The Curse of Blue Star

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Sky pirates believe 'Women will bring bad luck to the flying ship' Laurentia disguised herself as a boy to work on flying ship after she won running race the first place. She got the position of 'Fire Feet' on flying whip which has to be the decoy for the dragon. She did everything so well until one day, she was really brought bad luck to the flying ship

Fantasy / Adventure
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The light wind blew the smell of coal smoke to the little perky nose of the girl. Her face was full of drops of sweat even the weather in the cave was quite cold. It wasn’t because she was tired but some sort of creature in this cave.

If Laurent success, this would be the fifth time to be the Fire Feet or the decoy for the phlegm of the dragon but she was still nervous more than any time. That was because this time she was the decoy for the Red Blood, the ancient dragon which she was heard that was twice as big.

In the magic realm name Galeadon, there was no one could survive from being the Fire Feet more than three times. So that’s why Laurent was the most famous Fire Feet in Galeadon, everyone in Galeadon knew her as Laurent of Vienga; the flying ship which was fly faster than dragons.

Women brought bad luck to flying ships. Laurent was the only girl on flying ships and the Captain knew she was. Captain Uhezga of Vienga was the only one she has as a family. Uhezga found her since she was an infant and left her to grow up in the fisherman village with Thana and Henry, a spouse which can’t have a child.

For a girl who has been growing up in the fisherman village with the tales of flying ships made her want to be a sky pirate.

But yes... women brought bad luck to the flying ship.

When Laurent was thirteen, she went to beg Uhezga to work in Vienga ship.

And the answer is no!

After Uhezga left the infant with Thana and Henry, he never came back to see her again.

“Women bring bad luck to flying ship, but if you win the Fire Feet Run this year I will let you work on my ship.”

Fire Feet Run was the racing to find the winner, and the winner would get a chance to work on a flying ship in the position of Fire Feet; the decoy for hunting dragon or Salcica. Laurent joined the Fire Feet Run that day and won first place.

She didn’t know if Uhezga was just set up an impossible condition for her, but since she won the first place, Uhezga wouldn't go back on his word. He allowed her to work on Vienga flying ship but she has to hide her identity and disguised herself as a boy.

That was how Laurentia from fisherman village became Laurent of Vienga.

After the Vienga ship left her into the Galazia wood where the Gazian Valley was located; Redblood’s habitat, she was not too rushed to the mouth of the cave. Pulled out the lighter from her bag, she lighted up the torch she brought with her.

Less is faster, so other things besides her clothes she had an only empty waste bag to put the dragon’s phlegm inside.

The Salcica was used as fuel in flying ships. It was the of the dragon, it was Fire Feet of Flying ship to get that thing by provoking the dragon, let it chasing you with fir. And when the dragon ran after the Fire Feet until they almost out of the fire, they would throw out the phlegm from their throat.

But the purpose today was not Salcica, it was Red Blood.

Sky pirates called their customers who pay their mission ‘The Boss’ and call the mission which would be paid by The Boss as ‘Request’. The Boss of this Request was the crown prince of Zacharia, a kingdom in Galeadon which has the most of kingdom’s border can access to the ocean. The most extravagant with money from taxes which they got from their port.

The realm of Galeadon consisted of five kingdoms. There were five kingdoms on the mainland; Daren, Erdal, Cortridge, Virvalla, Zacharia, and the kingdom on the island which claimed that it was not a part of Galaedon. It was Erba-In, the paradise place for sky pirates.

The reason that claimed that it was not a part of Galaedon because while every kingdom used magic in their live, Erba-in forbade the people included the visitors from others kingdoms to use any magics in the land if Erba-In.

In Galeadon every kind of magic came from dragons. The magicians learned to used magic from the dragon’s stone a thousand years ago. Every part of the dragon would turn to dragon’s stone but not every part, just only some parts would turn to the powerful magic stone such as the heart would be turned to the most powerful magic stone which the magician who got it could use it for a lifetime, the phlegm would turn to magic fuel stone used in flying ship, dragon’s scale turned to a limited magic stone which could use for an easy spell only one time. Even the feces from the dragon would turn to marble or ordinary stone which Galeadonean people used for the building.

To be more powerful than using magic stone was to be bond to the dragon with living dragons heart, not the heart from the dead dragons.

But behind an able man, there are always other able men, there was the most powerful magic with no limitations and unconditional magic.

