The Silhouette Citadel

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Chapter 11

Servillah didn't answer her sister's questions she simply didn't care about her. She walked back to her room to continue what she left halfway through. As soon as the Queen settled down, Henry began relating her story. The revolt had been a failure,

"The darkness was the only friend I could turn to the only one I could trust for, every one else was playing games with me lying to me about everything I had been believing so far.
In the far corner of the Forbidden Land, I sat on a dead stump and thought............
About my life and what I had done, to bring my life into a halting stop with no living creature to talk to.
I alone could answer the questions in my head I was the reason my parents had been brutally killed. I killed my friends and my clan
All out of mad ambition and unrelenting bravery which was my only flaw.

Many a day I had asked my father about why they were nothing better than workers. The only answer I got, "this is the law of nature my boy and no one can change it. If one attempts it, he shall lose everything he loves."
These words rang in my ears louder than I had expected. My father's words had come true. It was the end. For me and everything I ever knew.
In the distance I heard thunder rumbling, winter was almost there and I was with no home to take shelter to. No mother to comfort me just cold and chilblains.

I knew I couldn't stay there forever. I had to go away, but where? I couldn't even think of going home for home had been destroyed right before my eyes.

A month to the day I had thought that I would be the savior of my people that he would save them from misery. To make it worse they'd believed in me too. But all had gone wrong I had been drunk with anxiety. Struck at the wrong time. And everything ended disastrously.
The dead were fortunate, for the living each day was a nightmare.
I had to save them, but I couldn't do the same mistake the second time.
I was going to fight for my people. I knew it. But how? Was yet a question. I walked a few yards deeper into the Forbidden Land. There on a rock, I saw the same beautiful face I saw long ago. She was crying and her clothes all torn. It was evident someone tried to hurt her. I walked to her, put my hand on her shoulder, her next reflex was to hold my neck.
"I come in peace, I don't want to hurt you."
She looked at me curiously she read my face for some time without releasing her grip on my neck.
"What are you doing here in Kennel?"
I told her everything, she was moved by my pathetic story. "I'm lost too. We can find something together. "
We built a sturdy treehouse on the tallest tree we could find, we made it as comfortable as possible.
We then got to know each other. When everything was done, we spent the first winter night on the treehouse."
"An opaque was in the mountains and we didn't even know it," Zukor commented. The others nodded in disgust.
"How long were you in Kiennel?" Servillah asked she sounded so impatient
"We stayed in the treehouse for the night, and then when it was morning your sister tried to attack me. I had to strike her back."
All of the listeners' eyes grew big," it was self-defense!" Henry shrugged his shoulders.
"She then suddenly calmed down and told me she hadn't eaten anything in days, and I offered whatever rations I had, she then explained that you live on Shadows, and I understood her sudden attack, can't blame her, we had to think of alternatives, she might attack anytime she was becoming unpredictable. I then realized, even have shadows too, and then I took her to my town, and we extracted the Opaque Essence from whatever, ruins that were left."

Just then, a maid came running, "your Majesty, The Princess! She's on the podium, "
Without a second thought, the Five ran towards the balcony, Diadora was standing on the podium with her baby in her hands she was addressing an empty crowd.
Henry couldn't bear to see Diadora and he knew how unpredictable she was, he wanted to protect his baby, so he ran towards her.
Servillah turned towards the nurse who was standing by her side,
" What is happening? Why isn't she in bed?"
"Your Majesty your sister has had a long and tiring time, whatever she lived on hadn't been good for her, she seems delusional, "
"She has been living on Essence extracted from, Animals and other thing."
"Our bodies can function only on Opaque essence. I'll do whatever I can to save her."

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