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An angle who wants to be normal but can't fit in so she made a wish to be normal but instead something else happened.

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Chapter 1
Hope, time for dinner! I'm coming. Well grab a plate and sit down. Mom why won't my wings fold ? They won't be able to fold for a while that fall broke them they need time to heal. Why do I even have wings if I can't use them? It's not fair to be the only one with wings at my school and they won't fold. Just yesterday they almost tripped someone, I had to change were I was sitting and I have no friends at all. Hope you have to learn to get used to them and your no friends problem is probably because you ieep complaing about your wings just relax and eat your food while I go call your father, he should be home by now. yes mother, and tell him I said hi and to keep up the good work! Alright,now eat up! A shotting star. I wish to be normal. After a wish like that I should get it.
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