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Infamous Welcome Tradition

The journey was long, tiring and torturous. The waves rose high and the winds swayed the majestic ship relentlessly. Prince Malik lay soundly on his bed in his chambers with Eldorth laying on his chest. In order to pass the time, Prince Malik began to recite to himself his history lessons.

it was a well-known fact in the entire land that the continent of Aezrith is home to 6 Empires. Every dragnar, infant, young and old were taught this from their early days as younglings that the continent housed 6 major empires being:


The current sole heir of Therys Empire was named Prince Malik Vandal. Adored and beloved by many, the prince lived up to his reputation as a reliable, trustworthy, extremely intelligent, and kind dragnar dedicated to the prosperity of his empire.


It was believed this particular empire was named Mydinth because it was located in the centre of the continent. The dragnars of the lands however agreed the name was rather suitable as it meant “middle”. It was believed one of the princesses was named Wonderling Izen though very few dragnars had ever laid their eyes upon her. They were so few, some even believed the princesses' existence was fiction born of the elite dragnar soldier's stories.


Keluran Empire, the empire agreed in all the lands to be a place where magic thrived, freely and full of culture. It was said the most beautiful women came from this continent. Alas, the most beautiful among them was named princess Laurel Graeyer.


All dragnars of valour were born and bred in Leinberg Empire. The youngest Emperor ever to sit on the throne was none other than Emperor Dallion Valero. He was indeed meant to be a prince at such a young age but alas, the previous emperor had died too early, leaving the very young prince to be crowned emperor.


Not much was known about this empire except for one very, very infamous Prince - Prince Raiden Irae.


Malanos Empire was believed to be the home of all things glorious and majestic. None other consolidated this belief most than Princess Ellatria Soviniss agreed unanimously to be the most fashionable of princesses. It was believed she could command an entire army with a simple dress and shoes. Many dragnars great and small all thought alike, that no female dragnar, a true fashion icon like her would be born for another century.′

As Malik was still recollecting his lessons, he heard the words “Prince Malik, we have arrived at the Island – Varvallen”, resounding outside his doors from the ship captain. How Prince Malik had yearned to hear those words. At long last, the ship captain has finally declared their successful arrival concluding the perilous journey on a victorious note. Upon docking up at the ports, Prince Malik exited the ship.

"It is quite a lovely place that's for sure", commented the young Prince staring at the view.

“Welcome to the academy Sire. We will usher you to your living quarters,” announced the academy guides. “Your luggage will be loaded and delivered to your quarters.”

Malik took an inquisitive look at the island while he walked with the guides to their already awaiting transport. It was indeed beautiful but one thing irked him about the location.

Why here? All this water surrounding the island makes it inescapable. Was this academy was designed to keep anyone who attends it locked in with no way of escaping? Is that reason it is located here? If its prestige the academy wanted, it would simply be located in the capital of the empire. He conclusively thought.

Suddenly a beautiful silver chariot came into his view. It was pulled by eight elegant white horses. He got into the chariot along with the two academy guides. The ride to the academy itself was short and silent.

The sight of the academy finally came into view as they were nearing it. It was a magnificent set of buildings. It had two large buildings shaped like two half-moons facing each other that ended up creating a circle. In the centre stood the tallest building. The base was biggest and shaped like a square, after that the square bases kept getting smaller until the very top which was shaped like a triangle with a flag of the academy flying high attached to the tip. The flag had a Sigel of a beautiful tree whose kind Malik did not know.

When they finally arrived inside the academy, he was ushered to his living quarters. It was in the half-moon shaped building on the right. His quarters were located on the top floor while his room was the first in the corridor. All rooms were located on the right side of the corridor such that the windows had a view of the lavish green forest and the blue ocean could be seen on the horizon.

He found his luggage already delivered to his room as promised. Before the academy guides left him to unpack, they made sure to inform him orientation was in the hall on the first floor of the centre building in an hour. Malik decided to unpack later and instead took a short nap, before getting ready and heading to the hall.

