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The Mateless Queen

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Picking up Ten years after Adira loses her son. Lunar sun no longer having any threats and everything pretty peaceful but how peaceful can it be when you are a mateless Luna and Queen? 18+ This story contains graphic depictions of adult themes, violence and mature language. Third story in escaping fate series.

Fantasy / Erotica
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A new start

10 years later.....

It's been ten years since Roman passed and eleven since I took over. After Romans funeral I went to stay with Dominic while everyone packs his room leaving me a few of his shirts and his favorite toy in a box in my closet. Alyana and Carson both stay a distance from me now. Last I spoke to them Alyana blamed me for my son's death when we got into a argument over her sneaking boys in the house. Aiden found his second mate a few months ago. A sweet, caring and loving girl, a former slave I saved named Mandy. I moved them to a house outside the pack house. When I came back it's been nothing but business. I haven't taken a lover only sleeping with someone every once and a while or care to look for one. My brother has been testing boundaries lately but Dominic is dealing with it. Travis and me are still extremely close though we don't sleep together anymore. He is one of the only people I trust but after this I realized soon they will all be dead. I am immortal which means everyone I care for will die. Travis found his mate a few years back but rejected her since she was Adrian's former lover. He has a son now that is sweet and funny.

I wake up looking in the mirror taking a deep breath quickly doing my hair. I place my dark blue hair into a high ponytail with two strands framing my face I put on a thin line of eyeliner on and matte red lipstick. I go to my closet grabbing a leather pleated skirt with crosses on the bottom and a silver chain belt with a black moon at the end hanging down. I slip on a tight black long sleeve turtle neck on with a silver chocker on and many rings on. I put on fishnets and black heeled boots.

I take a deep breath and go to my office and go through a stack of papers. When I see one of interest. I pull it out and sit back reading it.

Lunar sun coven/pack,

I am Second Eric Manuel's of midnight Sun. We have recently descovered a former treaty regarding your coven prior to when the pack joined. We would like to renegotiate a treaty and hopefully a alliance. I would like to extend an invitation to our lands with your second. We do not allow wolves on the land due to a recent string of attacks. I hope you do not mind. Please inform us if you wish to come and we will happily get you situated. I hope to hear from you soon.
-Eric Manuel's

I reread the paper thinking. Travis enters the room with a cup of coffee and sits at his desk flipping through his paperwork.

"When did we get this?" I ask passing him the paper. He quickly reads it.

"A few days ago I think. What do you wish to go?" he says leaning back in his chair.

"What do we know about Midnight sun coven?" I sit back laying my hands on my skirt.

"Not much they are a fairly large coven who are mostly neutral. No one knows who there king is only his second. They don't trust wolves thinking were below them. Other than that nothing." He says tapping his fingers on the arm of his chair.

"When are we free?" I asked crossing my arms. He smirks at me amused.

"In a few weeks you have a free period for about 3 weeks. Who will you take with you?" He flips through his calendar.

"Who would you say the best fighter in the coven is recently?" I smile.

"That would probably be Mason Draco. He has proven to be deadly since taking him in. I know he has a short temper though." He contemplates.

"Mason Draco can you please come to my office?" I send through the pack and coven links. Travis sits up fixing his clothes taking a sip of coffee. I stand up fixing my clothes walking to the front of my desk hopping up on it sitting on the edge crossing my legs. We wait about 20 minutes before we hear a knock on the door.

"Enter" Travis says sitting up pulling a pack of paper out. The man enters looking at me studying me. He kneels to me out of respect.

"Mason how long have you been here?" I ask politely. He gets up towering me. He is about 6'6 with straight Chocolate brown hair that is mostly flipped to one side,going down to his shoulders. He has golden eyes with red centers and sharp cheek bones and fairly thin lips. His eyes indicate he is a hybrid as well. He has a sliver earring in one ear that hangs down to his neck with a cross at the end Black stud in the other.

"About a year now." He says his voice velvety and smooth. I smile at him as he doesn't show any fear towards me.

"And how do you like it?" I say leaning back my hands straight holding me up. Travis watches closely as I study the man. I look at his body as he looks at Travis who is linking him like I wouldn't notice. He has a very slender body but clearly has muscles, his hands tattooed and part of his ribs. He has a black tank top on with stretched arm holes on the side exposing part of his ribs and Leaf green skinny jeans and black boots on. He notices me checking him out and smirks.

