The Silhouette Citadel

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Chapter 04

The days that followed began to mark the decline of Kiennel. Servillah became an arrogant ruler, she killed whoever she thought was against her being the queen, despite knowing that her sister was still alive and she was doing nothing to find her.

What was one a wonderland now became worse than the underworld.
Servillah once a queen who was an epitome of success, was now a symbol of fear. She killed her subjects whom she thought was not to be trusted.
This gained her a lot of enemies within the courtroom.
Kruger was the only person she trusted, and he was given a lot of responsibilities. He was even made the head caretaker of the Opaque Essence Storage.

Many Ethereals hated this but they were far too scared to breathe a word.
They would rather hate in silence than suffer the wrath of their queen.

For Servillah, she had a lot of other responsibilities. The stars were losing their lights and it was not a good thing. She ordered a meeting with all of the kingdoms intellects, magicians and councilmen. It was a meeting of sorts.

The high priest convened the meeting. "The Star Drasty on the northern sky is losing its light." The revelation brought loud oohs from all over the meeting chamber. "it is a good sign too. It means princess Diadora is still alive. "
The whole meeting chamber was in chaos. Some argued that Servillah was indeed the rightful queen, some in contrast. They lost control and their was a great pandemonium there. It was getting worse by the second. Servillah had to intervene.

"SILENCE!! " the whole chamber became instantly silent. They knew they had annoyed their already troubled queen.
Servillah looked fierce. Her eyes scorched the person alive.
She in her usual authoritative tone continued. "We are all aware of the Disciplines upon which the Kingdom of Kiennel was built. Each Discipline was made into A Star and the twelve stars together hold our kingdom in place."
The high priest interrupted, "my queen, it's been over a month and we still haven't sent a search party to look for the princess. For she is the rightful queen." he had hardly finished his speech, the second wave of opposition started. The kingdoms intellects were on the queen's side. "if it wasn't for her highness we the people of Kiennel would have ended up as slaves. Like the opaques. She liberated us. She is the rightful queen." Dranger jumped in.
Majority cheered for him, much to Papoa's annoyance.

A group of magicians from the North brought forth a Book of Kingdoms Laws. The most powerful magician, Zukor explained that there was a possibility of saving The Star from dying. This was news to everyone present there.

"your highness, this book states that, Ten thousand years ago, our ancestors faced the same drastic situation. The Star Gavok on the Eastern sky partially lost its light, the ancestors travelled to Opaque Town and found an Opaque born of Ethereal blood and sacrificed it in the name of the ancestors. If the ancestors were satisfied with the sacrifice The Star shall regain it's lost light. "

This news of hope filled optimism through out the whole chamber. But Papoa was there to ruin the moment again. "We have a problem there as well. "
Angry Zukor almost ran his ivory dagger through the high priests heart if he hadn't been stopped by the queen.
"Every one here has their own voice and they shall be heard. "
Papoa held onto his dear life. He was shook. " queen.... You have still not yet been appointed as the High Queen. And the Eclipse is five days away." Zukor joined in, "my queen we shall take care of all the preparations for your coronation. Dranger prepare a team of your best soldiers to pay our pathetic neighbors a visit. "

Before another word was told the preparations for Servillahs coronation took place. Papoa understood that, the longer he stayed there the more dangerous it was for his life.

Papoa held onto his valuables and left the kingdom of Kiennel. He had a mission and he was going to fulfill it.

The preparations for the coronation took place on a grand scale. The people of Kennel forgot their miseries and rejoiced in full swing.

Kruger had too much on his plate now, he failed to notice that the steady supply of Opaque Essence was falling. " this is the last barrel. This will last for two days at the most. " Flou the caretaker informed Kruger.

The house-elf didn't know what to do. All he could think was to inform the queen. But he didn't want to ruin her merry mood, for she was smiling at last.

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