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Valorie used to work for a government branch that messed with the human DNA. Now the joke's on her, since she's been fired and transformed into a busty lioness furry. Now she's hell bent on revenge. She came home after remembering the pain she put her last victim through. Forcing a super skinny girl to transform into a busty, chocolate skin colored woman, who weighed over 300 pounds. Now she feels the heat rushing through her breasts as they begin to tear through her tight shirt, and fur sprouts all over her. She must find a way to dismantle the corrupt government company and stop the transformations from happening for good.

Fantasy / Erotica
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Tampering With DNA

Had I been warned that the place in which I worked for two years would've done what it has to me, I would've quit long ago. I used to be an associate for a secret government testing agency where they performed experiments on homeless people and prostitutes.

Now I throw that term, experiment, around very lightly. Because the things that these agents did to those poor helpless victims... I can't even push the images from my mind. The grotesque, ugly outcomes that came of those people; it's nightmarish I tell you!

Before I go into detail about my last day working with them, allow me to introduce myself. I am Valorie Malcolms. I am only the ripe age of twenty five; my hair is short, jet black with red highlights. I have the greenest eyes I've ever seen, and I don't mean to sound condescending; no, not at all.

I have a sharp nose, a thin face, high somewhat high cheekbones and my lips are somewhat thin. I happened to be blessed with an amazing body, with my height reaching a max of five feet, ten inches. I have long, thick legs, a big tight ass and CC cup breasts.

Half the time I was at work, I couldn't stop the guys from staring at my cleavage. (Mind you, I did happen to wear tight shirts on purpose just so I can see their tongues hanging out. The buttons on my shirts barely hold these giant tits in and I love, love, love, watching them undress me with their minds.

(Just an f.y.i. My ears are fully pierced as is my bottom lip, which has snake bites. My nipples are pierced as well, just to make them look full and ready to explode. To completely honest, I do that just so when I flash my tits, the guys explode.)

Also an f.y.i. moment... I'm a lesbian. Yuuup! I'm a full blown lesbo, as some kids put it these days.

I came out on my fifteenth birthday when I introduced my girlfriend at the time, Avril. No... not the singer, some foreign girl from Austria who had legs that went on for dayyyssss! Ugh! Right, sorry. I'm literally sitting here, drooling as I type this story.

I'm all alone, single as fuck and waiting for some girl to come along and fuck me allll night long! I reside at a fancy condo nearby the San Francisco bridge. It's a most amazing site, especially during the morning sunrise.

My desktop rests in my room, just feet in front of the base of my bed. I love the view here since I can gaze out towards that bridge any time I wish to. I'm doing it even as I'm typing these words, picturing the day I'll find a lover again. Imagining the time I can feel a set of slender fingers caressing my vagina, and tickling the famous sweet spot. Oooh, I want it just enough so I purr like a fucking cat! (Ha! Meow!)

Sorry about that again. (I got to clue you in a bit on why I'm so horny right now. And yes, I'm leaning in towards my computer, whispering these words to myself. My Super Mario Bros. coffee cop is full to the brim with hot chocolate. (I'm a nerd, so get over that! I don't wanna hear any cliches or anything of that sort.)

Right... During my last day at the job; it's a DNA scientist position by the way. (I was trained to be able to dissect the human blood cell and pull the DNA from them in order to mass produce it. I then spend countless hours observing those poor people we pick up as they begin to... change.)

Like this one girl; she had just turned nineteen. She happened to be a foreign girl from over in Russia. Her hair was long, blonde, and she had the most piercing blue eyes. She had very long, yet very thin legs. Her arms were thin as well as the rest of her body.

I was told to take a DNA sample from a heavy set woman who weighed over three hundred pounds, and inject it into said foreign girl. Now, I know how this is gonna sound, but at the time I believed we were striving for a better tomorrow. I mean, who wouldn't want to alter their body, even if it were only for a few minutes? It's breaking the boundaries we had set upon us all, no disrespect to God of course.

Right, I'm getting off track. (I will explain why I'm so horny in a second by the way. Just keep reading, I promise you'll be most aroused. Right, I took the heavy set woman's DNA, a woman who was of African American descent, and had the biggest tits I've ever laid my eyes on.

I took this girl; Gina was her name, and I stuck the needle deep into the base of her spine. She winced a bit, bearing those tiny teeth of hers and instantly grasped her belly. "Wh-What's happening...? Ugh! What's; what's going on?!" she asked me. The surprise in her voice mixed with the orgasmic grunts she produced made my vagina pulse angrily.

