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The moonlight shines through the trees, spotlighting Theron’s naked chest.

His abdominals move and flex with the rocking of my hips. Sweat creates a thin sheen on his flawless skin and I do not fight the urge to scrape my nails down it.

He fills me, the pain quickly turning into ecstasy as my greedy pussy loosens to accommodate his girthy length. I grind my clit into his pelvic bone, increasing the pace as the need for release becomes more and more unbearable.

His colorful eyes are hooded in a sultry gaze, his open mouth pants out my name in sensual moans, “Oh shit, Lina.” His hips buck to fuck me deeper. I lean back, hands on his thighs so he can get a full view of the woman riding his cock.

The breeze blows gently against my tits, the cool sensation threatening to send me over the edge.

The pressure within me builds higher and higher.

Theron squeezes my hips, pulling and pushing me faster.


His fingertips dig into my skin as my body rolls against him, the movement becoming more erratic. I feel the tightening in my stomach, the flush that explodes across my chest, perking my nipples, and I can’t form words enough to warn him. “Fuck,” he draws out a long, breathy groan as my walls clench around him, rippling and spasming in carnal need. The coil snaps and the dam breaks, my euphoria washing over him wave after wave. My back arches to meet the heat that surges through me.

But he is done with me.

Quickly, swiftly and without prior notice, I am on my back, riding out the remnants of my orgasm.

My legs dangle from his shoulders as he impales me, rutting me fervently. The sounds of my wetness echo throughout the forest, his balls slapping against my ass that juts forward to meet every ramming push of his delicious cock. My cries of pleasure mix with the beat of our union as he assaults my cervix repeatedly, our melody rising in crescendo.

His breathing is heavy, his chest rising and falling with every snarling growl. His brows lift with lustful intent and his mouth goes slack as his eyes connect with mine.

He plunges himself into me, erupting.

His movements are short and wild with every spurt of his cock—his hot seed filling me up.

And as he comes off his sexual high, he slams into me once—the surprising movement startling and sending a dull pain through my already sore and aching pussy—then again, twice, pushing his cum further inside me for good measure.

Theron spreads my legs, wrapping them around his waist. He leans into me, crashing his lips against mine. The loud inhaling and exhaling from our noses fan across my face making me gasp for air. No time is wasted locating the entrance to my mouth; his tongue caressing my own while still buried deep within my throbbing cunt.

I would love to stay like this forever but I know it isn’t possible.

He pouts as I break away from him and I feel the same pain... but something is weighing on me—something I need to get off my chest.

I have to say this.

I have to tell him.

Pushing the sweaty hair away from his forehead, my hands cup his face tenderly. “I love you,” I whisper, the spoken words relieving the pressure from my shoulders.

I have always loved him.

I have always been in love with him.

And now, it’s time he knows.

It’s time he understands that I cannot breathe without him.

I cannot live in a world in which he is not right beside me... Goddess knows I tried.

A shadow of a smile plays across his lips, stretching and widening with the lighting of his beautiful eyes. “I love you too, Lina...” he grins, “I love you so much—you don’t even know.”

His kiss is softer this time, slower and more tender. Theron wraps his arms around me. Rolling me onto his chest, he runs his fingers through my hair. “Hey,” he pauses, as if a thought suddenly just occurred to him, “are you ever going to change this back to blonde?”

I eye him deviously, “Why? Rather fuck a blonde?”

With a roll of his eyes he snickers, “Yes. My preference is to pull lighter colored hair when I’m fucking. Makes a huge difference in the intensity of the orgasm.”

I ignore his sarcasm, “I like my hair.”

“I like your hair too. Don’t think for one second I didn’t notice the similarities between your head and my fur.” He focuses on a loose strand, pushing it behind my ear, “But you were blonde when I first met you... you were blonde when I first made love to you and you were blonde when I first realized I was in love with you. Blonde is my favorite color.”

I’ll consider changing it back but not immediately. I like this tint. A lot. And no one can sway me to think any differently. Still, I sigh, “We’ll see.” I lay my head on his chest, his heart thumps steadily, soothing my soul and relaxing my body.

Since the topic of hair color was brought up, I feel the need to ask, “Theron... do we need to worry about the little love triangle that presented itself today?”

He knows I am talking about Theon.

The way my son leaned forward, a cocky grin on his face as he introduced his new, adult form to Keeley. And by the way he bit his bottom lip, I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that I was wrong about his attraction solely to her hair. Keeley gasped with bulging eyes, ”Theon?”

This interaction did not sit well with DeLoren, obviously. His black eyes narrowed in on Theo as he let loose a vicious warning growl to stay away from what he deemed his.

I also know that the slap to the back of the head I gave my son did nothing to quell his desire.

