The Silhouette Citadel

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It was the most brilliant sight any mortal eye had seen, the sun rising through the snow capped mountains. A lovely scene for a poet to compose an irresistible love poem.
Everyone at the kingdom of Kiennel was outside enjoying the divine scene. For them, sunlight meant many things. Their strength, Source of life and a new identity.
The people of Kiennel were Ethereals beings who lived in the light and fed on the shadows.
Their main source of life was the shadows of the Opaques.

Once in every blue moon the regular ritual of Opaque Essence Extraction took place. It was the most special event for all the Ethereals, from commoners to royals.
For every Extraction, the king and his two daughters would always be there. The presence of their king gave the people a sense of security and comfort.
Because they believed in an ancient myth that an extraction shall take place without their high king or queen ,that day would mark the beginning of their end.

The Traditional Opaque Essence Extraction usually began with the rising of the sun. The extraction took place on the plain of Sewkin. The plain closest to the Light Bridge connecting Opaque Town. The Extraction ended with the sunset and often followed by festivities if the yield was better than last time. If the result was not as expected the Ethereals a superstitious lot would call for a sacrifice. To Peace their goddess Berring.

As usual the Opaques were marched into the plain with chains around them lest they should try to escape. They were slowly positioned to face the sun and then the Extraction starts as the sun's rays touch the Opaques and form Shadows.
Shadows extraction was indeed a painful task. No Opaque has been heard of surviving the Extraction. Because with their shadows removed they were no longer Opaque, which allowed light to penetrate through them. Imagine concentrated sun's rays and the power it possesses, no wonder these Opaques have no chance against Light.

The essence thus extracted were served to the Ethereals. Excess essence was stored in barrels and sold in auctions. The rich Ethereals bought the excess essence and stored them in their vaults and earned huge profits during winter when the sun didn't regularly shine.

The high king Featherstone Montcroix was a fair and just ruler for whom duty for his people came first. It was during winter he became the saviour of his people. He saw that everyone in his kingdom was fed and safe.
His two daughters were the loveliest ladies alive, the oldest Servillah Montcroix was ambitious and strong with long golden hair that matched her pale skin. She always wore her favourite Heartstring amulet which she believed gave her unmatching power. Her unwavering loyalty to the throne was often dangerous because of her wild temper and rage. She would do anything to fulfill the command of the throne. The wars she led were always brutal, but everyone knew she wouldn't accept victory until her enemies are completely destroyed. She had around her most trusted group of soldiers, who called themselves the 'Valiants'. They were the bravest soldiers ever lived. Her priced jewel was her General Thibaut the Guardian who was awarded the honorary Red Ribbon for Bravery and persistence. He possesses equal proportions of brains and good looks. The dream for many Kiennel girls.

While her sister Diadora Montcroix was one with the people. She worked with her heart, her long brown hair and healthy tanned skin reflected the happiness of the kingdom. Her ambition was to be a just ruler to her people. She was victorious in battles and wise in peace her father often looked up to her for advice in politics because she knew how to think like a commoner which her sister lacked.

Together with brains and power the kingdom of Kiennel thrived and grew in power among all the neighbouring kingdoms. The Peace Crest the most coveted ornament which was the symbol of authority of the nine kingdoms was handed to king Featherstone as a symbol of submission by the other eight kingdoms. This was an achievement far greater than anyone can ever imagine from that day onwards the royal emblem of Kiennel was the the Peace Crest and the sword of Krieger with which the battles were believed to be won became the liberator of Kiennel.

The minotaurs worked day and night in the furnace inventing new and undefeatable weapons. While the dwarves were mainly responsible for the Opaque Essence Extraction and Storage.

The whole kingdom was happy and uneventful. Everywhere there were smiles and laughter. No one had pessimistic thoughts within a mile of them.
Such was the lifestyle of the Ethereals who were so perfect and prosperous. With their abundance in everything including Opaque Essence to a peaceful state in all respects.

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