Blue Witches’ magic.

But Blue Witches had been disappeared for a thousand years. They have gone and after that, the era of Galeadon started. There were many many tales about Blue Witches in Galeadon and so did Erba-in had some.

In Erba-in there was a famous tale that everyone in Erba-in should know. They said once upon a time, the Blue Witches came from the Blue Star and when they had to go back, they moved to live on another star. They turned the color of the star to blue with their magic to lead the Blue withes who had left in Galeadon. And it was said that the Flying ship was the gift from the Blue Witches left to the lover to fly to them.

Nobody knew if we could fly to The Blue Star but the Blue Star was above Erba-in head in every midnight time to lead the sky pirates back home.

Right now, Laurent’s heartbeat like the sound of the summer festival’s drum of Erba-in. She stared around the big hall she just arrived in the cave, the space wide enough for the dragon to be around here. In the middle of the hall, there was a shallow sump. There were so many ways connected to this hall, she walked around and smelt each way.

It was so quiet, so she could hear the water drop from stalactites on the ceiling. The dragon might know she had been here but she didn’t know yet where was the dragon.

‘Where is it’ She thought. Laurent walked quietly; carefully even her breath would make a sound. It was hard to smell when the moisture in the cave made the smell of coal smoke from the dragon swirling around in each way that connected to the hall. But she smelled consciously in every way until she found the way with a strong smell.

‘You will be burnt before you know’ The voice of Ticaca, the old man in fisherman village kept bothering in her head after she saw pirate boot which full of dust and cobwebs and the bone of the leg inside.

Ticaca was three life Fire Feet, after he lost his one leg to Red Blood he spent his time in a fisherman village. He had only one leg left because his other leg had been here. She remembered the shoe he wore proudly. Every time he tells the story about Red Blood, he would show the shoe to the children in the fisherman village where she grew up.

Laurent kicked that boot away to make sure that she wouldn’t fall down because of it when she ran back this way.

Her heartbeat too fast, perhaps the dragon knew where she is from her heartbeat.

“Oh! Seem like a little mouse lost in my cave.” The sound like a man spoke from her back but there was no one. Red Blood appeared with no sound from her back. Its big nose almost touched her without any sound.

And why it could speak?

Never met any dragons who could speak before, she turned back to confront it. As same as Ticaca told her, it was red in color like blood. It put its head down on the floor, stared at her as the cat stared at the mouse, and waiting to play with bait. Laurent moved three steps back automatically, tried to control her body not to shake.

“Why you can speak?” She was afraid but her head full of doubt, that’s why she asked out like an idiot.

“I can do more than speak! Since you’re the girl, I will honor you and go easy on you!” It shouted out loud, made the sound echoed in the cave. Just listened to the voice she knew the dragon got angry.

Laurent started to run as fast as she could but Red Blood was chasing her as fast as it could also. It chased too close, so she couldn’t run to the way back. She decided to run in a new way.

She took time for a while to reach a new hall. Running too fast made the fire on the torch flickering, only Red Blood’s fire could show her way ahead. To the new way which was the worst decision in her life.

She thought it was not luck that made her alive after four times as the Fire Feet. It was because she could remember anything she had ever seen, even she loses the torch in her hands or she has to run in the dark, it’s didn’t trouble her because her memory is the best and helped her survived

Laurent was definitely sure the new hall in the cave she just reached was the same hall she had just left.

The new way led her to the magic labyrinth!

This might be the last day of her life.

“Damn it!” Laurent cussed out.

When someone was stuck in the magic labyrinth, even she tried every way or the same way she came in. It’s didn’t mean she could get out. Last time she almost loses her life in the magic labyrinth but this time was much different. she was not dealing with the normal dragon, but the ancient dragon.

Because Red Blood was twice as big so she could claw her by walking just one step. She couldn’t even make a distance from the Red Blood. As fast as she ran, as fast as Red Blood was chasing her, and the torch in her hand was useless like a flickering candle when she ran fast.

If it would be like this she would die of exhaustion.

Ticaca could get out of here, so there might be away. She tried running back to the same way she came in as a new way and ran to the way she got into the cave. But her life never came with luck, it didn’t work. When Red Blood fire her too close with nowhere to hide, she jumped into the sump. At first, she thought this sump was a shallow sump. She just wanted to make herself wet and not burnt, but never thought that she would be sinking down in the deep pool.

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