I remember stepping back into the room behind the two way mirror, and observing this girl. She fell to her knees, grasping her bubbling stomach. I watched as a thin coat of fat began to form, quickly wrapping around to the girl's tiny ass. She screamed, falling to her hands as well. I watched her stomach become bloated and then begin to swell up as it filled with fat.

She gazed up towards me at the time with a pained expression as her ass immediately shot out five inches. "Why are you doing this to me?!" she was in so much pain; I could tell. The girl grasped her frail fingers around that ballooning ass of hers as it began to shear her jean shorts right off.

She got up, grunting and stepping haphazardly around as her thighs began to jiggle. Those stick like thighs were quickly inflating, tightening those shorts even more. She actually walked right up to the mirror, and held up her left hand screaming all the while.

It was shaking and cracking; I could actually see the meat crawling up this girl's hand and through those tiny fingers. Her eyes were open in shock as the fat traveled fast down to her forearm. It shook violently as the cellulite took over. I remember her grasping it with her, now bubbling right hand as the weight forced its way past her elbow and into her shaky biceps.

Her face formed a grimace again; her nose was thickening fast and snapped apart instantly. Tears ran down her now fattening cheeks; her irises turned dark and then became a dark brown. She grasped the sides of her head as it began to widen at this time. Her teeth achingly thickened and gruesomely shot out which caused me to cringe.

She had the thinnest lips I've ever seen and they were already ballooning up nicely as the flesh forced its way through them. She instantly took a step back, just moments after her jean shorts tore clean off. I remember actually feeling my vagina pulse as I watched her clitoris expand, sucking her underwear right in.

She immediately grasped onto those angrily thickening thighs of hers, and screamed as loud as she could muster. They kept shaking and bulging outward every few seconds. She began to grow taller; her breasts were now expanding. The shock she had on her face was something I'll never be able to rid from my mind either.

She wrapped those fat arms of hers around them, fighting the growth, but to no avail. Instantly they shot outward; her shirt strained already to contain the growing masses. One by one, the seams of her shirt ripped, exposing a huge moist set of creamy milk chocolate colored tits. They continued to grow, until her bra popped off, and the shirt cut in half.

She looked back through the mirror after this, still grimacing; still grunting as her legs grew longer and thicker. Her hips were widening now, along with her ass cheeks as they cut her underwear off. Her feet were angrily fighting those tiny socks of hers as they poked right through; she slammed the aching, jiggling foot on the floor.

It made the nastiest smacking noise; I watched her toes popping out one by one. Her belly had already been drooping down and all of her skin was beginning to change to the color of her breasts. Her calves billowed outward, shaking and jiggling even harder than her thighs. She let out one last sexual grunt as her vagina snapped out and her nipples popped and thickened.

(You see why I had to go into such excruciating detail? We put so many people through so much shit, that we should be jailed for life!)

...That poor girl was never the same again. I remember seeing her backing off from the mirror, unable to stop her hand from slithering into that giant pussy of hers. She fell onto the bed that was bolted into her testing room, and immediately began thrusting.

(She was never like that before... I figured I should tell you that.)

Before this, Gina was an average B student in college, trying to become a video game designer. She loved to swim and play soccer; or football as they say it over there. She... She absolutely loved to sing too. Her voice was phenomenal and she had potential to become the next big Pop star of the decade, and yet, there she was.

There she was, fingering her newly grown pussy, and stuffing it with all those sex toys that were in the room. There she was, groaning and moaning as she continuously had one orgasm after another, unable to satiate the lust that was inside of her. There she was... growing more and more insane as the lust continued to gnaw at her very psyche.

She wasn't ever able to recover from that transformation. Sure, she changed back over time, but she never mentally or emotionally recovered. After she transformed back, Gina grew more and more distant from people, always yearning to find the next transformation. She wanted so badly to feel that lust she had when she was that prostitute, and never achieved it.

Even as she experimented with herself, Gina never achieved the orgasm she had when she was that other woman. The poor girl ended up committing suicide in the year of 2014. She was only twenty years old. I heard it on the news a couple of years ago, and it never left me since. I've always felt guilty for what I put her through and from that moment on, I became distant from my job.

I went from loving the transformations to hating my company entirely. From that day on, I vowed to tare this horrendous group of vial individuals to the ground, and then they caught on.

That's where my predicament comes in. Yesterday, the head honcho himself, Mathew Norath, came to my office. He looked me straight in the eye and said, "I heard you were the little mole in this company, but I didn't want to believe it. You showed so much promise that I was gonna make you head supervisor of the weight gain branch of the business..." He gazed down at my office floor at this time.

He was shaking his head, this way and that and when he looked back up at me, I saw a disgusting look in his eye. He snapped his fingers and two giant men came out and grabbed me by my arms. "It's time we cut this cancerous limb from this company," he said as he withdrew a long syringe.

