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The heels of her feet dig into my ass cheeks urging me ever nearer to her core.

Not but maybe two or three hours ago was I super excited to find these basketball shorts because they were the only article of clothing in that whole fucking closet that actually fit and now they are the goddamn bane of my existence.

The nylon rubs mercilessly against my hardened cock and I can’t decide if I like the pain/pleasure mix up. The head of my dick is sensitive and throbbing and yet my body keeps moving against her, void of any conscious control. It’s found the dip between her thighs—damp and barely guarded by the menial material that separates us.

And that is what aggravates the absolute fuck out of me.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ll dry hump the shit out of Lina if that’s all I’m going to get but I can feel the heat emanating from between her legs; the slickness that has soaked through her pants is hot and fiery and beckoning me... luring me into the flames and I yearn for nothing more than to be thoroughly scorched.

Without breaking our kiss, I rip the blouse down the middle, helping her out of it as she shrugs it off exigently.

The air is heady with lust and drenched in need and I know whatever happens next is going to happen very fucking fast.

My fingers dip under the waistband of her leggings. Pulling them off her legs and over her feet, I toss them behind me.

I may or may not have also accidentally taken her underwear with them as well...

Just kidding.

I totally fucking did that.

My nostrils flare in and out, inhaling the saccharine scent of her arousal. My cock twitches on its own accord, sending me flying back into the heated moment I temporarily abandoned.

I tear the tight ass fitting t-shirt over my head just as she flings her bra across the room. I desperately want to go back to kissing her, my mouth feeling cold and lonely so far from her’s but when her sights land on my tattoo, everything comes to a definite, screeching halt.

Her eyes hover over it, wide with curiosity and awe. Her fingertips are light as feathers as they trace the inked skin but the feel of them on me is blissfully searing. It burns and swelters my flesh sending sparks of electricity straight to my heart.

However, her fucking studying of the stupid thing is taking too long.

I want her now.

Grasping the back of her neck, I force her mouth back to mine. We can talk about that shitty tattoo later.

Our tongues dance in a needy sexual symphony as her hand glides down my chest to the rim of my shorts, leaving smoking tingles in their wake. In one fluid, skillful movement, she’s freed my cock and wrapped her hand tightly around it. The pressure of her strokes is too much, leaving me a moaning, panting mess and I am forced to stop our kiss once more. My hips rock, moving into her pumping grasp, harder and more forceful.

But I do not dare stray far from her lips.

My breathing is heavy and ragged, my mouth falls open as I rest my forehead against her’s.

I know I should stop her.

She has to quit before I blow... but fuck all, I want to enjoy this feeling for as long as possible.




I’ll attempt to focus on anything that lessens my need to explode but assures I’m hard enough to keep going.

Anything but the heat of her hand...

Anything but her solid grip...

Anything but the thumb that grazes over the underside of my head...

Anything but...

Ah, fuck it.

I push her back against the wall.

I do not need to use the worn and tiresome ‘you’re so beautiful’ line. She knows she is. She can tell by the hungry look in my eyes and the way my teeth scrape across my bottom lip. She knows by the appreciative groan that resounds from my chest just how fucking gorgeous she really is.

And how badly I want to taste her.

Diving in, her legs wind around my neck.

I don’t tease.

I don’t waste time building up her anticipation... we’ve both waited long enough.

The slickness of her folds and the sweetness of her juice brings forth yet another sound of satisfaction from within me as the scent of her now surrounds me. My tongue is greedy and unrelenting, battering her clit with everything I have. Her hips buck against my face as her hand presses on the back of my head, forcing me closer.

And if I die here due to suffocation then so be it but I want to feel her cum inside my mouth.

I need it.

Latching onto her clit, I suck fast, alternating the compression of her swollen bud with her sounds of ever increasing rapture.

She inhales sharply as I buried two fingers deep inside her. Her cunt envelops me and every time I pull out, it sucks me back in. Curling them inside her with barely any room for movement, I focus on the small lump that sits nestled inside her anterior walls. Her face is flush with passion and her chest rises and falls rapidly. Her eyes are hooded in lustful desire and her mouth hangs slack. And as her eyebrows pull together, I know she’s close.

Her pussy grips my fingers. Quivering and spasming, it tremors around them. She convulses against my face as she throws her head back in ecstasy, mewing out her release.

