The rejected Beta's mate

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When he got rejected by his mate who was his long term girlfriend. He gets a second mate whom is Inlove with the idea of mates But will he fully be devoted to her or will he be cold towards her. READ TO FIND OUT

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1


TODAY me and my friends are going shopping or more like THEY are going shopping.All I do is just tag along like I always do and give them my opinion regarding their choices in clothes which is always a little hoey or sluttish but makes them look and feel good either way and definitely not my type of style since I am a sweatpants and oversized shirts kind of a person.

Right now we just arrived at the mall and getting out of the car.
And before we get any further I just realised I haven't gave a description of how I look so okay uhmm,I am just an ordinary wolf teenage girl who have this long brownish blondish hair that reach all the way to my ass and I have light greenish eyes.I can't say I am tall but I am definitely not short just a perfect height.

"So oli you haven't complimented me on how I look today"says Avery whom right now is doing a little twirl so I can see her on full display.

"You look like a borrowed cheap prostitute on sale with that red lipstick, that's for sure"says Becky who is my other friend and totally a say it as it is kind of a girl.

"If there was a competition of looking cheap ,trust me you would have won a Grammy and a year supply of red lipstick,isn't that right Becky?"I asked her as I laugh coming out of the parking lot of the mall.

"HAHAHA you guys are so funny"Avery says as she fake a laugh and pretend to be mad at us.

"At least the mall is not full of many humans today,I swear if I were to smell another sweaty armpit today I would lose my sniffing buds"Becky says as we enter the mall. She is right about the armpit thing. Deodorant mixed with sweat ain't a good combination especially when you are a wolf and a good sniffer at that.

"Shit I forgot my phone in the car ,Ave can you give me the keys?,knowing my mom she must have called the pack warriors to hunt me down since I haven't picked up my phone when she called"and how do I know that she called ,hmm well she calls me every hour alright.

She laughs a little before throwing me the car keys"the way she cares about you makes me feel like my parents don't give shit about me"

Then as always Becky just had to say something"Your mother had sex with your father as a birthday gift and she got pregnant accidentally, an unannounced guest and an invited guest don't get the same treatment at the party if you know what I mean"she winked while saying that last part.

Before Avery could say anything I rushed out going to the car to get my phone.

"You just always have to forget everything don't you."

"Well as my wolf you should have reminded me that I forgot my phone snowy but noo you are busy fantisizing about the animal porn you just watched on the animal channel yesterday ain't it?

Snowy is my wolf,well her name is Snowillet and for short is snowy.You are all wondering what kind of a name is that ,it feels like an insect's name and I didn't name her that.

And as my wolf we balance each other out.she is like my instinct and also my other half beside my mate when I have one.I hear her whining and cussing me out at the back of my head

"ohh come on now don't act like you didn't enjoy it okay I know and you know that I know that you did huh"I tell her while heading to the parking lot.

"If i thought you were a pervert homornial Teenager before then you have gotten worse."

"Ohh come on don't be like th.. uhh!! I knew from that moment that I have bumped into something hard because I collided and went backwards and I closed my eyes waiting for a hard fall but i didn't feel anything then i heared somebody say the word MATE!

And when I opened my eyes I am met with the most sparkly Dark blue pair of eyes that are staring at me and it was at that very moment I smell the blueberry mixed with coconut scent and the volts of electricity that went through my spine and I knew what he is,MY MATE.(I didn't know what kind of scent to come up with but that will do ,I guess😬)

We started at each other for a while before I heared somebody cleared their throats and the blue eye guy AkA my mate let go of me like his hands caught fire.

Now that we are not up close anymore I started checking him out I got to say he is pretty long and dang that shirt is hugging in too tight meaning there are some abs there.

I stare at him all the way up to his face and ain't he the most handsome man I've seen in my whole 19 years.

He got tattoos cause I see them sticking out of his neck and did I say he was tall like tall tall?

"M-mate?she is your mate?"A women behind my mate said that because I could hear her voice but I didn't stare her way since am still at shock and looking at my mate.

"We found our mate!!finally we found our mate."

"What do you mean finally like I have been looking for my mate for years?FYI I just had my birthday last week.

But that couldn't stop the joy that arem feeling right now.

A huge smile spread as I look at my mate and I took a step forward to him.Just before I could reach him he looked at me with an angry expression and stormed off like a father whom has a wife that is in labour.

Looking at his retreating body ,a single tear fell down my eye.Atleast he didn't reject me but that wasn't guaranteed.


First time writing a book and I got to say it is pretty fun .😽

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