Elf's Reluctant Mate

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An asteroid is soon going to hit Earth and it will soon wipe out humans. Saraya, 28, wants to spend her last moments on Earth in her favorite library. She takes interest in a book about elves and once she opens the book, she is warped into the book before the asteroid hits Earth. Saraya wakes up in the realm called Alfheim, the land of the elves. She meets Frey, King of the Elves. Frey who's on a mission to choose a queen to be by his side. When he meets Saraya, he becomes adamant that she is destined to be his. Saraya has no interest to be queen or be the wife of any male. However, word spread among the elves and she captures the interest of other unwanted attention of specific male elves, especially since she is the last of her kind.

Fantasy / Romance
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The year 2100

Saraya POV


Cries and screams were heard loud and cleared, and it was everywhere. I’m sure that loud cries and screams were heard throughout the world. Why? NASA found out that an asteroid was going to hit Earth soon, and it was going to be the most enormous asteroid that was going to hit Earth. One would think that humanity would be advanced by now and prepared for these kinds of situations.

It was not the case.

There was global warming that ruined many parts of the world. There was much civil unrest with citizens against politicians. World leaders spent money on making military power rather than helping humanity live in peace and comfort. But, I also blame regular citizens since we let this happen and were too busy with our lives.

Because of that, there are consequences, and no one, even the politicians and the other 1%, didn’t expect the asteroid would soon hit Earth. As for me, I live in Oregon and am heading to the only library within the state. Hardly anyone would go there since they would look at their internet pads and other forms of technology. I was blessed that I didn’t rely much on technology. The main reason for that was that I was poor. I don’t know who my parents were since I grew up in the foster care system.

In this era, children who grew up in the foster care system were seen with disdain, and once they grew out of the system, there were few opportunities. That’s what happened to me. Although, I was lucky that I had two part-time jobs as a waitress and a library assistant. However, I loved working as a library assistant to read hardcover books, which aren’t common in everyday life, except in libraries. Many things are electrical, and it made people rely too much on technology and never experience the beauty of things that our ancestors used in the past.

It was pretty sad, but now, it doesn’t matter anymore.

We were all going to die. I’m not scared, a bit sad. I didn’t do everything I wanted and read books that I always wanted to read. I want my death to be fast and quick. I walked by many streets, and people were running around, hugging their friends or families.

I kept on walking to the library, ignoring the many people. I would look up at the sky now and then, and I could see a light that was not the sun. The asteroid was getting closer. I decided to run until I made it to my destination. The library was locked, but I always had an extra key if my supervisor arrived late since I was an assistant. I was able to get inside and closed the door behind me.

I turned on some lights within the library and saw the many shelves of books. I smiled. I could never get enough of seeing the sight of the many books that I have and have not read. As I walked, there were some echoes. I was the only person who appreciated past authors’ creativity and knowledge. I stood in the center of the library, and I was deep in thought, thinking about which would be the last book to read, the last genre.

I then remembered a section that I wasn’t allowed to go in. According to my supervisor, certain areas held ancient books found in Iceland. It always spiked my interest, and now that the humans die, I will use my chance to go to the restricted section. I quickly climbed on a couple of staircases until I got to the very top of the building, and a wooden door covered a small gate with the hidden key that my supervisor hid just in case she lost the primary key.

The gate was unlocked, and I then opened the wooden door. Cool air escaped, and the room was dark. I found the light switch, and the room was dimly lit by what looked like old-fashioned candles. I was amazed, and I saw only one cabinet in a decent-sized room, to my surprise.

I wonder what books lay inside.

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