The Silhouette Citadel

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Chapter 01

The sun rose and set so did the moon. Everything happened like clockwork. The people of Kiennel couldn't have seen better days because everything they wished for was there before them.

Their enemies waited patiently for their opportunity to strike because if anything did go wrong the price they would have to pay would be more than anything they can even imagine. For they had for at least once in their lives have experienced the rage of the Princess Servillah and her mighty sword of Kreiger, forged for her especially by the minotaurs.

The king who had lived upto a ripe old age thought it was necessary for his two daughters to be ready to take care of the people of Kiennel following his death.
So one day he summoned his daughters to his chambers and told about how important it was for them to be prepared. To be crowned as the next ruler.
He began with their proud ancestry. The king always thought that if the proud story of their ancestors weren't passed down they would be forgotten.
"The kingdom of Kiennel was not built within a day the ancient kings and queens worked hard every day of their lives my father and his father swore their lives to the throne and lived all their lives being the great king they were. I my dears have seen many wars, peace and conspiracies.
From the moment you were born to this day never for once have I resented for not having a son.
My dears, as the king of Kiennel. I'm the happiest. But as a father I'm the one who is most worried. The kings of the past named their heirs the day they were born and the heir was given the necessary training to be a great king. In my story I should thank the immortal gods for blessing me with two daughters who are far efficient than any sons. But my dears, I'm afraid I'm growing old with every new moon. And I can't think how many New Moons I shall see. Before I die I want to assured that you two would be able to protect yourselves and the kingdom. Servillah you are the most bravest soldier in the battlefield and the enemies are afraid to attack us because of you. The sword of Krieger in your hands makes you no less than Almighty Peace herself. But, my dear, as a Queen you must be able to balance both war and diplomacy. I cannot select one of you. For you have both sworn eternal loyalty to the throne of Kiennel. As tradition only one of you shall be crowned as Queen and that too by the next eclipse.
I want the two of you to take up training in politics ,warfare , diplomacy and of course the voice of the people. The one who makes me believe that she is in deed the right choice shall be crowned the Queen of Kiennel in the next Eclipse. My dears you have one year to achieve your ultimate goal. Bear it well. And may the immortal goddess who blessed me and your mother bless you as well."

Within the two princesses there was something that was changing. They felt strange, they felt important. Since they had been born they had been told that they held equal chances for the crown but now to realize the truth that only the best would be able to become Queen. The two sat in silence for a while. Reliving every word their father had said. They had one chance to prove themselves. The one to use the opportunity wisely will win in the end. The most coveted crown and throne.

Servillah was the first to break the silence. She rose swiftly like a butterfly. Her long gown fluttering behind her. "My king, I have never worked with the intention of one day being crowned the Queen of Kiennel. Every war I've fought was with the sole intention of protecting Kiennel and her people from savages. Who wish for nothing except our downfall."
She then walked to the Sword of Krieger which was placed on an elegantly carved gold tripod along with the other crown jewels. She slowly took the sword and held it high above her head looked at it with love and admiration.
"My king my loyalty to the throne will always he unwavering. It is not the title or the crown that makes a Queen it's the people. If you ask for my opinion I would say that as Queen my sister is the best choice. Diadora knows the people and how politics work inside the country even you my king turn to her for advice why did you have a doubt in the first place?"
She then slowly and gently placed the sword back on the tripod looked at her sister who was standing at the corner not speaking a word. She smiled at her and then turned to the king.
"My dear I think you are wiser.
Diadora my child what do you have to say?"
Diadora spoke for the first time. "my king your decision is indeed the right one. If you think that I will be the right Queen for Kiennel so be it. Dear sister I think no one knows me better than you do and it is your decision to make me Queen, I shall live upto your promise."

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