But she will get no time to rest.

Yanking her off the table, I spin her around and push her chest onto the top of it. My teeth shred into the condom and I speedily roll it down my shaft—stupid fucking shit that takes too goddamn long but I don’t need another Theon right now.

What I need is to slow the fuck down.

My fingers experienced just how tight she is but the monster inside me doesn’t care. He doesn’t plan on showing her an ounce of mercy and he is going to make damn fucking sure she knows exactly who she belongs to.

In one single, powerful thrust, I shove myself in. “Fuck,” is the only word I can muster out and even that is semi-difficult. Her walls have me in a vice grip. A hot, wet vice grip. It’s all I can do to keep pushing and pulling until they take the hint that this isn’t going to stop.

I’m not going to stop.

She cries loudly, undecided on whether she is choosing to feel pain or pleasure.

Or both.

I should let her adjust to my size.

I should go slowly...


But I fucking won’t.

The cream from our union has settled at the base of my cock. It’s white and deliciously frothy and can’t help the unyielding desire to rut her deep.

New car smell.

Cold beer.



I stop my pace.

Mostly because I don’t want to nut just yet but she doesn’t need to know that.

Pulling her back to my chest, my hand wraps around her neck. It takes only one finger to turn her head towards me. “Tell me what you, Lina,” I speak into her mouth through gnashed teeth. There’s something I want to hear...

Something my beast needs to know.

Her eyes swirl a multitude of differing colors. Entrancingly bewitching, they captivate me, coaxing me to fall inside them and lose myself. Her essence runs through me, filling my soul with an evocative sense of deja vu.

But I am not scared.

In fact, it’s quite the opposite. The churning hues assure me that Lina is not so different from the oddity that plagues me. It fuels my desire, a hint of danger and lechery I cannot deny. “What. Do. You. Want,” my voice is now layered—graveling, animalistic, and hauntingly demanding—the thing hitching a ride in my body vying for complete and total dominance.

Her heart skips, her stomach tightens and her sex clenches me tight, “Fuck me.”

“What was that,” I slam into her once, an obvious sign that she better fucking speak louder, “I can’t hear you.”

"Fuck me,” she moans, her whole body lurching against me. But this is not enough for me or that damn fucker inside me. “Say it,” I hiss. She needs to say it.

One word.

One name.

That’s all it will take...

“Please,” she whimpers, ”Theron. Fuck me.”

And there it is.


I am Theron.

And she knows it.

“Good girl,” I snarl into her ear. I’m losing control—fighting the beast within me... and losing. His thoughts and my thoughts, once like oil and water, now merge and blend like dyed liquid.

Red dyed liquid.

All I see now is red.

She is mine.

I’m going to make her remember.

I’m going to make sure she never forgets.

She is my weakness.

The fire that surges through my veins...

The arrow that pierces my heart...

The sun my world revolves around.

She is mine.

And now, I’m going to make her feel it.

She throws her head into me and arches her back with a breathy cry as I ram into her. Her body bounces against me with every hardy fuck and I don’t want to be this rough but I can’t quit.

He won’t let me.

Finding that one o’clock spot on her clit I assault it relentlessly. I don’t know how I know this is her trigger, I just do. I grabbed her tit, rolling it between my fingers to still her thrashing body as her salacious howls get louder and I smirk, wishing to God that Rhys was downstairs right fucking now.


Her pussy squeezes me, rippling and milking me for all its worth. A small gush of liquid streams down my tightened sack and I am now only a passenger to the monster’s every whim. He surges forth, dethroning my mind and conquering my body.

The orgasm rolls me hard—the eruption vibrating my groin and pulsating through my stomach and thighs simultaneously. Any amount of energy I may have left is utterly expelled with the instant release of tension from my leg muscles and a grumbling roar that slowly fades with every spurt of my cock. While that’s fucking fantastic and all, I cannot bask in the afterglow of our fucking...

My lips curl back, canines elongated and saliva pooling within my gums. A vicious snarl—




I don’t really fucking know what the fuck just came out of me but it causes me to rear back before attacking the crook of her neck like a fucking shark. My head shakes back and forth feverishly, gorging my way through her muscles and I am not certain there is any coming back from that. Her blood bursts from my mouth and cascades in scarlet waves down her breasts.

