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The King’s Heart

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Inspired by @hannahnicolemae on TikTok. Cruel. Heartless. Evil. Three words that been used to describe King Kia. He rose to the thrown at the age of 20 when his father was attacked and killed. He’s ruled with an iron fist over the last three years. No one dares cross him in fear of losing their life. That is until a wild, raven haired beauty stumbles into his life. She tests his patience with her unfiltered words. No one has ever dared speak to him the way she does. Slowly his once close and dead heart starts to beat again.

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1

I watch as a fly hovers over a forgotten plate of food before landing on it. It hops from a strawberry leaf to a price of meat. A hand comes to swat the fly and it takes off in the opposite direction.

The arguing around me had grown to an annoying buzz in my ears. I had given up trying to pay attention half an hour ago. I’d been king for two and a half years. Two and a half years and these men still didn’t respect me. They never would have argued like this in my father’s presence.

Did that make me weak?

No. I just needed to weed out those who still supported my father. Even though the man was dead. Then I would have full control of my council. No more pompous men questioning my every move.

"Your highness?" A heavy hand rests on my shoulder pulling me out of my thoughts.

I look up to see Lord Geiger staring down at me with barely veiled irritation. He was one of the more prominent members of the council. He served my father and his father had served my grandfather. Yet there was only a thin loyalty to me.

My father had died from an ambush while he was out hunting. Despite my eyewitness testimony of what had happened, there were still doubts. Some believed the whispered rumors that had been circulating.

I done a lot over the past two years to see squash those rumors. There were still those who held onto them. Soon I would discover who they were and get rid of them. Permanently.

"It’s your majesty, in case you’ve forgotten." I correct him coldly, shrugging off his hand.

"My apologies, your majesty. We wanted to know how you wanted to proceed?"

I had no idea what he was referring to and he knew it. He wanted to make me look like an incompetent fool. I would have his head for this.

"With the protestors in Basir." Another man pipes up. He looked to be only a few years older than me. Lord Amar, his name was, had recently stepped in for his ailing father. He was one of the few who respected me.

Lord Geiger shoots Lord Amar a hard look. "Yes, we can’t continue to let them disrupt the city. Action must be taken place."

I stand up and move behind my chair. "Of course. Whoever is behind the unrest shall be seized and brought back here for questioning."

"They won’t go quietly." Lord Geiger argues.

My patients for him was growing thin. "Then kill whoever gets in the way."

"Yes your majesty," Lord Geiger says with a bow.

"Lord Amar shall lead." I knew sending a loyal council member away would leave me more vulnerable. But I wanted to show Lord Geiger he couldn’t cross me and escape without punishment. He had wanted to make a fool of myself so I will embarrass him.

"Your majesty, Lord Amar has only been on the council for a year. Surely sending a more experienced member would be more appropriate." Lord Geiger dares to argue.

I slip the knife from my left wrist bracer, feeling the cool metal in my hand. In one swift motion I fling the knife towards Lord Geiger. As much as I would have loved to lodge the knife into his eye, I couldn’t kill him. Not yet.

Lord Geiger hisses in pain as my knife slices his right arm before lodging in the wall behind him. Blood instantly starts to soar the sleeve of his shirt. He presses his left hand against the wound. His eyes snap to mine, pain and anger mixed in them.

I step forward until the toes of our boots touch. "I am your king and you do not question me." I lower my voice to a deep whisper. "Next time it’ll be your head."

"You are all dismissed." I say as I march out of the room. Commander Brayden stands right outside the door. Silently he falls into step next to me as I stalk down the hallway.

"Where to your majesty?" He asks after a few moments of silence.

"To the training room." We reach the stairs and I descend them at a brisk pace.


I slip my second knife free and hold it up. "Target practice."
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