The contents of said syringe was of a murky yellow and red color; almost a red-orange. He stuck the needle deep into my sternum, just between my breasts and pushed the plunger. As I felt the hot liquid pouring into my body he whispered in my ear saying, "I hope you like the way this makes you feel darling. It's the last parting gift you'll get from me."

After that he had me thrown from the building and now, here I am. As I sit here, typing this blog, my chest itches. I don't know what the fuck he injected into me, but it hurts. My stomach feels like it's on fire and my breasts are aching profusely.

"Did it... Did it just get like... fifty degrees hotter in here?!"

(Valorie jumps to her feet, knocking her desk chair back as her ass cheeks blow away from her. She looks with shock and dismay grasping onto the thickening ass cheeks. She grunts, slamming her hands, palm down onto her desk as she quickly turns on the webcam.)

"Hey g-guys n' gals... Gah!" (She lurches her right hand up, gazing at it as it begins to thicken and stretch. She watches her knuckles pop one by one and then her fingers, until they become super thick and long.)

"What's fucking happening t-to meeeee?!" (She grits her teeth, bearing them as they begin to grow long and thick. Her canine teeth are already stretching, growing past her bottom lip. Her face snaps as her lower and upper jaws begin to stretch. Valorie screams up towards her ceiling; a small snout forms, giving her the appearance of a lion.)

(She looks back at the webcam, with her shocked eyes as they begin to change to a bright yellow. Fur sprouts all over her face, and her ears begin to become thick and rounded. Her chest achingly begins to crackle as her ribs thicken. She grasps onto them, screaming all the while as her breasts begin to billow out of her top. They're becoming sweaty and bigger, before fur begins to engulf them as well.)

"Oh god, no! I-I've seen this b-beforrrreeee oowwwwww!!!" (The base of her spine snaps as her ass continues to stretch. It's already beginning to poke through the hole that had formed, and quickly tears it off. The fur that surrounded her throbbing breasts had ran down past her thickening belly. She watches and waits in horror as she sees a perfect six pack begin to form. Her legs begin to stretch and her thighs grow agonizingly slow until they're four times their original size.)

"Th-That bastard! M-Mathew... Y-You're turning me into a fucking furrrrryyy?!" (Valorie throws her computer chair, and flails her arms this way and that. She stares at them as her biceps start to grow before her very eyes. Her nipples were thickening now, tearing the piercings off, and healing themselves. She grasps onto her vagina as it begins to thicken, and become furry.)

(She screams again; her biceps are already sweating and have grown to thirty two inches, before her triceps decided to follow suit.) "Ugh... This can't be happening..." (Her voice was beginning to get lower. Both of her feet were trying to free themselves from her tiny shoes, before bursting straight through. They thickened and bubbled, stretching instantly outward by six inches.)

(Valorie grasped onto her ass as she felt something begin to protrude from the base of her spine. She feels a tail beginning to form and cries as it stretches farther and farther down, ending just below the backs of her knees. Her lips thicken, and her nose widens, until she has a perfect lioness snout. When all of the pain stopped, she sat back down in front of her webcam.)

"Well guys n' gals it; it seems that I've transformed into a lioness furry. For those of... hold on, m-my vagina is... Oh wow! It; It won't stop tingling! I gotta be quick so I can jump on my sybian and ride that to a screaming orgasm. R-Right, as I-I was saying. Whew..."

(She fans her face as her cheeks become flush. Her right hand is already making its way down to her throbbing labia, and beginning to force the fingers in.)

"I g-gotta sp-speed this u-u-uuuupppp! Oh f-fuck! Fo-For any of you who d-don't know w-what a furry isssss... It's a human a-animal h-hy-hyyybrriddd! I can't do this anymore. I gotta go; talk to y'all later, bye my pets!"

(She shuts off the webcam, and runs to her sybian. Her vagina won't stop throbbing so she immediately shoves the dildo application into it and turns the sybian up to max. As soon as it switches on, her eyes cross a bit, and her giant toes curl. She grimaces, rubbing her aching nipples with her free hand, and licking her lips with her abnormally long tongue.)


(Was all she was able to muster as cum exploded from her vagina, coating all of the dildo application and running across the floor like a river. Even then, as the excitement began to ebb away, another orgasm began to rise. It was here that Valorie truly understood the pain she put Gina through. Because no matter how hard she fucked that machine, no matter how much she cummed, her lust would never be satiated. Thus, she vowed with every inch of her remaining life, that she'd fight that company and burn it to the ground. Right after this next orgasm of course.)

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