Strange Eyes

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I found myself wrapped in a blanket, sitting with Sam by a fire.

We had clothed ourselves. Sam and I were alone. The others were talking with other members of the tribe. I felt at ease, and yet, I felt as though I were intruding on some unknown presence. I was a simple guest in such a place of magic.

The house was simple. It was not extravagant. It didn’t exhibit any particular wealth. But there was something about it, as with Halona’s house, that exuded a certain peace that people spend their whole lives trying to grasp.

Somehow, it felt like home.

Sam was being cautious. I could sense his anxiousness. The gravity of the situation. I was careful of him. I felt him tracing circles along my hand as the orange light glowed around us. Adonis and the shaman had left the room to speak with one another. Halona would be arriving very soon.

All we could do was wait.

I studied Sam’s strong profile. The edges of his cheekbones. The strength of his lips. His eyes. His nose. My Sam. I thought of the horrible story of his upbringing, and I felt myself tense. I didn’t want to think of what could have happened on that horrible night when he Changed.

Sam, sensing my discomfort, looked over at me. He seemed to be coming out of a spell. “Are you alright?” His voice was deep. Filled with caring. I nodded my head, giving him a simple smile. My lips were closed. Sam didn’t look assured, but he didn’t speak. His gaze lingered. Without a word, he reached over and grazed my lower lip with his thumb.

“You’ve done well.” He said. I felt the slow blush of warmth rise up in me at his meaningful words. “Thank you.” I whispered, leaning into him as his hand lowered from my face. I felt the strength of his sturdy shoulder beneath my cheek. The warmth of the fire seeped into my back. We settled into our own quietness. Our own togetherness.

I closed my eyes, wishing that the moment would extend on forever and ever.

But, sadly, some things simply can’t be fulfilled. No matter how much you wish for them.

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