The Silhouette Citadel

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Chapter 03

The High King of Kiennel was worried about his daughter who had been missing for more than a day he completely forsook his daily dose of opaque essence and he became weaker and weaker.
He called for his elder daughter but she wouldn't pay him a visit. She had been busy the whole day and according to a father who thought no ill will to neither of his daughters believed that she was worried sick about her sister.

Servillah was indeed busy not in retrieving her sister but in preparations for war.
She walked to her father's royal chamber every now and then didn't walk to him she simply stood by the door.
The maids thought that she was worried sick of her father and couldn't find the right words to comfort him. It was a good assumption, because they rarely disclosed to the king that she was there.
Visibly the High King began to lose his strength and within the course of the waxing and waning of the moon the king couldn't even lift a bobby pin.
He was weak but still refused to eat. The search party went all over the kingdom. But no one could find the lost princess. The Ethereals began to lose hope.
The king was no healthy anymore.

Servillah gradually took over the reins of ruling the kingdom. Her wise precision helped to extend frontiers.
And then finally the fateful day dawned. The High King of Kiennel breathed his last. The whole kingdom mourned for the loss, of their king and of their lost princess.
The day was not over yet, they were burdened with another tragedy.
They lost their General Thibaut. He was attacked ruthlessly.

The enemies! The enemies! Of the border, They kidnapped their princess, killed their general, tortured their king and drowned the Ethereals in eternal sadness. Everyone in the Kingdom wanted to avenge their enemies.

They didn't spend much time mourning the loss, they began their full preparations for war.

Servillah was leading the war as usual. The absence of Thibaut was not essentially felt because he was replaced by his brother, Deranger.
He proved himself worthy by his talent in war tactics and his acute sense of direction.
The Ethereals waged a surprise war on all their bordering kingdoms. Every victory was a confidence boost for them.

On the nineth day all the enemies were beyond defeated, their eight kingdoms destroyed, the survivors were destined to spend the rest of their lives as slaves.
The borders of Kiennel spread from the north of the snowy mountains to the southern coast. The Ethereals lives became even more perfect. No problem or worry can reach them. They lived a life full of carefree splendour. No enemies on the border. The dwarves in the cellar and the Minotaurs retired to the mountains, and promised to come back when ever the Ethereals needed their service.

The next years were full of prosperity, they didn't even have to extract any more Opaque Essence. They lived happily, their queen was the best.
With all her enemies defeated and the opposers disposed of, Servillah turned to politics, she ruled her kingdom far better than any king found in history.
Her house elf Kruger was her devoted slave, he never left her side and was there always at her bidding.

There was only two things in the world for which Kruger lived, one was for his queen and the other was his evening stroll in the royal garden. Even though Kruger was only a house elf Servillah did adore him a lot. He was given a seat in the court,much to the displeasure of the councilmen but none dared to speak against the queen.

Though Servillah was accepted as the Queen of the Ethereals, she was still not coronated properly.
The high priest Papoa read the stars one days, he sensed that something was wrong. So he told his queen, "my queen, I was reading the stars as usual but today I found a difference. "
Servillah knew what he was going to say. "my queen, out of the twelve ......"
"one is beginning to lose its light. "
Servillah breathed the words. "my queen, do you know what this means? "
"my sister is still alive."
"my queen, shouldn't we find her? Engage a search party, the rightful queen must sit on the throne before the Third Eclipse."
"Enough! Papoa I know what needs to be done. I will do it. "
Servillah stormed out of the room. The castle shook under her wrath. Was she angry? Or was she scared?

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