The Silhouette Citadel

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Chapter 09

The next two days passed without any incidents. The whole kingdom was rejoicing. They were all looking forward to the coronation.

The day before the coronation turned the table. The events began early morning when Papoa along with the twelve Star keepers marched to the court. They had with them two new figures wearing long flowing cloaks and their faces were covered with layers of thick unusual clothing.

The crowd marched straight up to the Queen. "Your Majesty, your sister is alive." Papoa unveiled the first hooded figure and there was someone who looked like Diadora but wasn't actually her. Her beautiful face was all gone. She looked old and tired.

Servillah's face was drained of colour, she looked like a ghost. Her pale skin paler. She tried to speak but no words came out. The councilmen were all shocked. They didn't know what to do. The only question they had was who was the second figure?

Papoa sensed the tension in the court and unveiled the second figure. He was Opaque. The council members were all in shock they started their usual rabble. In his arms, he was holding a small parcel. Which seemed like a baby.

"No, it can't be." Finally, words came out of servillahs mouth. "It is." Her sister replied. "This is Henry Bundy. And our child, Tanya."
"Our??? Where have you been all this time? Our father died worried about you."
Then the realization hit her. She was so overwhelmed, tired, and hungry she fainted.
Everyone ran to her aid. "No," Servillah warned Henry from coming anywhere close to her sister. She didn't have a rational reason but she hated both him and the tiny being he held in his hand.
The ethereals assisted Diadora and she was made comfortable. Throughout the whole scene, Servillah stayed close to her sister. She was worried and didn't want to lose the only family she had.

By dusk, Diadora came back to her senses. The first thing she asked was, "where's Tanya and Henry?" Servillah was greatly hurt. She said she would send for them and left the room.

She then asked, Deranger and Zukor to her room, Kruger was there on the table busy with something shiny. She didn't want to disturb him.

Soon all four of them were deep in discussion. Finally, they understood that they would only get answers to the questions from Diadora herself or from the opaque. Neither of them was able to call Henry her husband.

After a long session of convincing the queen, Henry was sent for. There were four chairs around the table in which they were sitting. Kruger was sitting on the table, but servillah made him sit on the fourth chair. "The Opaque will stand." Others didn't argue. They didn't want the Opaque to sit as equals with them.

Henry finally came into the Queen's s room. "I want to know everything that happened."
"Everything? Do you mean you didn't know she was coming with me?" Henry asked.
Servillah didn't have an answer to the question. Her throat dried up.
"You don't have the right to question the Queen Opaque." Kruger snapped, sensing the queen's discomfort.
"Relax, I'll start the story from the beginning. I don't think you know that Diadora has been to Opaque Town more often than she has been to see your mother's grave."
This was new news to Servillah herself. She was shocked by the revelation.
"Go on" she waved to Henry to continue. She was disappointed and scared of all the other revelations Henry was going to make. What worried her most was that the next day was the Eclipse. And here she was handling a case which questioned her authority. She began to hare her sister, she had reasons to justify the killing of Thibaut and Delia.

"Did you tell Papoa everything that happened?" She asked.
"Well actually, we only told him that we needed help to reach the kingdom. He was more than glad to help. He bought us here. On our way here, he told us that you usurped the throne from Diadora, and because of that the star was losing its light."
" that pathetic being should be killed, " Deranger sprang to his feet pulling out his sword. Servillah stopped him, "patience, general. We have bigger problems to deal with. Opaque, go on we don't have all day. Start your story."

Henry Bundy then began his story.

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