Detective Dimitri and Detective Cornelius: The Story

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Two agents, one agency. These top special agents not only run on their own game, through their own terms. But they are also the best trainers that the agency has. They defeat evil and get to travel all over the place with their extreme high technology that no one has ever mastered yet.

Fantasy / Adventure
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Agents Demetri and Cornelius were both excellent agents. They not only ran their own game through their own rules, but they were the top most excellent agents in HQ who were allowed to run any mission they wanted. Mainly, since the boss of the HQ didn’t exactly have much of a perfect leash for them, like she did with the rest of her other agents. The reason for this was because...well...let’s just say it this way, they were at the highest rank. Almost like...the top of the food chain. Most agents in HQ either fall into one or the other category, they either fall as spy or detective. Police officers? Well...they work on their own terms. Meaning they don’t exactly work in the same agency and the detectives and spies. Now, as you must know...Agents Demetri and his partner Cornelius don’t fall into any of those categories. Sure they work together like most detectives do, but since they’ve reached the highest rank of them all in HQ, they do spy, detective, and Police work. So as you can see from this information, they aren’t any of those, but they are still considered Agents. Together, they have defeated multiple bad guys, found many missing people in trouble, and helped people in great need. Sometimes when there isn’t enough trouble in Dreamland, they are granted special permission to leave and travel around the world to stop any evil deeds. When they have free time, they sometimes tend to train agents in need, whether they are just starting or not.
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