He got to the centre building, entered the hall and was welcomed by the sight of a young dragnar with red hair loudly declaring to kill the dragon of a fuming brown-haired one with shimmering green eyes. All hundred and forty-nine pairs of eyes including those of the two squabbling before him turned and looked at him.

Dallion, the one with brown hair and green eyes looked back at the redhead before him and warned, “Try it and I will kill you where you stand. This is the only warning I will give you!” Upon this declaration, the attention in the hall shifted back from Malik who had arrived late to the two disputing dragnars. Malik gently closed the doors behind him.

Before Raiden could verbally counter Dallion's bold declaration, the administrators of the academy began assembling in an ordered manner on the podium, promptly ending their little squabble. An elderly dragnar who appeared to be more elegantly dressed than the others, with an appeal about him that made him appear to be premier in the hierarchy of the academy, took to the pulpit.

Suddenly, a black shiny rectangular handset with a shiny, see-through surface appeared and the dragnar began addressing the hall in a loud, authoritative voice.

“Welcome, young dragnars to VARVALLEN private academy. An elite private academy for future rulers of territories, domains, cities and subsequently Empires. This year we are joined by 6 young imperial dragnars. Join me with a clap of hands in welcoming them. As your name is mentioned, kindly raise your hand so the audience may know you”, encouraged the chancellor.

He then continued with his speech, “Welcome young imperial dragnars, Malik Vandal from Therys Empire, Dallion Valero from Leinberg Empire, Laurel Graeyar from the Keluran Empire, Raiden Irae from Canvion Empire, wonderling Izen from Mydinth Empire and finally Ellatria Soviniss from Malanos Empire. You are all welcome to VARVALLEN!” As each dragnars name was mentioned, they raised their hands and the crowd applauded accordingly.

Malik’s eyes began roaming over the expanse of the hall after the speaker was done welcoming the imperial dragnars. He looked back up to the podium with the intent of paying attention to the ongoing speech and noted that it had rather turned into a monotone boring speech and he withdrew his attention deliberately.

He gazed around the hall noting that it had a lot of beautiful statues of all kinds of creatures from all the six Empires. Some were large, whereas some were small. He looked up and saw a crystal chandelier arranged in a captivating splendid style attached to the roof of the hall. The roof was decorated in beautiful illustrations of the night skies with vivid drawings of all the constellations and stars in their galaxy.

He looked to the podium once more and began paying attention to the speech that was being given. ..“In conclusion, Varvallen is a place that changes you from the inside before the outside, we must first break you before we can make you. Things will get hard, confusing, deadly, dark, impossible even. There are times you will feel like your life is leading to a dead-end no matter which direction you take. You will feel caged with no way out left, right or centre. Absolutely no way out, not even up, nevertheless always remember, going up in life is not the only way. I will now take my leave. The teachers will follow after me. You are all officially dismissed and free to exit the hall after the last teacher. Order must be observed at all times in this academy”, declared the chancellor.

All the young student dragnars stood still and silent as a show of respect while the chancellor and teachers withdrew from the hall using the giant doors nearest to the podium. As the last teacher walked out the hall, he closed the doors behind him. Immediately the door shut, the silence broke into noise as the students began conversing with one another walking to the exit through which they had previously entered the hall.

Malik just stood still in his spot awaiting a suitable turn to exit the hall, when the first dragnar walked up to the doors, pulled on the handles only to note the door would not open. Perplexed, ceasing her laughter, she tried tugging the doors open again, but they would not budge. Not comprehending that the doors were indeed locked, she tried tugging them again and again. Startled, she turned around and nervously announced that doors would not open. It finally sinked in, clearly, the exit was locked. She finally announced in a loud panicked voice, "the door is locked!".

Upon hearing this, one random male suggested trying the other three exits including the one through which the teachers and chancellor had used. They followed through with the suggestion and yet to their dismay, the doors were all locked as well. They tried, once, twice then thrice and still the doors would not open no matter what they tried.

It was at this moment that they all realised, they were all trapped inside.

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