the lost brothers

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my first book that wrote I hope you enjoy

Fantasy / Adventure
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The lost brothers part 1

It was late at night. I sat by the lake looking at the sky above, fascinated. I quickly jumped up as three gunshots fired off in the distance. The calming sound of the waterfall faded away as my heart started to pound against my chest. I quickly grabbed my satchel and diary and rushed towards the cave behind the waterfall. The water clearly woke me up more as I tumbled into the cave soaking wet. Strange shouting became audible. Three tall figures surveyed their surroundings as an orange glow emitting from a man’s lantern sliced through the water. They were quickly led astray by an unknown voice. The three men ran into the forest beyond the lake in an orderly fashion. I quietly stepped back. I quickly thought back to when I was younger. My father used to take us beyond the towering brick walls of the city. Which were meant to keep us safe. One day me and my brother took a ride on horseback for a quick break. I can remember that my brother had a crush on the butcher’s daughter. He always seemed to get nervous when we delivered the catch for my father. As we road past her house he said do you think her father knows. I said no but I damn well knew that her father was suspicious. The sun began to set when we made it to the gates Grey the person who took notice of anyone who passes through the gates. “off for another stroll again are ya, just don’t go cause any trouble!” he tipped his hat to Lasey and the gates opened. We took the road leading past Ward lake and into the forest. My brother Florits said “we should set up camp.” We hitched the horse by the river and took the bedrolls from the horse. As we started to fall into a deep sleep the sound of shouting seemed to emit from beyond the trees and then.

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