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The Savior

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My name is Bailey, I lived an ordinary life.. That was till my aunt took me away from my home, and took me to a very secret place I have not known about. I was soon to know a whole lot more, and my once so average life, would be turned into a very rough adventure, and though I'm sure I will be a little frightened, I would be excited as well..

Fantasy / Action
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Chapter 1

In the heart of the forest there is a little town. A town that really has no label. It is said to be home of a monster or monsters. No one knows for sure, that is because those who have gone in there, have never come back, being assumed to be dead. Even though I knowing that I can't help but feel so drawn to it. I can't help but wonder if somehow, someway; I will go there, and if I do, what amazing creatures I will find.

"Bailey are you ready yet?! We have to go or you will be late!" the nagging voice of my Aunt Debbi's rang through my ears, making me shiver at the annoyance. "One second!" I shouted and exited Microsoft Word. I quickly put on my sneakers, and then ran down the stairs.

My aunt smiled at me as she saw me enter the living room. She had on a blue dress on and a white fur coat on, her signature silver pearl necklace, and earrings to match. She had her brown hair pulled half up, the other half was put down. "Jeans and a blouse, with a jean jacket? You have nicer clothes." she crossed her arms in frustration and disappointment. "You're comfortable in your dress, I'm not. Leave me be with my choice." With that we both left our house, and got into our car.

"Where are we going again anyway?" my aunt said nothing. That's what she has been doing all month. She brought up we had to go to this "important event" and whenever I asked what it was, she ignored my question, and reached her hand out turning on the radio, more than likely to ignore me and my questions. Sighing I decided to go quiet, then rested my head on the cold window.

It was winter; there was a little dusting of snow that covered the roads. My favorite season has and always will be winter, so seeing the snow on the ground instantly brought a smile to my face, and I instantly looked towards the forest. It was beautiful. The little dusting of snow clung to the trees, and the grounds of the forest. It's little bit of snow sparkled from the little bits of of the sun that peeked its way through the top of the trees.

"Keep looking out the window and you will miss the sight in front of us." my aunt said after 45 minutes of complete silence. I could hear the grin through her words. Turning my head to look forward, my mouth instantly dropped open. Maybe about 9 miles away, there was a castle. The castle looked huge, so big and stretched for miles. "Where are we?" I asked in excitement. "Home away from home." she whispered. "No more questions." she hissed.

We approached the castle, and upon arrival there were three people to greet us. All three were men, wearing black and white servant outfits. "Welcome home Debbi." One of the men walked over to her side of the car and opened the door. "Thank you Edward." she took his offered hand, and got out of the car. "You have your niece with you this time, how wonderful!" he smiled and clapped his hands. Another man came to my side of the car and opened the door. His hand reached out for me, and I placed my tiny hands in his big-ish one. I climbed out of the car, and thanked him before following my aunt and the guy inside the castle.

"Does she know why she's here yet?" my aunt shook her head and chuckled. "She didn't even know this is my home." her saying that made me sigh. Aunt Debbi has always kept secrets from me. She would never tell me about where she went for her "business trips" it was very annoying. And now suddenly she owns a castle?? What else was she keeping from me. "Don't forget to look around the castle instead of being lost in that head of yours miss Bailey." a voice besides me said. And so I looked up, taking in awe at the magnificent murals of angels, and galaxy ceiling. "Keep up!" my aunt growled. Wait growled? Did she just growl?? I shook my head, thinking I just imagined it, then walked a little faster to catch up with her.

"Bailey, you will be staying in a room till I come to collect you. Servants and maids will see that you're taken care of, with food, towels and better clothing. It is not optional with the clothing you wear, I have laid out a very high sophisticated wardrobe for you, and I expect it worn." We walked up two flights of stairs, and turned right. "When will I be allowed out? I want to explore my surroundings!" now I was annoyed. Am I a prisoner? Or here on free will. "When I feel you have taken in time to part from your other home, then I will have someone fetch you for me. Till then you stay in here." She opened a door, and inside was a beautiful bedroom, with everything I loved, from books, to anime posters, to tapestry moon blankets, even a lot of my old drawings were hung on the walls.

"Good luck dear, see you late." she said, and with that the door closed, followed by a click. She locked me in? Why?? What was she hiding from me that I couldn't see now? And what did she mean by "other home?" am I not coming back? Is this my permanent home now? As beautiful as this place is I don't like the idea of being a prisoner.... What is going on? So many questions, and no answers. Ugh this is crazy! Right??

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