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The Prophecy

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Orion is fated to be the Alpha of her pack and growing up she is told of this great prophecy that her family is sure to reflect her future. But upon the upcoming days of her ascension as the protectors of the last moon goddess spiritual land and powers are threatened, Orion finds herself questioning her destiny. What happens when everyone she trusted betrays her and how will she prove worthy of Alpha and the prophecy bestowed upon her. Authors note: This story is still in the works and I really would love some insight, suggestions and support. This is my first attempt to writing anything other than poetry! I appreciate your patience and support ❤

Fantasy / Romance
Tele Creations
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Orion...Orion.. Orion…

My eyes fluttered open and my breath hitched. I could feel my sweat pool in all the crevasses of my body. I had been perspiring throughout the night which left me in a cold sweat.. I shivered as a cool breeze blew up from the open window as my curtains flapped in the moonlight. I slowly began to catch my breath as I bent my knees to my chest and hugged myself. It was time like these I felt sleep abandoned and restless. I laid my head on my knees and I glanced at the crescent moon, muttering under my breath.

"Just another dream." I let out a deep sigh and I pondered for a bit.

I've been having these dreams more often and this one felt so real. My eyes glazed over as I stared at the moon, thinking of the dream I just had. They were more frequent, almost everyday And it was like I was living in it. I could still hear the slight hum and angelic chant of my name, as if someone was calling for me.. Searching for me. I could hear the eerie sense of urgency in her voice but no matter how many times I've dreamt it this week, it always ended in darkness.

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