My Best Mistake

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Elijah Cohen is the youngest and hottest billionaire in Hillseau City. Every girl falls at his feet, and he gets what he wants from them. Sex. He wants nothing more than that, he is not known to be very committed. After an incident that happened five years ago, he vowed to never love another woman. Love is what got him into a big scandal, and he was ashamed. ~~~ Kiara Brown, is a 24- year old hardworking girl who works to support her only family. She cannot tolerate men like Elijah, offensive, cold-hearted, man-wh0re, and audacious. Kiara dislikes Elijah, and vice versa. He can never be with a woman like Kiara. But, she can't help it. Will they ever get through their hatred for each other and find love? Will Elijah love again? Or will he just keep hating her? Add me on discord, we can chat more: Anonymous_Queenn#6831 ~ ⚠️ This story is for audiences 16+ because it consists harsh languages, and references to sex. ⚠️ ~

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She sleeps on her bed wearing her pajamas, a silver striped top and a matching short.

*beep beep beep*

Her 7:20 AM alarm was ringing.

She rubs her eyes to get the sleep off, and turns off the annoying sound. She yawns, and tries to fix her 4c hair. It was a mess.

*I should have braided them last night before going to bed!*, she thought.

She then took her pajamas off, and wrapped her towel around her. She made her way into the bathroom to start her day off with a warm bath.

She took off her towel , and hung it over on the towel bar. Then, she goes into the bathtub and starts to sing Dancing on my Own- Calum Scott.

*My name is Kiara Brown, I’m a 24- year- old brown skinned girl. Yes, I’m black. I finished college about over a year ago.

I work as a CNA at HNR- Hillseau Nursing Room. Things are going pretty well there. My mother, Melissa Brown also works as a CNA, just not at the same nursing room.*

~A few minutes later~

::.Kiara’s POV.::

*That might have been one of the best showers I’ve had all month.* Kiara thought, drying herself.

“I have a good feeling about today,” she says looking for her work uniform. She had an eight hour shift today.

After getting dressed, she made her way downstairs to the kitchen, where she knew her mother would be, preparing both of their breakfasts.

“Good morning, mom!” Kiara greeted her mother.

“Good morning, sweetie. How was your night?” Her mother asked while cracking some eggs.

“Great actually, I slept like a baby!” She says, pulling a chair from the kitchen table.

They didn’t have a dining room like many normal families did. They lived in a two-bedroom apartment, one bathroom, one kitchen, and a living room. It was simple, they weren’t rich but at least they had each other. They went through many adversities together, but they also got through them together.

“You look like you’re in a good mood.” Her mom said, smiling at her. She had the biggest smile on her face, she liked seeing her only daughter happy.

“I am mom, I really am! I feel like today is going to be a good day. The sun is rising and shining, birds are singing, and the weather is great!” Kiara has always been an optimist, she saw the good in everything and everyone.

Her mom chuckles, “You’re right, it is a beautiful day today,” Kiara looks at her mother, smiling.

“What? Why are you looking at me like that?” Her mom asks with her arms crossed, already having an idea of what her daughter was thinking.

“It’s also a beautiful day to finally ask Michael out!” Kiara says playfully.

Michael Wilson was their downstairs neighbor. Kiara always knew that they had a thing for each other. She has never seen her mom with any man, it was always her and her mom ever since she could remember.

She doesn’t know who her dad was or is. All she knows is, her mom got pregnant at the age of 17. Her dad wasn’t the type to settle, according to her mother. Her mom had told him she was pregnant, and ever since then, he disappeared without a trace. Her mom was devastated.

She doesn’t have any family besides her mom. She doesn’t know if she has any grandparents. Every time she mentions that, her mother always manages to change the topic. But, no matter, she still loved her mother.

“Kiara, don’t even go there. I don’t have time to date,” Her mother says, rolling her eyes.

Melissa then starts to take two plates out of the cabinets, two cups, and two sets of cutlery from the drawer.

“Come on, mom. If it’s because of me, I don’t mind. I actually think you should start seeing people.” Kiara says protesting with her mom.

“Breakfast is served.” Melissa says, making Kiara finally stop talking.

One way or another, she’ll make her mom start dating. Her mission next month is to have her mother date someone. Someone who cares for her, who cares for her happiness, someone who’ll be with her through thick and thin. Someone who will make her... happy.

~After Breakfast~

“Thank you for breakfast, mom. Breakfast today as usual was amazing!” Kiara says finishing her last piece of bacon.

“You’re welcome, honey. Just give me the plate when you’re done.” Melissa says, getting up from her chair with her empty plate, walking to the sink to wash it. Kiara finishes her bacon, and hands her plate to Melissa.

“Thanks again, mom.” Kiara looked at her watch, which marked 8:10 AM, her shift starts at 9:00. She kisses her mom goodbye, then took her lightweight puffer jacket from the coat hanger, her handbag, and her keys. It was a little chilly outside in the middle of October.

After Kiara leaves, Melissa suddenly starts to feel light headed, and a slight migraine. She leaned on the kitchen table for support.

“Oh g0d,” she said, with a whisper. She then fell flat on the ground, and everything went black.