Fuck... there is so much of it.

Dread and horror flood over me, the force of the crest like a brick wall to my satiated lust. Honestly, I want to run and hide and probably die at this point because I have absolutely no idea how I am ever going to be able to look her in the eyes again.

If I don’t kill her, that is.

Lina goes slack within my hold, her body nothing more than boneless blood and useless organs as I detach myself from her neck. I hold her as we fall to the floor, not exactly sure what I am supposed to say next, ′whoops, my bad?′

I just fucking bit her.

On purpose.

“Oh shit,” I exclaim, “Lina, I’m so sorry! I—” But Lina doesn’t hear me... at least, I don’t think she does. She stares straight ahead, a thousand different emotions flashing rapidly upon her face.








And I have no idea what the fuck is happening. I shake her shoulders, call her name, wave my hand in front of her face, and nothing. It’s like she’s seeing but not really seeing and now I am spazzing the fuck out.

Panic throws my thoughts in every which direction. They fire expeditiously within my head—one not completely finished before another takes its place and I just don’t know what the fuck to do. There is not one single soul left in this house that could help her and I am currently not equipped to handle such a task given my level of terrified anxiety.

I can’t fucking think.

But just when I’ve lost all hope, I hear the door slam downstairs. “THERON,” he yells for me, urgently... gravely.

I know that voice.

“DeLoren?!” Relief is a short fucking feeling and I am not even sure it is ever actually true to its definition but I think I feel a bit of it, “DeLoren! Help!”

I run to the door, intent on flinging it open but I am not fast enough. DeLoren comes crashing through it, a human wrecking ball in his own right. His face shows the exact same panic I currently feel and I don’t know why that comforts me, but it does. Misery loves company and all the jazz. His bulging eyes immediately land on me and a sudden grimace crosses his face. He flails backward as if he was just hit by a force of a thousand tons. “Dude,” he quickly turns his back to me, “what the fuck, man! Cover that shit up!”

My nakedness is really the least of my worries right now but whatever takes his attention off me and transfers it to Lina then so be it. “NOT ME,” I roar as I snatch a pillow from off the bed placing it over my now severely petrified dick, ”Her! Help her, you idiot!”

DeLoren finally notices Lina, on her knees and staring off into space. The blood from her neck has seemly stopped flowing from her wound but the whole left side of her body is coated in damp crimson streams. “Oh shit,” he cries out. He rips a blanket from the bed and wraps it securely around her shoulders. His eyes scan her face. His hands cup her cheeks... and yet she never even mildly flinches.

“You marked her?!” His incredulously accusing tone simultaneously angers and confuses me. What the fuck does he mean I marked her?

“M-m-marked her? No! I fucking bit her! DeLoren, there’s something wrong with me! This thing... inside me... I can’t—can’t control it and—”

“Bro, it’s just Veritas,” he waves his hand carelessly, all acute hysteria thoroughly diminished. “She’s okay, it’s just going to take some time to run its course.”

“I’m sorry,” I shake my head, puzzled, “Vera what? What the fuck is that? And where are the others? I thought you guys were all gone.”

“Veritas. It means Truth. You just marked Lina as your mate so now your whole life is being replayed through her head. And they’re still at the restaurant but you sounded fucking frazzled so I knew it must be bad.”

Is the room spinning?

I feel like the room is spinning...


Just my head?

Alrighty then.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa,” I put my hands up in submission because I don’t understand what the fuck he is even talking about at this point. My brain refuses to process whatever the hell is happening, “I didn’t talk to you...”

“You did,” he taps my forehead with his index finger, “here. You called for me.”

“I... you... wait. I called for you in my head? Are you fucking kidding me right now?”

“No. It’s referred to as a mind link. Obviously, you didn’t consciously use it, but it happened all the same,” he shrugs his shoulders, now very much indifferent to the perplexity I am currently sinking under.

His expression turns soft and he sighs, “It’s going to be okay, T. Really. Lina will be fine... but you’re over two thousand years old so she’s gonna be like this for a while. If you’ll put some fucking clothes on, I’ll tell you everything.”

His words jolt me, rattling my already spastic mind and sending me further underneath the intense riptide of the maelstrom, “I’m how old?!”

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