Oath Breaker

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A profecy was spoken. Darkness lures around the magic union. One sorceress is forced to protect a family that goes against her convictions. Against all she believes in. She can't stand him, the heir, the one they call the dark Prince, and yet she finds herself constantly drawn to this man. To his power. To his soul.

Fantasy / Romance
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A woman watches the tormented sky from her bedroom window. The corners of her eyes wrinkled over the years, the weight of the world showing in her skin, while her gaze stays the rain hitting on the glass as the water quickly vanishes into thin air. What was once a sunny day turned suddenly into night when all went dark and the first thunderstruck across the sky. It came fast and from nowhere, and the woman would be worried about it, working on trying to figure the signs, if not for the fact that the storm forced her daughter into labor.

A scream echoes through the house while a flash of lightning suddenly illuminates the somber garden outside.

“It’s happening.”

The trees start to shake, the wind twirling the branches with its force, knocking the garden furniture. Another scream. The storm grows heavier, a clap of thunder rumbles in the distance while another lighting breaks the sky in two. The sound of the wind hitting the house almost covers her daughter’s screams from down the hall.


She sits on the chair, leaning her head back. She rests, but not without taking her gaze from the sky. Her silver hair covers her features, but she doesn’t care. It was a good day, bright, full of laughter, then the eclipse happened. Keziah, her daughter, felt a sudden pain. The baby was to be born. While the moon covered the sun and the day was swallowed by night, it started raining. A rain that escalated into a massive storm.

Her destiny is close, and the old woman knows this. The only thing she didn’t predict was the fact she will never see her granddaughter. Never hold her nor kiss her. Never watch her take her first steps, never hear her first words. Never see the love she will have for the man that will one day be her husband.

The old lady knew it was going to happen, that the little girl could be born soon. After all, the dark one’s wife is pregnant as well. She just hoped, wished, that the prophecy was wrong. That her visions, her past, now the future wasn’t what she feared.

Her head starts to spin, and her breath grows heavy. The grey-haired woman senses the presence in the room lingering by the door, grateful by just staring at her. He doesn’t know her yet, this is his first visit, and he came alone.

“I know you’re here.” She says, and he takes a step closer. “You came to hear it didn’t you?”

He doesn’t speak. The old woman closes her eyelids and whispers the words that have been haunting her for months now. The day her eyes turned full white, and something greater spoke through her.

The sun shall meet the moon while the heavens cry.
The birth from darkness and light will bring a fight upon the sky.

Like the roots of a tree, their destinies are bound to be weaved.
Although their powers are opposites, or so it is believed

Like their creators, they shall remain far apart until the day he rises as the ruler of the dark.
Beware of the Oath Breaker when it is revealed
Though what may seem right might not be real.

Darkness and terror will reign, for the world will meet its end
Unless the power from the light descends

A lone tear crawls from her eye as she hears the crying of a baby at the end of the hallway. The stranger’s hand rests on her shoulder through the person remains unseen; it is a comforting gesture. They both know it’s happening. With a smile on her face and placing her hand on top of his, the old lady exhales her last breath.

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