The Silhouette Citadel

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Chapter 12

The guards and the nurses somehow put Diadora in bed, Henry was not allowed to see her. He was locked up in the room spotted for him and his child. Servillah was thinking about where she wanted him to end up. In the dungeon or to send him back to Opaque Town.

The fateful day dawned but since there was no coronation everything was eerily silent.
Servillah paid her sister a visit occasionally, She then sent for Papoa, She wanted answers,
She was in the Royal study with Kruger on the other end, busy reading a book. He was so occupied in the task at hand that he didn't notice the Queen looking at him with, she was thankful that she had him by her side no matter how hard times were.

She then dazed off to the good times when she and Thibaut used to read together, they loved the old books about how the Ethereals defeated the Opaques in a War, the glorious War of Degono, it was in that war many capable soldiers lost their lives, including Thibaut's and Dranger's father Kimgod.
Both Servillah and Thibaut had similar tastes both loved to fight and only satisfied with the complete destruction of the enemy, most of their discussions were how to wage war and how to win it.

Over the years Servillah and Thibaut were the talk of the town, everyone thought they would end up getting married. Even the high king hinted it several times, all these times though Servillah wanted it to come true, she remained silent because Thibaut hadn't even proposed her.

She still hoped that Thibaut had feelings for her and was waiting for the right moment. She was happy with her thoughts, a prospect of marrying the one she loved, settling down to rule the kingdom, even though it sounded weird Servillah was happy to take up the responsibility.
That very day, she was destroyed, she got to know that her sister and Thibaut had been in love, she saw him from her balcony, proposing to Diadora, how happy they were,
Servillah couldn't breathe. She felt pain all over her body,
She didn't want to cry, she had to be strong, and she will be.

Sometime later Thibaut came into her chamber probably to announce his engagement, Servillah couldn't stay strong anymore, "Thibaut I have loved you since I first saw you, "
Thibaut was shocked to learn about this, he tried to calm her down, "you are my best friend, but what Diadora and I have is different."
"I am better than her in every way, I will soon be Queen, and you can be the king of Kiennel" Servillah pleaded her eyes full of tears,
"That's the reason I don't want to marry you, I would become the King, but what is great about it? I am the general of the army I lead men to war, I decide when to fight, and when to retreat I am my own master."
Servillah was so upset she began to cry, she cried for a long time, for the intensity of being betrayed was far too deep.

Then she understood that the only person suffering was her, and the others were happy, she then decided to seek revenge, she will make them suffer as she did.
She was just standing in front of the mirror when a maid informed her that the High King wished to talk to her, she set her hair straightened her dress smiled at her reflection, the days of those who wronged her were ending and she was going to pay them for the misery they caused.

The King wanted both of his daughters to try for the throne, Servillah knew better, she handed over her right to become Queen to her sister, Thibaut didn't want to be king, so he chose Diadora, but now he didn't have a choice, she laughed to herself about the absurdity of Love.

Thibaut came to see Servillah the very evening, he knew that she had handed over the throne because he didn't want to be King. Now he didn't have a choice, " I know why you did this, I would not change my mind. I will marry Diadora and her alone."
"Relax General or should I say, King?" The tone of her voice explained that she was mocking him.
Thibaut walked out of the room, with contempt and that was the last time she saw him, alive.

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