself in the mirror.

Older she thought, I look older than my years in this light. Was it the mental aging she was seeing on her own face? Her body was holding out fine it was her mind that was straining. The work was getting her down and she was seriously thinking about retiring earlier then planned. With the money she would make from Mr. J it would put her weeks ahead of schedule and perhaps it would be enough. Enough for her to slow down a bit. Chris and Jamie wouldn’t want her to leave she was a valuable asset to the Circle and she knew it. She was still thinking about the proposition Mr. S had presented to her and wondered if he would go for just a few months. It was all still just a gamble with her sanity, she was losing her identity and didn’t want to be Eve anymore.

The ladies left shortly after and headed for a quieter venue and sat down at the bar when they arrived. A smaller much less crowded place with a touch of class. It was a neighborhood kind of place just off the far side of Fifth Avenue. The drinks tasted good going down smoothly for the next two hours as they quietly shared some stories with each other. Laughing and drinking went hand in hand during the next two hours as they became increasingly intoxicated.

“Come to my place tonight,” Hannah invited.

“Why?” Karina asked knowing Hannah had been hitting on her all night but didn’t want to offend her friend.

“I want to be near you. We don’t have to do anything you don’t want to. I just don’t want to be alone,” she replied.

“I’ll come over for a little while Hannah but it’s just a visit,” Karina said. Hannah and Karina had worked together thus having intimate relations to appease a client. It hadn’t ever gone anywhere outside of work and wasn’t as bad as Karina first imagined. Hannah was more experienced so she led the way the few times they had met for an appointment with a client.

“Thanks Karina,” Hannah said then was quiet for a few minutes.

Karina hadn’t ever visited Hannah at home. The apartment was large and stylishly decorated. One could tell where Hannah’s money went on extravagant surroundings. It was a waste of money in Karina’s eyes but wouldn’t share her opinion.

“Nice place, how long have you lived here?” Karina asked sitting down on a big cozy chair in the living room.

“Almost two years. I moved in here when I met Trey, we wanted more room to move around then my tiny apartment at the time. I miss him just a little but I know kicking him out was the best thing for me. I have to put more money in the bank and get out of this fucking business. Maybe start a legit business of my own and only have sex with someone that really cares about me not just what I can do for them. Life sucks sometimes doesn’t it?” Hannah said then plopped down on the couch.

“Yes, life does suck, you got that right,” Karina agreed.

“So you want a drink?” Hannah asked.

“Sure, I’ll take one. What are you serving?” she asked looking around.

“How about a vodka lemonade and a piece of cherry pie?” Hannah asked then looked at Karina with a silly expression.

“Of course you just can’t have a vodka lemonade without a nice piece of cherry pie. Can I help you with anything?” she asked.

“Yea, you get the pie and I’ll make the drinks,” Hannah replied.

They sat down to tall drinks with straws and large pieces of cherry pie. It was sweet and tart at the same time an interesting combination. They talked more about Hannah’s loneliness after kicking Trey out. Then more about Karina’s Mr. J. Then they decided it would be better to talk about something unrelated to work or relationships so it was fashion the weather and Hannah’s family.

Hannah was going to visit her mom and brothers for a few weeks and she couldn’t wait for the six-weeks to pass. At three Karina called it quits for the night and called a cab. Just before she left Hannah gave her a big hug then kissed her on the lips before she pulled away completely.

“You’re sure you won’t stay with me tonight?” Hannah asked her light blue eyes expressing loneliness.

“Yes, I’m sure but I know you’ll be all right Hannah you’re a strong, smart woman and you will figure it all out. Take care of yourself I’ll see you soon,” Karina opened the door and closed it behind her as she stepped out into the dimly lit hallway.

When she arrived at home Cesar was waiting for her by the door hungry as usual. He wasn’t a skinny little cat he was long and wide not fat just big. His beautiful long hair flowed along his sides as he ran to the kitchen were she met him to give him some food. He loved her no matter who she was and he wouldn’t ever judge her so he was a good man to have around.

The next night Mr. J arrived a few minutes early. He was carrying a bouquet of various color roses in a large vase. She invited him in with a smile.

“Here these are for you, I thought the vase was pretty. Don’t you?” he said handing her the vase.

