The Silhouette Citadel

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Chapter 13

Zukor and Deranger joined Servillah in the study with bad news, Henry had escaped, with his child. "He must be in the forest, no one crossed the light bridge, " Deranger informed.
"Zukor, I want to become the Queen, and that should happen today."
"Since Diadora is here we only need her approval, with that you will have the crown."
Kruger jumped on the table with a book bigger than him." or there's a possibility to transfer the right. In the case of Queen /king being unable to pronounce the next ruler, the Transformation of Oaths can take place."
"Kruger you are very helpful. "
Dranger praised him.
Zukor took the book and read the article, "it is possible. But we need an opaque, to speed up the process. "
"We have them in the dungeon." Dranger informed.
"Let's get started then."
Zukor then set about arranging the place, he asked for many objects and asked for his associates.
It was Dranger's duty to bring Diadora and Kruger went to the dungeon to get an Opaque.

Soon everything was set, and the Transformation of Oaths happened in due course.
The two sisters were made to lie down on the floor with markings around them, between them, was an Opaque.
"The intensity of the Oath will be reduced by the Opaque. So that you will have no problem in bearing it. After the Transformation, you will feel heavy, but it will soon be gone, "
Zukor explained, Servillah nodded inn agreement, she laid down in her position. And the Transformation of Oaths began.
Zukor and his associates sat around them in a perfect circle and began chanting spells. Diadora began to levitate, the weight of the Oath was the one holding her to the ground, with it gone she was light.
The Oath, then went into the opaque, he wiggled like a fish out of water, he suffered, he moaned he wasn't strong enough to hold the Oath.
So it found it's way into Servillah's body.
She wiggled a little and was alright,
She then opened her eyes slowly, she felt different, she was strong, she slowly tried to stand up, she couldn't feel her limbs.
Slowly she tried and soon she was strong enough to feel her limbs, she stood up.
Everyone around her looked at her in awe, she was like an Angel from Heaven, light radiating from her skin added to her majestic appearance.

Without a word, she walked, to the Royal Treasure Chamber. In the far corner, there it was,
The Crown of the High Queen. She breathed a breath of supremacy, she couldn't believe it herself, Servillah Montcroix was now the High Queen of Kiennel. She enjoyed every second of it. She walked to the crown looked at how magnificent it was and it will suit her head.

She wore the crown and enjoyed the feeling of Royalty. She walked out of the treasure room straight to the balcony. To address the people of Kiennel they had to meet their new Queen.
She walked to the balcony, the crowd beneath was in shock, they didn't know what to do.
But for sure they knew, Kiennel never had another more majestic High Queen in it's history.

The End

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