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Two Worlds Collide To Make One Life Book 2

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The second book in this romantic royal series.Amber and Micheal will soon be headed to the alter,but will there be trouble along the way?

Fantasy / Romance
Carolyn Leonelli
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Brian returns to New York,and Amber starts her new life with Micheal.

The following morning Amber is a bit preoccupied because she and Micheal are going to be taking Brian to the airport and he will be returning to New York.When she was getting dressed that morning she was quiet more so than usual,Micheal noticed this and he didn't want to upset her or push her by asking what was wrong he would just have to trust that she would tell him when she is ready.Micheal had the perfect surprise for Amber,he hadn't even told Brian yet because he wanted it to be a big surprise for them both.The only one that knew his plan was Chris of course because Chris was important to implementing such plans and he was always to be with Micheal.When they were all ready they climbed into a car driven by one of Micheal's security men.They were soon on their way to the airport.Micheal had already checked in with Chris while Amber was in the shower to make sure that the arrangements had been made.Chris assured him that his surprise would go off without a hitch.Which Micheal already knew because he had come to rely on Chris a great deal over the years only bringing them closer together.Once they arrived at the airport,Chris instructed the driver to park by the private jet.Amber and Brian both looked a bit confused by this.Amber was the first one to ask"Chris why are we pulling up to the private jet,that isn't where Brian needs to be?"Chris just smiled his cheshire cat like grin at Amber and said those were my orders and I just do what I am told."Now it was Brian's turn to ask"Since when do you only do as your told Chris,now come on guys whats going on here?"Micheal was the one to speak this time,"Well I thought that Amber and I,and Chris of course could accompany you back to New York.Amber could see Josh and we could relax for the night in a hotel.I thought it would make this easier on both of you."Amber let out this yelp and practically jumped into Micheal's arms."Thank you Micheal you really are a great guy."

Brian wasn't going to argue that point because he couldn't be happier that Amber and Micheal were coming back to New York with him,even if it was just for one night.They all settled in for the several hour flight to New York.Amber was enamored with Micheal,she hung on his every word.Chris noticed that Brian looked a little put off watching his friend and Micheal.So he sat next to Brian and asked"Hey man is something bothering you because you look like you just lost your best friend.Brian looked at Chris with concern"No Not really I just hope that this all works out for both of them,because if something happens and it doesn't play out the way the want it to then Amber may just lose it for real,she is completely in love with Micheal.I have just never seen her like this with anyone before."Chris put a reassuring hand on Brian's arm and said"don't worry about such things there is nothing that is ever going to be able to stop Micheal from making Amber happy and the two of them getting married and being together.You can be assured of that no matter what."Brian smiled at Chris and said"Yeah I guess you are right."Several hours later they were landing in New York,gathering his bags Brian was exiting the jet when there parked in front of them was a limo."Micheal do you always travel in this kind of style?Because if you do then you are going to spoil Amber."Micheal laughed and said"when I come to New York I do because it is easier to get around,less to deal with,and Amber deserves to be spoiled I would say."After saying goodbye and dropping Brian off at his apartment,they agreed to meet up later that night,since Amber and Micheal would only stay in town for one night.

Micheal and Amber checked into the hotel with Chris at their side,Micheal told Chris,"go on to your room,we are going to settle in a bit before going to meet Brian and Josh,so go on and relax but please stay out of trouble."This made Amber chuckle because she was sure that a small amount of trouble found Chris wherever he went.Alone in their hotel room Amber finally looked relaxed to Micheal.Amber looks over at her fiance and says"Micheal not that I am not grateful for you and this trip,but I have to ask what prompted this little get away?"Micheal smiles and replies"Amber I saw the look on your face as well as Brian's face last night when it was time to say good night it was like someone had taken your best friend from the both of you.And I also figured that it might do you some good to see Josh in person rather than just a voice on the phone."Amber smiled at Micheal and she said"Well my smart fiance when did you become so good at reading me,it's true I was having a hard time saying good bye to Brian but it wasn't because I was scared or not looking forward to my life with you,it was because for the last ten years or so whenever I turned around Brian was standing there.And it will be great to see Josh.But don't worry Micheal I know that I have you standing with me now and the stooges standing behind and or beside me if need be."This declaration made Micheal very happy to hear.

Micheal had arranged for them to get massages that afternoon through the hotel,feeling very relaxed and pampered Amber returned to the room,where Micheal was getting ready to shower,Amber took off her robe and entered the bathroom and climbed into the big shower with Micheal.Micheal wrapped his arms around Amber and said "Hmm I could get used to this"After a hot shower and enjoying each other they emerged from the bathroom to get dressed for the night.Amber pulled her hair up into a ponytail and them put on a cute sundress with sandals,when they were dressed they headed to the lobby to meet Chris,where he was waiting for them.They rode in the limo across town to the bar that Amber used to work at the very bar that her and Micheal had met at.When she walked inside she found that Brian was already there,"hey I thought that I was always the early one."And that was all it took for Brian and Josh both to embrace Amber like they were never going to let go."Gosh guys I love you too but I can't breathe you have to let go a bit."They laughed a bit and let the embrace go.They sat down at a booth in the back of the bar,while Josh brought them all drinks.They caught up and told stories for a few hours.Soon it was time for the bar to close and for Amber to say goodbye to her friends until their next meeting.Not knowing when that would be,she said her goodbyes and made them both promise to call every week until they could see each other again.Then she was off to the hotel with Micheal.

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