Kiara made her way to the train station after greeting her neighbor, Michael. Her work place was about 35 minutes away by train.

She arrived at the train station, and waited for the train. It came five minutes later than usual. Already, the day has gone to a bad start, but Kiara didn’t think much of it. She then got into the train.


::.Michael’s POV.::

*Knock Knock Knock*

No answer...

Their neighbor, Michael, was knocking on the door.

*Knock Knock Knock*

No answer...

He was really worried, so he let himself in...

“Melissa? Melissa!” Michael yelled in horror when he saw her lying on the floor, unconscious.


::.Kiara’s POV.::

Kiara finally arrived at her workplace. It was 8:54 AM, she had to clock in fast. She ran inside, and quickly clocked in.

She then saw Vanessa. Vanessa was on her phone trying to get a hold of her because she hasn’t seen Kiara yet. When Vanessa spotted her, she hung up.

Vanessa was Kiara’s best friend. Her only friend really. They met on their very first day working for this nursing room.

Vanessa had beautiful ivory skin, with long beautiful auburn hair. She was beautiful, and her make-up was always on point. She was chubbier than Kiara, and a little taller than her.

“Five more minutes, and Mr. Perez would have had your ass.” Vanessa said playfully.

Mr. Perez was their boss, he was really strict, and he cared about having the perfect attendance. Kiara doesn’t know why she hasn’t quit this job yet, but she needs the money so she has no other choice.

“Oh shoot. Where is he anyways?” Kiara says, whispering to her.

“Don’t worry, he’s in his office. He won’t be coming for you.” says Vanessa smiling.

“I swear I woke up early this morning, it’s just the train--” Vanessa cuts off Kiara and says,

“Kiara, honey. It’s alright. You’re not late, that’s good.” Vanessa says trying to comfort her. She was the only one who understood Kiara, she looked out for Kiara. To Kiara, Vanessa was like a big sister she never had.

Vanessa didn’t own a car either, but she lived close to the nursing room so she was always on time.

“Thank you for understanding. Truly. You’re like the only good thing that’s happened to me around here.” Kiara says, self-assuredly.

“Oh, stop it. You’re making me blush,” Vanessa says cupping her face with her hands.

“But, carry on. Keep the compliments coming.” Vanessa says unashamed.

“You’re such a glory hound!” Kiara says, teasing her. They both laughed.

“Let’s start working before Sir-Complains-a Lot catches us slacking off.” Vanessa suggested.

“You’re right, let’s go.” Kiara responded.

~4 hours later~

*It’s almost time for my break. I better check on the patients before I go to the cafeteria.* Kiara thought.

“Nessie (Vanessa), I’ll meet you in the cafeteria, I will go check on my patients first.” Kiara said to Vanessa, while Vanessa nodded and smiled to her, and made her way down into the cafeteria.

Kiara checked on her patients, going through each of their rooms. She then knocked on her last patient, Mrs. Kelly’s door.

She opened the door and saw Mrs. Kelly standing near her room’s window, facing Kiara with her back. Mrs. Kelly was such a nice old woman, she was the nicest of all Kiara’s patients.

“Good morning, Mrs. Kelly.” Kiara says with a big smile on her face.

“What are you doing up? You’re supposed to be laying down.” Kiara said in a friendly tone.

No answer.

“Mrs. Kelly?” Kiara says worried. “Mrs. Kelly? Are you okay?” Kiara questions her.

No answer.

Kiara then walks up behind her, and calls her one last time. “Mrs. Kelly?”

Mrs. Kelly then turned around. She looked startled.

“Oh. Good morning, Kiara. I didn’t realize someone was here.” She forced a smile to Kiara.

“What’s wrong, Mrs. Kelly?” Kiara asks, knowing there is something wrong with her today. Actually, there has been for a while, she had just realized she wasn’t smiling as much as she used to.

Mrs. Kelly takes a deep breath. “I just miss the outdoors, you know? I miss going on morning walks with my son.” Her expression changed, she felt she was neglected and forgotten by her own son.

“He rarely visits me these days... to spend some quality time with me.” She added looking dolefully at the floor.

“Well, don’t worry, Mrs. Kelly. He’ll visit you. I’m sure he’ll come when he has some time.” Kiara says comforting her.

“Plus, I’m here. I can spend some time with you if you want.” Kiara added, trying to console her dispirited patient.

“Really? You’d do that for me?” Mrs. Kelly asks with a whole new expression on her face. She was... content.

“Of course,” Kiara says reassuring her.

“Thank you, Kiara.” Mrs. Kelly said, appreciating Kiara’s efforts.

“No problem. How about we...” Kiara started , but was interrupted.


Kiara’s phone started to ring. “Hold on.” Kiara tells Mrs. Kelly.

“Of course.” she replied.


“Hello. This is Kiara speaking.” Kiara spoke to the person on the other end of the phone.

... “WHAT?!” Kiara yelled in disbelief.

Her mom was in the hospital, and was admitted to the ER this morning…


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"Which one of you is related to Melissa Brown?" The doctor asked.


*What am I going to do?* Kiara asked herself one more time.

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