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The Mateless Queen

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Ravish me

I get Mason to my room closing the door behind us. I pull him to me kissing him gently walking us to my bed. I slowly strip in front of him as his eyes turn completely gold as he watches me closely. I pull my shirt off and I unzip my skirt making it fall to the floor leaving me in my black lace thong with fishnets and heels. He walks over to me looking me up and down. He quickly turns me around to see my ass pulling my hair out it's ponytail making it hang loose to the middle of my back. He spanks me hard as he holds my neck tight my body pressed onto his side. His lips crash hard onto mine as he spanks me again. No one has been this rough with me and honestly I love it.

I look at him full of lust as he keeps spanking me knowing my ass has to be bruised. His hand lightly choking me biting my ears and face. He turns me around pulling his shirt off. I instantly start kissing his neck and chest. I slowly go down as he undoes his belt. I slide his pants down his dick outlined by his boxers pressed up against his thigh. I pull it out licking the tip looking up at him. He holds my hair out my face and I quickly begin sucking him. His dick much bigger than anyone I've had recently or probably since Leo honestly. The man is blessed. I try to take as much of it in as possible not able to take it all. He slowly takes control again fucking my throat. After a few seconds pass he picks up speed as I look at him he smirks and lets out a moan. He Puts more than I can take into my mouth making me choke on it my eyes watering before pulling all the way out. I gasp as he pulls me up and lays me on the bed. He kisses me urgently sliding his hands on my core. He smacks it lightly making me moan.

"Let me know when I become to rough." He says smacking my core again.

"Okay" my voice breathy. He slides my thong to the side sliding his fingers over my fold. He smacks my bare core hard. He slide his tongue in flicking my clit. I grab the blankets moaning heavily. He slides two fingers into me and fucks me as fast as he can hooking his fingers against my wall. I quickly feel a orgasm coming and tighten on his fingers. Not giving me anytime to come down from that feeling he goes back to doing it. A few minutes later I'm a mess.

"Fuck, I'm going to squirt." I moan. He doesn't stop though he sucks it all eating ever drop of my juices off me. He wipes his face and leans to my face. His hand on my neck.

"Damn you taste good Angel." His voice dark and controlling. He grabs his cock positioning it at my entrance.I buck my hips he immediately backs up.

"Don't." He says holding my neck tighter. He does it again and slowly slides in I grabs his hand digging it gasping as he enters. He pulls back out doing it again pushing im further. After a minute or so he starts picking up pace not all the way in me yet. His hands on my hips holding them down. My moans are breathy and loud now. I place my hands on his thigh as he grunts.

"My god your so big. You feel so good." I moan.

"How big Angel?" He groans. I run my hand in my hair as the other stays on his thigh.

"Fuck me... The biggest I've had." Barely able to catch my breath.

"Fuck your so damn tight." He grunts picking up pace. I try to lift my waist but can't because Mason is holding my hips still.

"Oh god, I'm going to squirt." I moan he slams into me now rubbing my clit. I lift my ass as he pulls out. My juices rushing out and onto his thigh.

"Yes show me how much you like it." He moans. My legs shaking he kisses my knees. I pull him down to me kissing him rough and flip him under me.

I sit on his lap slowly sliding him back in I drop my head back as he sits up biting on my breast. I wrap my hands around his neck and slowly bounce on him. I let out a long moan not able to control it. I slowly try to take more in my moans almost a scream. He releases my breast and holds my hips leaning back. After a few more tries he's finally all in me. My hand on his stomach as his on my hips.

"Yes just like that" he moans as I pick up pace rocking back and forth almost immediately orgasming as my wall try to tighten around him. I moan so loud he smirks at me and lifts my waist and slowly starts to pound me from below. He watches me so closely as he goes harder.

"Yes...yes...yes... Fuck me...." I moan he grabs me and flips me quickly to my stomach and forces my ass up. He hammers himself in causing me to grab the sheets and yell into the bed. He goes fast and hard pounding me and then he starts to spank me again.

"Fuck Angel your so damn wet and tight. Your creaming all over me." His voice dark and raspy. His voice is so damn attractive. He slowly down but still going hard. I feel him begin to cum in me as I orgasm. He slowly thrusts in me finishing us both off. I feel him pull out lay beside me turning me to him as I fully lay down. He rubs my cheek smiling at me.

"I'm sure everyone heard you screaming my name and how much you loved my dick ." He says as his fingers tracey lips. I nip it and laugh.

"Everyone talks anyways those girls seen you leave the office with me and head up here so they would've said something to everyone anyway." He looks at me trying to read my face but can't and I have to say it's cute. It's been a long time since I found someone as interesting as him and that was Aiden years ago. All my lovers barely please me and don't last long that's why it happens so rarely now.

"Though it has been sometime since anyone's heard me, years honestly." I say tucking his hair behind his ear. He pulls me closer to him my face almost touching his our bodies intertwined.

"Does no one satisfy you anymore" he asked confused. I mean I would be to if I slept with a Luna who is mateless and has lovers but says they don't get heard, again wolves are very sexual.

