Cypress Academy

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18 year old Alex has been running for a long time. Hunted for a reason she doesn't know. One faithfull night she discovers she’s a demon and decides to attend Cypress Academy to hide from those hunting her. In the academy she learns how to control herself and learns to trust people. The only problem is that she can't always hide from those hunting her. Watch Alex discover who and what she is while balancing a new school and social life.

Fantasy / Adventure
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The smell was the worst part of all this,that and the fact that the mattress was all springs. I look down at the bundle of joy in my arms, that is looking back up at me. Alexandria. That will be her name. She is less than 3 hours old and yet seeping power. My 2 wraith handmaids that helped me give birth are now cleaning the room to make it so no trace of my daughter's birth is evident. I have been on the run for almost 4 months now with my wrath, my trusted companies sending letters back and forth between me and my beloved husband and son I left behind. Ria takes her corporal form in front of me with pen and paper in hand “my lady let me take her” she says, worry and sadness etched on her face, both of us can feel the forces growing around the city. I write a letter to my husband and son Christopher, tears in my eyes. I then began writing a letter for Alexandria. “My dearest daughter, if you are reading this, I did not survive, I want you to know that I love you, my heart and joy. Alex Connors” I write. Our last name isn't Connors but my husband and I decided on this name so the Angles won't find her. “Nix takes these letters home and stay there” I say, handing the letters to the wraith and watching her fade. I tuck the note to Alexandria's blanket and leave with Ria. We ran to the apartment complex part of town to hide. We sneak through the town, through the dark alleyways and past the homeless sleeping behind the dumpsters. We arrived at the Sinclair Apartment complex. I ran into the sparsely furnished lobey. There was no one in sight. I walk up to the front desk and leave her there. I look down at her and feel my heart break inside my chest. I lean down and kiss her on her forehead, when I pull back I feel something tug at my neck. She has grabbed onto my necklace. It is a chain necklace with stars and a crescent moon on it. I smiled and unclasped it and tucked it in the blanket with the note. “Ria watch over her, make sure she survives, help where you can” I say knowing it is only by my power she can take her corporeal form for long. “Of course my lady,” she says, disappearing. I ring the bell on the front desk and leave the building, glamouring my stomach to look like I'm still pregnant. I run as far and as fast as I can, the bitter cold wind hitting the small amount of skin that is showing. I get all the way to the restaurant district of this city. I run until I feel a sharp pain. I looked down to see I was shot by an arrow from behind.
“Malinda, your time has come to an end.” a deep voice says from behind me. I turn around to see the shape of a man, he is wearing a hood so I can't see his face but his forearm is showing and I can see a tattoo. Angel wings and a cross. The pain is excruciating, worse than I'd ever felt before. “It's tipped with angel fire, you and your child will die here.” he says, angel fire is a poison that can kill any type of creature.
“Who are you?” I ask, feeling my energy leaves my body.
“We are God’s warriors, both angels and humans, created to protect the world from your reached kind” he says with venom.
“You think angles should be the only ones in control?” I ask, he nods his head says
“Us angel will protect the world and lead its people to glory” his voice is leaking with pride, but he is wrong, without demons the world would fall out of balance there is no good without evil after all
“You set the world into inbalence, I will see you at the gates of hell” I say with my last breath.
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