“Yes, it’s lovely thank you. Please come in and make yourself comfortable. What can I get you to drink?” she asked.

“Come sit with me Eve,” he said.

She followed him in and sat on his lap as he often requested. “How about a kiss?” he requested.

She kissed him several times gently until he took her face into his hands and kissed her again. He shared his passion for her in the kiss then looked into her eyes as she pulled away.

Patting his pocket, he said, “Go on Eve, take it out it’s all for you,” he said.

She pulled the envelope out of his pocket, it was much thicker then usual and when she looked inside it appeared to be double her normal fee. “Thank you Mr. J,” she said then smiled.

“This Mr. J thing, I have to say I don’t like it. Please call me Jason I would much prefer it,” he said his arms moving around her.

“Jason, okay. Jason can I get you a drink?” she asked.

“Yea but I want more kissing before then,” he ran his hand down her back and kissed her for several minutes before allowing her to get up.

He wanted to eat first as usual always preferring to feed her too. Their dates were getting longer and he was increasingly clingy when he was near her. The money got better but his attentions became more serious. She rubbed his tense shoulders when she returned with his drink.

“Ah, Eve that feels great. I’m tense I know I had a rough business day today and I am glad you agreed to see me,” he said closing his eyes.

“What else can I do to make you feel better Jason?” she asked.

“Sit here with me for a while and tell me what you did yesterday,” he motioned for her to sit next to him on the couch.

She settled in and told him about having lunch with Hannah, shopping and drinking that night. He asked about her shopping trip, what had she purchased and what she ate for lunch? It didn’t matter what she said he seemed interested and made comments about the subject.

“Will you shower with me Eve?” he asked with a wink.

“Of course, just let me know when you’re ready,” she smiled.

“I’m ready I’ll meet you in the bathroom,” he said then heard the tone on his phone. “Shit, excuse me Eve I have to take this one. I’ll meet you there,” he said somewhat frustrated by the timing of the call.

She went into the bathroom and waited for him with the door open. She could hear him taking some instructions then saying he left a message he was not to be disturbed until the next day, he was busy. They couldn’t expect his attention twenty-four hours a day. He finally ended the call in a huff then was quiet for a few minutes.

When he joined her in the bathroom a short time later. “I am sorry about that Eve. I absolutely hate interruptions during my private time. Where were we?” he asked with a smile.

“We were going to have some fun Jason would you like to help me undress?” she asked.

“Excellent idea,” he said then walked closer to her.

He kissed her for several more minutes running his hands up and down her back feeling her body against him. She was one of the best call girls he had ever paid to spend time with him. Her attentive nature and willingness to pretend they were dating was causing him to fall for her. So accommodating and polite asking him what he wanted and how she could make him feel better. No one had asked him that in so long but he had chosen his life. The money wasn’t worth the risk anymore as far as he was concerned the Company was asking for too much of a commitment.

He wanted to lose himself in her world for just a little while, long enough he hoped to rest his brain and recharge his batteries. As he helped her undress he focused on pleasure hers and his. He didn’t know if she faked the pleasure she displayed on her beautiful face but he tried to make it as real as possible for her. Never rushing her always taking his time to build up to entry in sensual ways.

Tonight he rubbed soap everywhere watching her reaction as he washed between her thighs with the soapy washcloth. She moaned quietly as he touched and sucked her nipples while the water rushed over her skin. A short time later they had moved to the bed. She gave him some oral pleasure, something he hadn’t requested but enjoyed very much. He could tell she was trying to give him his moneys worth and was doing a great job at it.

“Oh, Eve that is nice, you didn’t have to you know,” he said smiling down at her.

“I think you deserve some special treatment to release some of that tension in your shoulders and back. Should I take you all the way Jason?” she asked.

“No, not yet. I want to pleasure you too Eve. It’s not just about me I like to see you enjoy the time too,” he said looking down at her. The look in his eyes was caring and kind.

“That is very generous Jason, please tell me what you want to do next,” she inquired.

“Come up here and kiss me some more Eve,” he requested and she did as he asked.

She rolled over on her stomach and relaxed as he rubbed and tickled her skin from her shoulders to the mid thighs he kissed, licked and tickled her for a long time. When she looked at the clock an hour had passed and he was still giving her sensual attentions.