"No, I don't touch men from the coven to be fair to the women since almost none are mated. I usually only have wolf's and they put there needs first. It's unpleasant honestly." I say shrugging my shoulders. He studies me again and sighs.

"Why wouldn't they please you? I mean I know it can be hard for some men to last but to make it unpleasant seems harsh." He says kissing my forehead.

"It's not that they don't mean to but wolves are very dominating and quick most of the time. They expect submission and just plow until they cum then they're done. It's only happened a few times where it was different but that's Alpha's and beta's usually."

"That's why the rumors spread then of you, Beta Travis and Head Hunter being lovers." He ask genuinely trying to figure me out. I nod and nuzzle his neck. I'm usually not this lovey after I send them away while I get changed and go back to business but I really do want to know him some.

"People talk no matter what I do. I have been Luna for eleven years with no mate or looking for one. The pack want a Alpha but won't challenge me knowing it'll end in there death. They expect me to find a choice mate but I won't. I am eternal so who could I mate? It can't be a wolf like they want because they would either be to weak, die, or have to be turned. Most understand why I don't want a mate knowing there true alpha was mine." My voice low but confident.

"You were Luna before becoming mateless?" He asked. I don't expect him to know anything about me no one outside from us and King Dominic know the complete story not even my brother.

"Yes, the original Alpha was sweet for a little. We immediately mated and got to know each other I genuinely loved him more than anything. I heard the rumors of how much of a monster he was but I didn't judge him because it isn't my job to. I just wanted to be his and happy." I sigh as he doesn't speak allowing me to continue.

"We stayed with my pack for a few weeks getting close. He seemed to be so different from the rumors and was so sweet. When we came here his old lover's would try to challenge me but Travis always stepped in. Well after a while of being Luna a little girl I never met ran to me telling me my mate is her father and he rejected her mom. He refused to accept her since she wasn't a hybrid or of any rank. I lost it when I found out." I say taking a deep breath. He rubs my cheek listening to me.

"We got into a huge fight but being Luna I had to put a fake smile on like nothing was wrong. I found out the next morning he had already went back to his lover's. He brought one to his office and she came out with hickeys and swollen lips. He didnt sleep with her but she did pleasure him. Still having to put on a fake smile and act like nothing was wrong. I trained with the men and challenged the beta." Taking another deep breath.

"We weren't fully pushing each other and were messing around not taking it serious since his child was around. He yelled at me berated me in front of the whole pack and when I went to walk away he grabbed my wrist bruising them and begun to hurt me. No one stopped him they laughed while the beta looked horrified. Alpha Carson grabbed me and rushed me in protecting me. I locked myself in my room scared that he'll beat me again and he did twice a day for a week before I could escape. Alpha Carson helped me escape him. I ran to the blood moon pack and they took great care of me. Even helped me settle when I found out I was pregnant with his baby. Everyone was preparing for war against him. I am a Alpha wolf by blood and Royal by blood. Well I wanted to find a back up plan so we wouldn't need a war to keep everyone safe. Which means I had to go to King Dominic my mother's former mate and my sibling father. After a while he begun to accept me, he always hated me for being born. I am stronger than his own and the only threat he has to take over as his cousin was my father. We both thought of a plan to stop which would've kept everyone safe but at the cost of me literally. I would be one his only lover. I am the last pure blood immortal female. I'm needed to bare children for many covens. My bloodline is the last one that can keep royal blood pure. I tried to discuss this with my brother but he wouldn't listen livid that I was willing to be his father's lover and bare him children. A fight ensued and I ran for a little over 2 years before my mate found me. The damn mate bond wouldn't break and he met our son. Well the next day we went to a barbeque so my son could play and he joined even though he shouldn't have. I was Aiden's girl. He was a rogue and so was I both had mated so we never did anything besides make out but we enjoyed each other company. Well Aiden and I immediately locked onto each other with my mate behind me livid. They got into a fight over me. I had to break it up or else the would've killed each other. My mate went to hit me so I had no choice but to challenge him. I killed him that day in front of everyone my son in the front seeing me bloody and the man that was just introduced to him as his dad dead.," I let out. He didn't acted shocked more listening and understanding what I went through.

"I lost my son when he was two, ten years ago to a rogue attack hired by blood moons mate since she was upset that her mate wanted to reject her so I would be his again. I tortured her for months killing her baby the same day she took my son's life. She was pregnant by my brother and I broke all alliances and deals deeming both packs enemies as did most pacts after find out." My voice low.

"Why would they expect you to mate after that?" His voice angry understanding why I don't want one.

"It's how wolves are. The coven has accepted that I will not have a mate. I try to deal with everything alone but the women in the coven love to gossip about me with the wolves about why I need lovers and who I currently sleep with. The men don't care and like I said out of respect for the coven I don't touch the vampire men so they could have a chance since they don't really have mates." My voice innocent. He smiles at me kissing me softly I kiss him back as he holds me and we fall asleep.
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