The Silhouette Citadel

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Chapter 06

The high priest Papoa rode on for days and nights. Only stopping for a few blinks of sleep. He didn't know where to go, he was a wanderer without a place to go.

All he had was a vial of Opaque Essence. That would not last long. If he doesn't find a place to stay, he might fall down dead within a few days.
His priced possessions were his books and a blade of grass, it was by the help of the grass, he kept track of the direction.
Grass reading was a subject taught to only a few Ethereal children. Papoa was one among the privileged because his mother was a handmaid to the high queen. He grew up in the royal household, playing with the princesses Servillah and Diadora.

He had always been fond of Diadora, she always used her heart to decide, while her sister was the opposite. Most of the time, ambition clouded her eyes. She wanted to be the sole winner of every game they played and she was prepared to do anything to get her way.

It was all going well, but what Papoa couldn't understand was why she refused the crown, and whether Servillah had anything to do about her sister's mysterious disappearance.
There was no use in waiting, he had to find the answers himself. He thought that if he could talk to the Caretakers of the Stars maybe he might get an answer.

No one in their right minds would dream of travelling to the stars, especially when it was losing its light.
Papoa was pushed something beyond explanation. He needed the answers so badly. Not sure why. But he knew he needed the answers. If not for himself, at least for Diadora.

He couldn't explain his feelings for her. Did he really love her? Or did he just imagine that he did?
What ever said and done, he still remembered the first time he saw her.

Diadora was sitting on a dead tree stump, her beautiful brown hair was dancing to the rhythm of the wind. Her gaze was set on the Snow capped Mountain which was the Eastern border.
She didn't notice Papoa until he was quite near. "oh! Hello there. What are you doing here? " Diadora has such a sweet voice. Papoa loved to listen to her speak. "I was just wandering around the garden." that was the best answer he came up with. "See that mountain over there? Beyond that mountain is the Opaque Town. I want to go there."
"I want to go there too, when we grow up I'll take you there myself. "
"that is so kind of you. We will have so much fun there. Opaques are very peculiar creatures."

The sweet memories cheered him up a little bit. He knew he was close to The Star. He could tell by the murky setting. This was the least visited part of the kingdom. And the caretakers never really liked visitors. Only the Caretakers had access to The Star and the secrets which they protected with their lives.

Whatever courage Papoa had within him was fading, and all the dark memories started to torture him. Someone was inside his head, he wanted to scream, he felt like he had lost control of his mind, the memories which he so badly wanted to forget were being replayed. He had a bad headache he wanted to run away but he had no strength.
"Please Stop!! You're going to kill me." he screamed.

Suddenly he felt light. Whatever that was holding him down had let go, he was flying. He heard no noises, the memories were gone there was nothing but emptiness. He was swimming in an empty ocean. He was moving further and further away from the little light, into complete darkness.
Then he heard a voice calling him, whose voice was it? It was a frail voice he couldn't recognize it. Then the voice became stronger, he knew whose voice that was. It was Diadora's. She was here, and she was calling him. "Papoa....." he wanted to talk to her tell her he was alright, but he couldn't.
He turned around and suddenly he felt like he was being sucked into a vacuum. His lungs filled with air, he couldn't breathe. He was losing himself, out of nowhere, he felt he was being pulled out that too with so much force. The light grew closer and closer and suddenly light filled Every where.
He opened his eyes and coughed the darkness out of his lungs his legs numb he couldn't feel it.
The first word to escape his lips were, "Diadora."

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