“Roll over here for me I’m putting it on,” he said then she heard the condom wrapper tare open.

He felt good to her, more so than any others usually did. She had to admit there were perks to her job like some incredible orgasms. Not every client had the same effect on her though. Some she just got through as quickly as she could without seeming disgusted by the act. Jason was different because he wanted to make her feel good too and did except for the first visit where he was so fast it didn’t really allow her to get into it.

“Tell me how you like it Eve, talk to me baby,” he said his breath becoming more labored.

“Faster, Jason, a little harder. I’m ready for it all,” she whispered.

He snickered then accommodated her request. “I want to see you cum Eve tell me what you need,” he stated.

“More time, just some more time,” she was out of breath too trying to move with him for maximum effect.

He pushed in and out of her for several minutes before he pulled out and quickly put his face into her zone. Never had he stuck his tongue into her lower lips until tonight. She squirmed under his touch.

“You like that huh?” he asked then dug in deeper.

“Oh, yea, that’s good,” she said then took a deep breath.

He gave her a few minutes of special attention then moved back into her for an explosive finale. The way she moved under him indicated she wasn’t faking the pleasure she expressed. It was becoming increasingly difficult for him to hold off so he released quivering with a moan.

Karina was almost to the end when her hand assisted with the last bit of stimulation she needed to go all the way. A warm feeling enveloped her as the climax took over for a few seconds. He watched her shudder then open her eyes to smile at him. It was the sexiest thing he had seen in a very long time. She knew how to enjoy herself if given the chance to.

“Thank you,” she said now lying next to him.

“You’re welcome. I should have waited another minute but I couldn’t hold it any longer,” he said nearly apologizing for getting his monies worth.

She turned to him and said, “It’s your time Jason don’t please don’t worry about me.”

“You don’t realize how much it does for me to see the pleasure on your face Eve. You are such a sexy woman, so full of life and energy. I can’t wait until we will be together anymore. I’m becoming addicted to you,” he said then brushed the hair away the hair that had fallen down on her cheek.

She didn’t say anything just looked away and got out of bed to freshen up. It was past a point and could become a dangerous situation for her. He could tell his statement scared her because she was quiet for several hours after he blurted it out.

“Eve?” he said while they sat on the couch together his arm around her shoulders.

“Yes,” she responded.

“I know you can’t be with me I mean I know I can’t be with you. I just like to pretend you’re mine that you wait just for me even though I know the truth. You’re so sweet and caring to me. I can’t help but want you in my life permanently but I know it’s not possible,” he mentioned then kissed the top of her head.

“What do you want from me Jason?” she asked in a quiet voice.

“I want you to pretend to be my girlfriend when we’re together. To continue to act like you care about me and except my gifts and attentions. I don’t mind paying you because I know you have a life away from your work and it allows me to spend quality time with a beautiful, sexy woman. I wouldn’t otherwise have the chance to share time with someone like you. I know that,” he confessed.

“Is there anything else you would like me to do for you?” she asked.

“Just make time for me when I’m in town. I need to know that I can see you while I’m here, okay?” he confirmed.

“I will do my best,” she smiled.

“I know you always do. It’s getting late and I know you’re tired so let’s go lay down. I’d like to hold you if I can,” he stated when he pulled her up off the couch.

“Of course Jason, I know you like that,” she took his hand and followed him to the bed.

When they were settled in his body close behind her she asked, “Do you want to try one more time tonight?”

“Not tonight I’m tired. Tomorrow before I leave will be fine Eve. Tonight we sleep,” he said then closed his eyes.

The next morning, he joined her in the shower then they spent about an hour taking care of his final release of the visit. He helped her explode again that morning watching her expressions turning him on even more then the night before. She looked even better to him in the morning light, no shadows to hide her.

He walked her down stairs and waited until she got a cab, as she had to check out by noon per her special arrangements with the hotel. She wouldn’t know when he would be in town again but indicated he would call as soon as he knew so she could make time for him. She agreed and they parted ways.

Cesar was waiting for her when she arrived home as usual so she fed him and prepared to go to the bank. She had too much cash in the apartment and needed to take it to her safety deposit box for safekeeping.

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