I am worried about the tension.

Theon is my child.

DeLoren is my good friend. Though he has no rights to Keeley, he has spent a considerable amount of time attempting to court her.

Theron only laughs, carelessly, “No.”

“But what if they get into it?”

“Then DeLoren will kick his ass and it will be a lesson learned,” he chuckles as if any of this is humorous. I raise my head, a single eyebrow lifted in dubious uncertainty.

I don’t like that response...

Now it’s Theron’s turn to sigh, “He may be grown, Lina, but in many ways, he’s still a child. The male brain doesn’t actually mature until age twenty-five—longer if you survey any woman out there. He has a ways to go, yet. If he needs to learn things the hard way, then so be it. On the other hand... Keeley needs to take a stance.”

Immediately insulted and overprotective of the only female friend I have, my wolf growls, “What are you trying to say?” Theron is walking a thin line here, he needs to tread carefully.

“Come on Lina,” he gives me a flat look, “It isn’t as if Keeley has rejected DeLoren. She also hasn’t accepted him either. If you don’t want any drama then she needs to make a decision. She can’t keep stringing him along... and if she is not interested in Theon, she needs to make that clear as well. Keeley is the only common denominator here—all the power resides with her. If you want to keep the peace, talk with her.”

I want to argue... but I can’t.

For two years now she has kept DeLoren at arm’s length, only occasionally dipping her toe over the line but never fully telling him ′no.′ Unfortunately, Theron is right. It isn’t fair and Keeley needs to sack the fuck up.

His eyes connect with mine, the brown of his irises lure me in, tempting me to lose myself and all that I am. But his change in topic halts any further thoughts, “I want to adopt Bug.”

I would be lying if I said I was surprised to hear this... something else the last few hours have revealed. The memory is still very fresh.

“Welp, B.G., Imma head out.”

Theron’s face drops, “You’re leaving?” He scanned her eyes before pinching his brows in confusion, “Why?”

“You found your home, ya don’t need me anymore. You have your family back now,” Bug’s casual shrug is too forced.

Hurt flashed momentarily across Theron’s face—it was quickly covered up by cold resolve. His jaw ticked and his adam apple bobbed before he granted her an affirmative nod.... and I can’t stand it.

I won’t tolerate it.

His suffering is now my own.

I don’t know her backstory but I do know all that they went through together, courtesy of Veritas. I also know he cares for her deeply so if he won’t object to her leaving then I will.

“Bug,” I crouched before her and grabbed her tiny hands, “you are part of this family too. This is your home as well... you know that don’t you?” She squinted her caramel eyes at me, aiming to become a human lie detector. Surveying the room, she studied all of our faces in scrutiny of our honesty. She was trying to determine if anyone objected.

No one did.

In fact, they all agreed—Marius, DeLoren, Kai, Anthony, Keeley, Rhys, and Theon. They nodded in earnest, cheering for Bug to stay.

The kid is kind of hard not to like.

“Fine,” she sighed, “I’ll stay.” She points one finger in the air, “But only for Marius—this place is a little too whitewashed. Hate to leave him lonely.”

Bug squealed as Theon scooped her up in a tight bear hug, “Welcome home, sis... now, we need to discuss our rooming situation...”

I smile at the thought, “I would love that, Theron. Truly.”

“It’s a far cry from twenty thousand kids, but it’s a good start,” he quips, a cunning smirk upon his gorgeous face.

I’m sorry... Did he just say twenty thousand?

Twenty thousand kids?!

No fucking thank you!

He cackles at the horror that has crossed my features, mind linking me a mental image of a six-year-old girl who had an overactive imagination.

I clapped my hands, excitement widening my eyes and lifting my tiny brows, “Oh! And one day—one day, she turned into a girl! They fell in love and had twenty thousand kids!”

I flopped on the ground, thoroughly embarrassed by my younger self. I can feel the heat on my cheeks as I cover my eyes in shame. “You remember that?” I asked him, incredulously.

I didn’t even remember that!

Theron removes my hand slowly, but firmly, hovering over me. The intensity of his gaze steals the breath from my lungs. His eyes connect with mine before falling to my lips. He pushes another memory into my head, “You’re like the flower and I’m like the prince! Someday, you’ll turn into a boy and we will fall in love and live happily ever after!”

“I remember everything,” he says slowly, his voice gruff with desire and I do not think I could ever love this man any more than I do at this very moment.

“Smart girl,” I mumble as he lowers his mouth to mine.

“Indeed,” he murmurs.

Theron’s lips capture mine, his hand slipping between my legs. With a gentle push, two fingers move languorously between my folds—a promise that this night has yet to end.

And we have eternity to make up for two years of lost time—happily ever after.

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