The Silhouette Citadel

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Chapter 10

Henry Bundy stood before four pairs of interrogating eyes. He felt so uncomfortable. But he knew he needed their help, so he started relating his story.
"My name is Henry Bundy, and I live in 37th Street Highway Town Kandy."
"You are not from Opaque Town?" Zukor asked, confused.
"Kandy is what we call it. Maybe you call it something else."
"Focus Opaque." Servillah's stern voice sent shivers down his spine.
"My family and friends cultivated crops sold them and made a living, One Day our crops were destroyed by a great flood. My father didn't know what to do. They were in despair, the next day my mother learned that my father had been borrowing money from a Moneylender, he was at the door the next day. Unable to pay back the money, he sold my parents to a person called Cecil Ramon, he took them to a different place, where people had to do nothing else but work the whole day. My mother was then pregnant.......
" Opaque when I said from the beginning, I meant from where my sister met you, "
It was evident that Servillah was beginning to lose her temper and that definitely wasn't a good sign.
"Right, It was like every other day I was walking home after my shift at the factory, I saw a beautiful girl sitting at the entrance of a cave, admiring the ornaments we put there to stop the evil spirits from kidnapping young people who go near the cave alone. She was so beautiful that I didn't want her to be taken away."

Kruger began to laugh. He knew the girl Henry saw was Diadora an ethereal kidnapping one of their own especially the princess was a completely ridiculous idea. No doubt the Opaques were a completely insane set of creatures. He laughed a little too loud in contrast to the deadly silence. Henry was a bit annoyed, no one cared, they were all busy admiring the house-elf's laughter. Servillah was enjoying her pet laugh immediately her mood changed.
Kruger was beaming that he managed to change his queen's mind and put her to peace.

Sensing that Henry had stopped his story, Zukor asked him to continue.
"I walked to her, she was the most beautiful being I had seen she was nothing like us she was a goddess. I walked to her she sensed that I was near she ran into the cave. I called out to her to not go there but she didn't listen. For days I couldn't sleep her face kept me awake, what a pity for such a beauty to go to waste.
I soon had other things, to worry about than to go sleepless over some charming beauty we were informed that we had to work double the shift for the same price. Things were getting annoying I questioned my father every day as to why we had to work so much and why to undergo so much suffering from the Mahathayo. (Slave drivers)
I kept telling him we had to do something it wasn't right for us to suffer while the Mahathayo exploited our hard work.
I gathered my friends made them believe that life would be easy if we became masters. I had a few friends with whom we learned combatting. My small circle grew big eventually there were three hundred people ready for a rebellion. All we believed in was.
We selected a date, we planned everything precisely. No room for mistake. We decided that a night attack would be perfect for the Mahathayo would be most vulnerable then.
We had a month's time to get everything ready for the revolt. The arms the food and we even built an underground network connecting all the huts in the community, ...."
"Long story short please." Deranger who was silently listening to the story became impatient.

Just then, a messenger came with a message to the Queen,
"Your Highness, your sister wishes to see you, "
Servillah left the room immediately without a question.

Diadora looked better than she had been, she smiled at her sister, "Hey "
An awkward "Hi." From Servillah.
"Kiennel looks so different from how I remember it." Servillah smiled with her lips. They remained silent until the nurse, who was in the room busy arranging a tray of different colored vials. The moment she left the looks on the sisters' faces changed completely. No more pretending to be concerned.

Diadora was burning her sister with her looks. "Where is My Thibaut? What did you do to him?"

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