"It's alot different from my old coven no offense a lot of the men are juice heads and the woman love to gossip." He says honestly.

"No offense taken. I have tried to deal with the woman several times over the years about there drama. Sadly it used to be much worse when I first moved here with my first mate." I say looking at Travis.

"Is that what you needed me for?" He asked confused. I giggle as Travis smirks.

"Actually I want you to do something with me. I have no second only a beta as no one here is equal to me by blood. Travis here says you are our best fighter, is that true?" My voice assertive. He notices my change in tone and he smirks.

"I would have to believe so. No one here can beat me in the coven and the wolves aren't very strategic with there fighting all force no plan." He smirks cocky. Travis rolls his eyes at the man's bragging.

"Mason, how would you feel like going with me to another coven for a few days possibly more. I need a vampire by my side since wolves aren't allowed and frankly I don't know what I'm getting into but am intrigued at the possibility of a new alliance." I say honestly. He thinks for a moment. I nod at Travis who gets up and heads to the door laughing. We both know he'll agree.

"Just us?" He asked as Travis leaves the room to go to the omega's to inform them that they need to get the cars and bags ready for my departure.

"That's correct. You are my only ally there and need someone who I can turn to tell me honestly what they believe. To many people here are yes men not wanting to disrespect me or offend me. Travis told me you have a temper and I got to say that's why I want you with me." I say honestly jumping off the desk walking to Mason.

"Will you be able to keep your hands off me that long?" He says cocky biting his lip. I smirk at him standing in front of him only going to his shoulders. I'm only 5'6 so he's over a foot taller than me.

"What would you not want that?" I say seductively. He is taken back by my honesty running his hand through his hair.

"What?" He says watching me closely. I laugh walking back to the desk jumping up onto it my legs slightly spread I put my hands in between my legs.

"I'm sure you have heard by now the gossip around me having lovers." I say honestly shrugging my shoulders.

"I mean yeah but I thought they were just rumors since most pertained to you and the beta or the head hunter. I thought people just assumed." He says rubbing his neck. I gesture for him to come to me and sit.

"Well that's old news actually. I haven't touched either in years now. When I first became Luna I went through a phase for a few months sleeping with both. They knew of each other and we all remain close but when my son was killed by the Blood moons Alpha's former mate because she was my brothers lover and jealous her mate wanted to reject her for me even though I didn't want him I cut it off. Over the years I restrained from being touched unless I was going through heat." I explain. He looks at me trying to process what I said. I lean back again stretching my back.

"So you don't have a official lover?" He asked after a few minutes of silence.

"No, nor do I look for one. The only reason I am being this open with is because frankly I find you interesting." My voice innocent and smooth.

"Do you care that I used to have a mate?" He asked taking a deep breath.

"Honestly no, I do not care about who you've had in the past, I've had a mate as well." I say grabbing the letter of my desk giving it to him to read to understand where we have to go. He reads it quickly passing it back to me.

"Alright...and does it not concern you what I am?" His voice dark but smooth. I smile at him before making my eyes change from it's normal purple to it mixed state then red. He laughs remembering I'm a hybrid.

"I do not care what someone is. I was raised with a hybrid mother and royal father. King Dominic is my siblings father and he wishes to be my lover. My original mate was a hybrid as was my son." Laying my hands on my lap crossing my legs.

He looks at me as I shift thinking and watching my thighs as my skirt rides up. He bites his lip as he checks me out.

"Do we have anything planned for today?" I send through to Travis.

"No. I thought you were checking him out. I tried to warm him that you can be hot and cold as he was doing the same." He laughs through our link.

I hop down and walk over to him tucking a strand of hair behind his ear. He watches me closely as if worried that if he tries anything I'll freak out. I smile at him running my finger over his cheek. Our faces close able to feel each other's breath but not touching. Our eyes locked on each other his hands around my waist. I bite his lip lightly leaning my forehead on his.

"Is this what you want?" I ask again making sure I'm not pressuring him.

"Yes." He says pulling me to his mouth kissing me like his life depended on it. His kisses rough and demanding. Not breaking the kiss for a while he digs his nails into my thigh and his other hand holding my neck.

"Come with me." I say getting up holding his hand and walking out the room. He doesn't say a word just letting me guide him through the house. Several coven members see us shocked. I normally don't touch there men but I couldn't help but want this one.
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