The Silhouette Citadel

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Chapter 02

"How on earth can you just handover your right of becoming Queen?" Kruger the house elf and the pet of Servillah ranted on. He was furious when she related to him what had happened. He was a devoted follower of the princess and almost believed that she was the queen but now after knowing what she had done, he was throwing tantrums.

Servillah simply rolled her eyes and took no notice of her two feet tall house elf. "Kruger please be quiet I'm trying to think."
"Think? But your Majesty I cannot accept what you just did, how can you just hand over the kingdom, Your Kingdom to your sister?" Kruger asked climbing on the balcony railing overlooking the kingdom. Servillah looked at her house elf trying to make himself look big and important. She simply smiled, "Kruger, I can see more than what your simple brain can see, the beauty of my plans and I think it's better left that way you shouldn't stress yourself on things which you have no power to control." Just then General Thibaut walked in, "My Queen I bring grave news. Your sister is missing. Search operations are going on all over the kingdom but she couldn't be found the High King is worried."

Hurger jumped down from the railing, he rushed out of the room, he always hated Diadora for many reasons and now that she was gone he felt that he should use the opportunity to have some fun without any expense and who doesn't love a nice juicy piece of gossip.

Servillah didn't speak a word, she turned towards the mirror and began brushing her hair. General Thibaut, walked towards Servillah drew out his sword, he looked furious and would have killed her that very moment. "I know it was you who kidnapped her."

Servillah didn't respond she simply continued brushing her smooth golden cascade. "You're smarter than I thought, but not smart enough."
Before General Thibaut could understand what was happening he was on the floor cold and dead. Servillah slowly pulled out her dagger from inside Thibaut.
Snapped her fingers and two of her Valiants appeared before her.
" you know what to do."
And she turned to her chores she took out her mother's necklace on and wore it. An intricate hairdo and she was set. When she was done all trace of her dead general was gone.

She then walked to the furnace, where many minotaurs were huffing and puffing working on weapons. She tried each and every one of it. They were all preparing for battle, it was clear.

Servillah monitored the preparations without expressions. She climbed onto the pedestal which had been constructed by the High King Roujinng during his reign to make himself heard by all those working at the furnace.
The pedestal was made of gold but years of smoke and dust from the furnace made it look like it was made of black iron.
Servillah stood on top of it, the battle angel of Kiennel.
Her silent authority rang through every corner. Every head turned towards her direction, forgetting their job at hand.

"Tonight is the moment I've been waiting for my whole life. Soldiers it's time to fight for what we believe is our way of life."
She was followed by enthusiastic cheers from every minotaur. Battle cries.
On her signal, the battle horn was rung, the kingdom of Kiennel was preparing to fight.

Servillah walked out of that place content with what she had done. The moment she reached the staircase leading to her royal chamber, she was called by a Ethereal, "my queen, spare me a moment."
"Go on."
She was catching her breath evidently she had been running for quite some time.
"My queen I....I... I know where your sister is, she didn't run away she was kidnapped."
Servillah raised an eyebrow.
The Ethereal knew it was her cue to go on with her story.
"My queen I am Dealia, I work at the castle, my job is to take care of the castle's essence supply.
As usual I was on my way to the storage when I saw your sister being attacked and taken away."
The expression on Servillah's face was hard to read,
She snapped her fingers and two guards appeared momentarily,
"Dealia tell them the story and they will help you."

The young Delia saw light one last time.

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