The Silhouette Citadel

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The Kingdom of Kiennel has seen many things. From prosperity to droughts, but never even once has the kingdom lost it's radiance. One wrong move will cost the Ethereals a price they never dreamed of paying

Fantasy / Romance
Aamina Zaid
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Beginning is easy but the ending?

The darkness was the only friend he could turn to the only one he could blindly trust for everyone else was playing games with him lying to him about everything he had been believing so far.
In the far corner of the Forbidden Land he sat on a dead stump and thought............
About his life and what he had done to bring his life into a halting stop with no living creature to talk to .
He alone could answer the questions in his head he was the reason his parents had been brutally killed. He killed his friends and his clan
All out of mad ambition and unrelenting bravery which was his only flaw.

Many a day he had asked his father about why they were nothing better than workers. The only answer he got,"this is the law of nature my boy and no one can Change it. If one attempts it, he shall lose everything he loves."
These words rang in his ears louder than he had expected. His father's words had come true. It was the end. For him and everything he ever knew.
In the distance he heard thunder rumbling, winter was almost there and he was with no home to take shelter to. No mother to comfort him just cold and chilblains.

He knew he couldn't stay there forever. He had to go away, but where? He couldn't even think of going home for home had been destroyed right before his eyes.

A week to the day he had thought that he would be the saviour of his people that he would save them from misery. To make it worse they'd believed in him too. But all had gone wrong he had been drunk with anxiety. Struck at the wrong time. And everything ended disastrous.
The dead were fortunate, for the living each day was a nightmare.
He had to save them, but he couldn't do the same mistake the second time.
He was going to fight for his people. He knew it. But how? Was yet a question.

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